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  1. One of my groups had a Firespray called the Wookiee I .
  2. Some early canon reference books reiterated his homeworld as Concord Dawn, but Pablo Hidalgo clarified that he only claimed to be from there.
  3. Judging by the image, the head slot is on the ship's bottom.
  4. IIRC, not all Parwans could generate electrical fields; it depended on their blood type. Maybe make it a subspecies, with electric abilities costing starting XP
  5. Vykos itself seems to be a pretty blank slate and seems to be located in Imperial space. It may just be better to integrate the planet into the plot. If your players don't know the scientist's name, you could easily change it if you only want one Vykos in your game.
  6. It sounds like some form of torture mechanics may be included in the upcoming Spy splatbook, but maybe Medicine and Xenology could be used with the above suggestions.
  7. Glad to see that FFG is finally starting to make these.
  8. But the Pykes also have an additional talent, so how would that balance out?
  9. Those are early versions: this is the current star block: Brawn: 1 Agility: 2 Intellect: 2 Cunning: 3 Willpower: 2 Presence: 2 Wound Threshold: 9 + Brawn Strain Threshold: 12 + Willpower Starting Experience: 90 Special Abilities: Pykes begin play with one free rank in Underworld. They may not train Underworld above Rank 2 during character creation. Underworld Connections: Pykes begin play with one free rank of the Black Market Contacts talent. Additionally, when using the talent, Pykes increase the cost by 25% per reduction in rarity, instead of the normal 50%. Unsettling Appearance: When making a social check against a Pyke, non-Pykes must add a Setback Die.
  10. The newest revision, with changes to the Connections ability (retitled Underworld Connections) and some general cleanup: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vc53h7Edv7DLtzoWh27LIiFxj3d7YjjLnKjRjUQ-1Y4
  11. I know this reply is past your session, but the BB-series was based an evolution of ball-shaped droids introduced near the end of the GCW. Maybe it could be a "BA-series" prototype.
  12. In this era, Telos IV would serve your purposes well. You know all the Ithorian's restoration efforts from KoToR II? Well, Telos' resources have been stripped and it has become an industrial world and corporations have effectively become the ruling body. The Empire conquered it around 17 BBY. It was home to a secret Jedi enclave and a group of Telosian environmentalist is currently cruising around the galaxy in a nomadic ship known as the BioCruiser.
  13. THIS is the article you're looking for: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Bothawui/Legends