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  1. I thought that they were just a MacGuffin that didn't actually do anything by itself. Or maybe they're a Psychic Focus?
  2. Eclipse Phase: the setting is just mysterious enough to be an actual part of 40k: it effectively has the Warp (powerful exurgent effects) and the Chaos Gods (TITANS) already! They've had a war with Iron Men, and seem to be having the same technoprogressivism debates the AdMech has had in the past. Exurgent "infections" (ie, chaos cults and psykers) are becoming more frequent... I'd fluff it as a system settled during the Dark Age of technology by fanatics who fashioned the planets to resemble those of the Solar system, and then the lie became truth as aeons passed and everything was forgotten. Maybe the proof could be on "Earth"...
  3. I completely agree with that. If your PCs don't search for one and don't put any effort in making it secure, then they won't get one. When I design a location that the PCs will probably clear out (like an oldschool D&D dungeon, or in 40k a relatively low-key threatening heretek's lab), I make a list of two or three challenges the PCs will have to go through to make it their base. This usually involves gaining official ownership (or eliminating/making allies of whoever knows it isn't theirs) - probably though a font or two; eliminating whatever local threats might be resurgent now that its last owner is dead/fled; and whatever the PCs can think of to make it secure (my usual players are pretty paranoid, so these three can become an adventure lasting for at least two full sessions). Obviously this kind of method means that securing a base is only done when the PCs have time, but that seems logical enough. Yeah, Claw is great isn't he? I also stole that idea - my Black Crusade game's PCs now have a small (12 people for 2 weeks) gunship, modified for minor warp jumps when the appropriate sacrifices have been given. Maintaining it (spare parts, food, sacrifices for the heretical daemon-tech...) and hiding it when they leave takes about as much effort as the usual means of transport do, but they love it! Joeker, here are rooms that have come in useful in other games (not all 40K RPGs, but I hope you find it useful anyway!) Storeroom (supplies in case of siege), concert hall, cells, zoo, trophy room (this thing ended as big as the rest of their castle - they even had an employed "monster taxidermist" who committed suicide when they brought him 2 bulettes and a trio or Remorhaz and told him they needed them done by the next day to impress a visiting dignitary...), Harem, "quick escape" vehicle room, barracks, secret passages and traps, gaming room, reinforced room for weapons training and testing - even a danger room like in X-men!
  4. First off, instakilling a Marine by stabbing him in the throat with a knife shouldn't work. Marines are usually fast enough to kill any human jumping on top of them or climbing on top of them (marines tend to be really tall in that power armour, remember?), and even tehn, their enhanced biology should let them survive for several turns to a single slash, even in the neck. Try lexicanum or the 40k wiki for good info on marine enhancements - IG audiobooks certainly aren't! Remember the whole "Black Library books are mostly propaganda and/or loosely based on actual canon" thing.
  5. Don't try to bravely confront them yourself! This is the kind of situation where you two discreetly gather up allies and enter the treacherous currents of hgh-end Imperial politics - before the day when you get to see the shocked and horrified faces of the heretics who are violating the Emperor's Holy Laws as their retribution comes hurtling in - probably with Imperial Assassins, a Fleet action and ridiculous amounts of Imperial guard/Adeptus Astartes cleansing teams. Remember - nobody expects the Imperial Inquisition!
  6. Wow. So helpful. Thanks you for that insightful and elevating post. I'd just like to point out that there ane many IRL reasons that could have stopped them from joining in the first place. Back to Antijoke_13: I personally find the information interesting and think it is an interesting problem that will probably make for some good RP opportunities later - and it is very relevant to his question! Sadly I have never had to accomplish anything of the sort, but I will follow this thread and tell you if I think of anything!
  7. When you show each other your new Dark Heresy PCs, and the one with the best people skills is the Untouchable. Yeah, I think this is gonna feel like an OW campaign...
  8. Primitive feral world scum! Another proof of the superiority of Omnissiah's Holy Tech-guard! Only they could deal more damage to a Daemon Prince with Lasguns than with Meltaguns...
  9. In Black Crusade, anytime my PCs meet a Magos they roll to seduce - just because they love saying "Hey there, big boy... Nice tubes you got there!". If they think she might have been a woman, it's "Salut beauté... T'as d'beaux tubes tu sais!". The fact that they still haven't met a single Magos with enough flesh left to still be vulnerable to seduction doesn't seem to be an issue to them. Maybe they think I'll give them some Infamy for the most ridiculously affected accent? In Only War, houserule: all DKoK guardsmen must speak German at the table as much as possible. In Dark Heresy, our Inquisitorial stromtroopers used to only speak French, "for good luck". The number of good tactical decisions taken because of misunderstandings seems to have proven them right... I used to have a player who would always play mutants with two scimitars. His battlecry? TZZIRD! I can't believe it took me two months to realise it wasn't based on the sound of a powersword turning on But language jokes aside, here's my personal favourite: anything fun, violent and somewhat insane is "shiny". Blame Whedon, I certainly do
  10. Are you looking for a player or a GM? Where would you like to play it?
  11. What is a Technovore? I want Mind-Cleansed, and something like "Wrought for Purpose" where you get to play someone engineered for a specific purpose (to fight a specific enemy, to resist something, to be unnaturally good at something) but with strange disadvantages (maybe mutations of some kind, or related disadvantages). A little table to roll off would be great!
  12. Wow... Your campaigns must be absolutely deadly! What kind of a GM do you have, Mengele? I like to have a few choices to make when making my characters - to me a chargen software should just make everything easier to access and view.
  13. I can't believe I'd never thought of that... Ugh! That gives a whole new grimdark side to the swarms of Cherubim in blanche art and "traditional" 40k fluff. And to think that most of those are just the Ecclesiarchical equivalent of icing on a cake - mostly superfluous. I never really thought about it that way. That's actually really horrible! Talk about "double peine"... Maybe I should have thought about this before playing a female PC in a campaign focusing on the impending arrival of a tyranid hive fleet Plus the fluff is unclear on whether or not you can impregnate a male (it would at least become faithful to the cult, if probably not bear a child), seeing as it was never actually described as physical **** as such (seeing as genestealers seem to lack external sexual organs or any kind of sexual dimorphism, I always assumed it was "****" as in violation of personal integrity).
  14. If it was that easy, it'd have been done before! Imagine this... It's not one super-psyker, it's a single amalgalm body (think Franken Fan + human centipede) that any Magos Biologis and Adeptis Astra Telepathica savant would consider a great heresy of fused bodies and minds. What about the horrible effects that the psykers would undoubtedly suffer as their (still) inferior form struggles to contain the might of the Emperor? And when it dies, don't let the players know whether or not the Emperor has just been killed again
  15. RationalInsanity, I'm impressed at how you kept that on track! It sounded like great fun! But I don't think that Daemonic psykers can actually be affected by perils they generate (or is that only in Black Crusade?).
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