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  1. And I want to like it so very very much. I love the IP and I even played the original game for awhile back in 2004. But **** its incredibly frustrating. So much luck factor the Dynasty cards, so frustrating as it seems everything is so conditional that everything depends on if you have the right card at the right time. Forgive me for not being coherent much but I don't even really know how to describe how annoying I am finding this game. There is way too many things to keep track of in this game. Ill try and write some more latter when I be more descriptive of my problems with it but right now I am just to frustrated.
  2. I faced this in the final round of the local Tournament. I ended up squeaking out a win. Mostly due to a major error on his part that cost him an undamaged Fel. (He forgot about Fel's stress trying pull a K-turn and I had him do a 5 forward off the board). Which left a 1 hull Remaining Vader and Palpmobile facing an untouched Poe. My List was 99 points. Poe - T70 R2-D2 Auto-Thrusters Veteran Instincts Miranda - Kwing Tactician TLT Rebel Agent - Hwk Tactician TLT
  3. ALL SOLD!!! Thanks much! H: Star wars armada, 40k W: Any Warmachine/Hordes army, Protectorate of Menoth, Mercenaries, $$$, X-wing Star wars Armada: Capital Ships: 3 Victory Star Destroyers 3 Gladiator Star Destroyers 3 Assault Frigate Mark II 5 Correlian Corvettes 5 Nebuleon-B Frigates 1 Mc30c Frigate (Won from Massing at Sullust. Not available yet) Fighters: (I may have more I just lost easy count but this is was I am sure I have) 16 X wings 20 Tie Fighters 4 B wings 4 Y-Wings 4 A-wings 4 Tie Bombers 4 Tie Interceptors 4 Tie Advanced Also My friend is wanting to change his lot of Armada into Warmachine as well. He has: 2 Victory Star Destroyers 1 Gladiator 10 Tie Fighters 4 Bombers 4 Interceptors 4 Advanced (I have at least 2 sets of Core Items he has 1 set) Eldar:(All metal) ($40 Shipped) 1 Wraithlord 3rd Edition 7 Rangers 3rd edition 1 Mugen Ra Inquisition: (Retail 550+) 200 Shipped 80 Chaos Cultist Converted to Warriors Acolytes (Have been painstakingly removing marks of chaos off them) (Half have ccw with pistol. Half with Gun)(About 50% finished) 10+ Servitors w/Heavy bolters 20 DCA (Mix of True metal DCA and Wytches) 1 Coteaz 1 Coteaz converted to Inquisitior. W: Warmachine/Hordes Will look at full army lots for trade only. Individual models: Menoth: Warcasters: Harbringer eKreoss eFeora WarJacks: 1 Judicator 1 Fire of Salvation 1 Hand of Judgement Units 1 Unit of Bastions 1 Unit of Errants 3 Units of Knights 1 Unit of Vengers Visgoth Juviah Rhoven and Honor Guard Solos: The Covenant of Menoth High Exemplar Kreoss Knight Seneschal Nicia Tear of Vengeance Mercenaries: Warcaster: Captain Bartolo Montador Warjacks: 1 Galleon 1 Vanguard Units: Lady Aiyana & Master Holt Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters Solos: Wrong Eye & Snapjaw Ragman Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile Warbeast: 1 Bull Snapper Cash is limited so would prefer to trade. X-wing: Rebels: 1-2 K-wings 2 A-wings 1-2 B-Wings 1-2 E-wings 1 Rebel Transport (Mainly need the upgrade cards) 2-4 Y-wings 1-2 Hwk Light Freighter Scum: 1 Star viper 1-2 Most Wanted 1 Syck Interceptor 1-2 Hound's tooth 1 Slave one 3-5 Kihraxz Fighters Imperials: Anything as I have not begun collecting Imperials yet.
  4. Enochi

    Scyk Fixes

    Hmm. I like the Scyk have alot of fun with them. If your wanting to buff them though. I have some suggestions. 1. A small ship cannon Mentioned previously. Cannon *Small Ship Only* Range 1-3 Base 1 Red You may roll additional attack dice equal to your agility value, to a maximum of 3 additional dice. Cost 4 points Or if we want to make it a bit more unique Cannon *Small Ship Only* Range 1-3 Base 1 Red You may roll additional attack dice equal to your agility value. You cannot use focus with this weapon. Cost 4 points That give the potential for a whooping 5 dice cannon but Makes it a bit more luck based to hit something. 2. Modification. Scyk only. You can add 1 to 3 red dice to your attack roll. Reduce your agility next turn by the same amount. 5 points. This can potentially net you a Silly amount of dice for an attack but at the cost of making you a sitting duck next turn. 3. Modification. Scyk only. Increase PS +1 and add Boost to your action bar. 5 points. 4. Modification. Reflective armor. Increase your Shield and hull value by 1. 5 Points. 5. Modification. Scyk only. Heavy Loadout. Increase Armor and Shields by 2 each. Reduce Agility by 1(2?). 4 points
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