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  1. https://battlefront.fandom.com/wiki/TX-130_Fighter_Tank/DICE They added it to battlefront II EA this June. (Same game iden Versio is from) Syrath already sumed up as to why I brought it up.
  2. The TX-130 wasn't in the movies, rebels or TCW cartoon. It did recently make its way into battlefront II(ea) though.
  3. Paint isn't all done (first coat on the bunker is still wet in these pictures even) and it still needs some scaffolding and more bunkers to break up all the black, but it's finally playable. Still need to paint the ffg priority supplies, wash the 3d printed boxes, paint a few more barricades... Board itself if 6 2x2 mdf boards covered in plaster/sand/acrylic caulk/ paint / glue mix AT-AT is the Hasbro 2010 one rocks are pink foam landing pad is pink foam on some house paint cans and some plastic tubes (Still need to magnetize it to stay in place, just gravity for now) U-wing is the nerf blaster Hasbro one most boxes were found on thingiverse and 3d printed lava is repainted battlefield in a box swamps bunker started life as a plastic container of doughnuts barricades and at-st are ffg
  4. TX-225A Occupier tank AT-DP Imperial Troop Transport Patrol transport 2-M Repulsor Tank TIE Mauler
  5. I want to try this when the batwing comes out. Should be funny if nothing else. Rear Admiral Chiraneau - 58 Veteran Instincts | Emperor Palpatine | Kylo Ren Lieutenant Colzet - 24 Tie adv x1 | Accuracy corrector | thread tracers Scimitar Squadron Pilot - 18 Tie shuttle | Saboteur 100pts 1. I'll show you the dark side > Blinded pilot > LT colzet spends locks to keep flipping it 2. I'll show you the dark side > Blinded pilot > Use Palpatine to force saboteur to keep flipping it 3. Laugh maniacally! 4. Focus down anyone who isn't flying blind. Edit: Unless I'm misremembering and the I'll show you the dark side face up damage card doesn't go through shields.
  6. "Did he fire six shots or only five?" Well to tell you the truth in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself. But being this is a proton torpedo, the most powerful torpedo in the sector and would blow your cockpit clean off, you've gotta ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk? *Rolls a blank* Karabast....
  7. A while back I had a game with Kavil and some Binayre pirates (5?), forgot my opponent had proton bombs and ended up drawing 4 direct hits and a munitions failure on kavil. RNG hates me so much.
  8. I bet I know who are actually responsible for the busted peg...
  9. Rear Admiral Chiraneau Tansarii Point Veteran GR-75 Medium Transport Mandalorian Mercenary Black Eight Sq. Pilot Can't find anything longer then RAdm Chiraneau, but I found some other really long ones. Back to lurking...
  10. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Punishing_One Instead of having to avoid getting shot while also trying to line up a shot himself, he just has to avoid getting shot. Like flying any turret ship from what I read here.
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