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  1. Coulnd't agree more! the rest usually is the surprise!
  2. i would say you overthink things too much. corruption points is exactly that. your downward path to chaos. humans dont just have lust or greed or whatever. we have a little bit of everything. i think warhammer universe as, the cause justifies the means. so for example a player burning an npc in the name of the emperor because he was a heretic is fine but doing the same in order to hide his unfaithfulness is not. award cp according to that. hiding in the darkness or coming out to the light of the emperor is only a choice . awarding malignacies that fit the circumstance is always nice!
  3. nice idea robin but i ll reserve that for a "higher level enemy". dont use it too much. a nice surprise is better than everyone having means to ward against psychic powers.
  4. inspired by your idea my campaign goes something like this. a heretek by the use of forbiden technology created a artifact that can be powered by the faith of imperium citizens or divine favor from the emperor(fate points). its a small crystal embed with corrupted microchips and with every use of fate points by the players it becomes charged with warp energy. it allows the user to use this energy in the form of psychic powers without the risk of psychic phenomena. this effectively gives a tech priest the ability to use psychic powers which means that it can be incredibly dangerous and so it must be stopped by the inquisition. this heretek has extensive knowledge in creating viruses and infecting the machine spirit to his whim but up until now this was limited by the physical limitations of normal technology. imagine now transmiting a virus in the form of a signal through the warp....pure chaos!
  5. you could rule that ip or cp are awarded depending the level of the FL. one dot no point, 2nd 1 point , 3rd 1d5, 4th 1d10. just an idea
  6. are you refering to the unatural senses characteristic you gain from the astropath advance? well yeah you could rule it like the warp perception but i propose you limit this to human psykers since the astropath is soul bound to the emperor. so a player could detect a cultist psyker but not a deamonic entity that has psychic abilities. there are so many variations you can do. you can even rule that you need certain ammount of dos to detect someone or something. just try to be as specific as you can from the start and only rule differently if it really messes with your game(ex. you see that your players rely too much on a dice roll and it takes away the investigating felling the game offers)
  7. well you can be a bit generous in the beggining till they get a hang of it but restrict any abuses.
  8. you should keep in mind that your movement must be sufficient to get you out of the blast radius or else you cant dodge. so a penalty isnt necessary.
  9. in my games i actually allow warp perception to give you "sight" behind a wall or an obstacle but as unnatural sense states its a boost on your other senses. so imagine how well a character can actually pinpoint enemies with a sonar like ability or tremorsense or anything else. so i would allow him to know in general what is going on inside the room but he couldnt use this to manifest other powers. crush needs a line of sight and this means actually seeing your opponent. hearing your enemy or sensing him with other means doesnt count for the same reason that you cant manifest crush behind a door that you roll a perception test and hear footsteps...
  10. actually i dont think you can detect a psyker with this skill. it says about warp entities and such. o psyker is not. at least a human psyker. i would allow a roll though if someone used a psychic power recently. i would consider the psy rating the power was cast and time since it manifested the power for any modifiers. maybe if someone was using warp perception from the divination tree could roll with psyniscience to detect another psyker.
  11. not really a need to have such a rule. you can activate it whenever you want. since it last for your round it would be a waste to fire first and then activate it. moreover you cant break your actions so you cant roll to hit and then decide to use it before you roll for damage. free actions are free but do not interuppt other actions. hope this helps
  12. i run this one and i think its a pretty solid and can be used as a filler in between. A space station is harvesting energy from a pair of nearby red giant stars. their violent solar pulses provide huge amount of energy. everything was running smoothly until the void shields are starting to fail. radiation is leaking to the station. 3000 human souls onboard but only 300 awake each new interval,the rest sleeping in cryochambers. resource managing is important so far out in space but every interval is automated. maybe sabotage maybe a simple malfunction, but what is the purpose of this immense power station? in my campaign a nearby dead planet had in fact an outpost of a grey knight safekeeping a warp gate. his outpost needed the power to keep him alive. imagine what would happen if the players failled!
  13. thank you sir! your scenario just gave me a hell of ideas for my campaign! i really like the special fate theme you have for players. its nice for a player to feel special(after all he should the game its about him) and simultanously vague enough to give a mysterious atmosphere. also the idea about fate points is nice. it would be really cool to see how you would award them or take them back!
  14. i dont really understand what you mean by soul bonding. As for imperial tarrot i have to say that all these little things are nice ways to reward players for creativity. For example i would make a player roll a psyniscience test or in another case imperial creed when attempting to "bless" the group or take courage from the word of the emperor. all these things are nice ways to give small hints or small buffs or even penalties if someone fails horibly. make your players to try to find more ways of gainning something than just killing the enemy. moreover its fairly easy to stop them from abusing this by puting a reasonable limit. trying to read the tarrot cards again might give them results that confuses them and of course the emperor can only bless you so much with his divine power....after that you are on your own!
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