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  1. The Bounty Hunters Guild is a specific organization of bounty hunters, albeit a powerful one accredited by the Empire. Basically, if you aren't a member, you're not considered a "legal" bounty hunter under the current regime, but that doesn't stop you from taking jobs. It could just make things difficult when dealing with certain parties like the Empire, or maybe the client wants to hire someone whose identity isn't registered in any Imperial databases. There are benefits to belonging to the guild (members are able to access the Imperial law enforcement database for a fee, for example), but you're also shackled with a code of conduct that can be rather obtuse at times. So there are advantages and disadvantages that a GM could leverage when the party has bounty hunters
  2. Off the top of my head, the Wookiees had colonized the moon Alaris Prime in the Kashyyyk system.
  3. In our current campaign, we have mostly alien PCs (Cathar, Devaronian, Twi'lek, and Gand), with only a single human (clone).
  4. Thanks for pointing that out, just ordered a copy of my own!
  5. There's a lot of good info there, but the information within was woefully out of date even when Legends was largely discontinued in 2014.
  6. Glad we got to see the "Zero"-type droid again. Could've sworn we'd seen more of it in the footage we got before the show began streaming. Kinda want to roll up a pilot/guy in the chair character now. Also, R1s having antennas continues to haunt me and I'll have to be sure to burn down Hasbro for their gaffe after HasLab Unicron ships.
  7. What era is your campaign set in?
  8. Mandalore was part of the Republic but had claimed neutrality during the Clone Wars, with effectively cut it off from Republic aid until Maul made himself known as leader of the usurpers that killed Satine. At that point, it was no longer just an internal Mandalorian matter.
  9. Beat the game on Jedi Knight, loved it. Some of the boss fights were a little unfair, but with enough determination and experimentation, you'll win the day. It was cool finding things off the beaten path and the game really reignited my interest in playing a FaD game.
  10. According to Aftermath: Life Debt, Wookiees and Talz can produce offspring. In addition, one of the short stories from Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away features a Quarren/Mon Calamari hybrid.
  11. "Sir, there's an enemy fleet bearing down on us. Intelligence reports its being commanded by Grand Admiral Thrawn." "Yeah? Good."
  12. Thankfully not, could you imagine how much more toxic things would've been if there had been when the PT was coming out? A lot of that stuff was contained to the early forums, so not as many people were exposed to it.
  13. It ended up sorting itself out through a healthy dose of retconning, but people were pretty nasty for a while.
  14. I meant in regards to it overriding his established EU backstory. A lot of fans were up in arms that Boba was a clone and not Jaster Mereel, as was suggested in pre-AotC stuff.
  15. Says something that the best Boba stories were written after AotC "ruined" him. His journey to becoming the best bounty hunter in the galaxy is more interesting than stories told after he's reached that destination.
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