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  1. Very Nice! I whipped up a patch that makes this deck compatible with the Slipgate system: https://imgur.com/a/khso1JE A lot of great cards here, definitely! I think the Troglodyte Bride is my favorite.
  2. Thank you! There's a link to the neat card templates on the forum somewhere, but I can't remember where. I've just joined Imgur and put together an album of some of the new stuff I'm working on. Some of it serious, some of it very silly: https://imgur.com/a/NBWtJ - - -
  3. I should probably open an Imgur account and post them there, haha. I figure I'll release them once I finish the Ripples and bosses I'm working on. My Azanian card deck is kind of a mish-mash and a work in progress. Right now, in terms of Azanian cards, it contains Isihlangu, Horned Mountain, Royal Cheetah, Porcupine, Savanna Griffon, Skeletal Elephant, Lioness, Lady of Waters, Aziza Weaver, Wounded Aziza, Impundulu, Mancala Board, Elephant Hammer, Musket, Savanna Unicorn, Savanna Dragon, Saintly Merchant, Aziza Ant-Rider, Spotted Dragon, Lady of Twilight, Cameleopard, Ebon Druid, Nemean Lion, Knobkierie, Iron Enchanter, Lady of Storms and Savanna Pegasus. I've also included a couple of Pheonom's and Bludgeon's cards in my set, namely ones that have African-esque elements.
  4. I'm a bit of a wild card when it comes to print solutions. I use Artscow, even though they only do the fat mini cards instead of the sleek minis you see in revised 4th. Only about 10% of my cards are official material, though, so I don't mind the off-size if 90% are the same size. I also have my 2nd edition cards mixed with my revised 4th, so it's a little chaotic in the card bins, but my group digs it.
  5. Hahahahaha! Well, I thought there was, but then I sat down and made 20 new spell cards. . .
  6. There are some fantastically fiendish ones in there for sure. Some of those demons will make it into my personal copy of Talisman as Nether cards. Great stuff!
  7. Ha! Granny gang! I love that skit. Yeah, the Saruman's Curse thing goes way back to high school days. The Crap deck and some of the trigger cards in my set are 2nd edition still, we just rolled the Rev.4th cards into the existing mix, lol. Weird West is still in the works, but I'm taking a little break at the moment to catch up with other things I've neglected while powering through this last Talisman release. I think Woodland is neglected because of the complexity of the Lightbound / Darkbound system. It's harder to tackle than most. Even my own Shinkai deck doesn't utilize it to the degree that the official stuff does. I'll have to look and see if I can find it. I might have a link around here somewhere. If I do, I'll send it in a message. It overwrites the current version though, I think, so use it with caution. The legacy elements might be preserved in the existing version as "Conflict Cards" under the Adventure-Type card section of SE. They are in my most recent copy, at least. Check there and I'll see what I can find. I'm excited to see what you've got in progress for the future! It all sounds excellent!
  8. Talisman Overdrive *whew* I just got done compiling almost 2k cards that I've been meaning to launch for a long while. Now that everything is packaged into a zip file and uploaded onto Mediafire, you can check it out yourself. Beware, it's 870mb of data! That's a lot of data! Here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/j2prtu28vtrxa08/Talisman Overdrive.zip Jon-- feel free to put this one up on Talisman Island, if you want. I'm totally cool with that.
  9. I really like the addition of interesting fantasy-esque dinosaurs as well. You've gotten very creative with this set!
  10. Nice! These are excellent! I'm really excited to see the Caveman side of things as well, but the dinosaurs are spot on fantastic. I noticed you made the dinosaurs into animal enemies-- any reason for the change? I've already worked up a Gate Chain to go with these, and I'm thinking I might make a separate one to go with the caveman cards as well. I'm hoping to get all my cards out this weekend. Getting close! Just got to finish two Gate Chains I've already drafted, and then package everything up to send to TI. Great stuff, again! So much sharper and more interesting than the previous release of dinosaurs.
  11. Excellent! I've glanced through them and see a lot of them I like that I'll be printing for my set. Thank you! And heck, we all borrow from each other. It's the interchange that leads to better and better card mechanics.
  12. Hmmm, I guess with competitive play, you'd have to figure out what the best way for you is. My group only does cooperative play against bosses.
  13. That's pretty much what I'm thinking, yeah. With the Ripple system, there's a path to end each Omen stack before completion. Conversely, there's also a (very) small chance that the players might have to deal with more than one Omen stack before they defeat the Boss. (I plan to add more Ripples eventually to dilute this chance.) Good question! I thought about that. Both the Light and Dark world have a solid number of permanent Rune Gate Places, so even if the Ley Line Overload card is played and the Semblance is destroyed (very rare chance that both would occur) there are still Gates in the deck to link the worlds. There are also items that allow phasing from Light to Dark (like the Magic Mirror - upcoming, concept borrowed from Zelda: A Link To The Past.) Also, there are permanent gates in the corner board decks, allowing connections there as well, along with the hinterlands and deep realms (In my set, the Dungeon is in the Dark World and The City is in the Light, etc.) If players get separated by the Bifrost Asunder card, all roads still lead to Rome (as it were) as the Crown of Command spaces link to the same area where the Boss is. The Semblance is just the easiest and most direct way across.
  14. Oh man! Haha! Yikes! Making them longer-term events could work. I'll have to think about that one. At the very least, it definitely has the appeal of "bam! That one guy suddenly has three turns to escape the Dungeon" and he's going "omg! omg! omg!" trying to escape. It's the terror of it that's exciting, haha. Of course, you also get that if one of the boards falls away (and you're dealing with new players who are suddenly horrified, realizing sudden board destruction is a thing) motivating them to end the apocalypse before they lose any more boards. I'll have to think about it and see what I come up with. Also, I've modded my game so that being "killed" is not the end, it's just a delay. The afterlife basically allows you a quick, 1-2 turn Reincarnation (pick a new character, go to that character's starting space) or a slower Resurrection that brings your dead character back to life, which could be useful in a cooperative game where it's everyone against the boss and you don't have to worry about stuff being stolen. A lot my mods involve spiking up the board so it creates a challenging coop experience.
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