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  1. No one could not have played this games forces available in even 5% of the combos possible at 400 points . So just keep playing the game and having fun with it. and as far as a 2nd ED I will never buy or play one.
  2. Its just so lame that any fighter/bomber is slower then the slowest big ship in the game.
  3. I will never understand the need to keep add new things to a game for players to keep playing it.
  4. the bases get broken in play by well meaning but classic gamers. Example: gamer looking at my ships bumps 3 stands of fighters off the table steps back to look for them on the floor and steps on one, hears the crunch and jumps off the now smashed fighter and lands ( right you got it ) the other two of them. That was the first time I played the game years ago now and it was not the last time bases have been broken by other players. So yes there is a deed for a source for stock replacement bases. It sucks needing to play swap the base bits to put the force you want on the table.
  5. I like this but would like to see a random scenario and force generator for casual play. Ether using cards or a a computer app. you can put the cards into a deck for ships and fighters you have available to play and a deck of set up, events, fog of war and missions etc.
  6. So I just watched the last star wars rebel and they left it wide open for a new show. Do you think they will make a show about looking for Esra or come up with a totally new idea??
  7. attack it with the whole fleet from the sides and back
  8. the only problem The Victory class has is the same problem every ship and fighter has at speed two, its to slow to force an attack and can only react to being attacked of someone foolishly moving into range.
  9. but its not unique you can have one for every large ship you have.
  10. yes that's the whole pile of cards in the box.
  11. ok here is a list of cards. GA Thrawn, captain brunson, governor pryce, instructor goran, taskmaster grint, strategic adviser, darth vader anti card play, early warning system x2, heardened bulkheads x2, chimaera, 7th fleet star destroyer x2, sovereign, entrapment formation, intensify firepower, shields to maximum. isd kuat refit x3 isd cymoon 1 refit x3 mandalorian fighters. I don't know if that is any news or not I have not been spending any time on the page lately.
  12. new ISD delivered this AM I tried to post a photo but even when I resized it to 1"x1" the file size is to big for this page.
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