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  1. Well, it looks less awkward, but the Arrestor isn't for everyone. It's growing on me, though
  2. If the Mattel die-cast is anything to go off of, it's a bit more aesthetically pleasing when viewed from the side.
  3. I'm a big fan of the AT-hauler and how it fuses walker asthetics with those of Imperial shuttles. Plus, it's not just for walkers.
  4. Solo: The Official Guide has some new stuff on the Pyke biology that's non-spoiler.
  5. The Imperial Arrestor Cruiser, which was largely cut from the film, still appears appears in the recruitment film in Coronet Spaceport, flanked by a pair of Star Destroyers. Apparently, it's giant dishes are powerful tractor beam projectors. According to the art book, it was supposed to capture the Falcon at some point.
  6. I'm developing a world of perpetual acid rain with skyscraper-sized trees, where the termite-like natives live in villages that hang from the underside of shielded mining rigs that climb between the trees. There, they spearfish the mutated leviathans that haunt the treacly sea of acid that drowned their homes and now covers most of the forest floor. The water levels rise every year, and the threats they faces only grow more dangerous. Their only export is an acidic, once-sacred sap that can be refined into a material vital to the manufacturing of Imperial hypermatter reactors, though this greed is what led to the destruction of their environment in the first place.
  7. I'm one of the lucky few to own The Art of Star Wars: Uprising outside the design team, by way of having worked on Wookieepedia's Uprising project, if you want info from that.
  8. Racer was just rereleased on PC a few days ago.
  9. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Chuundar We had Wookiees selling their own kind into slavery in KOTOR. Edit: Also http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Vargi, with the Trandoshans no less.
  10. I stated the Pyke species some time back, though the write up itself has some fanon elements in it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vc53h7Edv7DLtzoWh27LIiFxj3d7YjjLnKjRjUQ-1Y4
  11. The Dagobah thing was confirmed in The Making of RotJ, or rather that they were both “Bog Planet” from the early drafts of Star Wars.
  12. Thanks, but I think it was a thread for locales started by Desslok.
  13. Hey, all! Awhile back, we had a really cool thread filled with awesome sci-fi concept art. Does anyone happen to still have a link to this? I was planning on using one as the main setting for a possible campaign.
  14. One of my groups had a Firespray called the Wookiee I .
  15. Some early canon reference books reiterated his homeworld as Concord Dawn, but Pablo Hidalgo clarified that he only claimed to be from there.
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