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  1. Carolyn Fern, Dexter Drake, Darrel Simmons, Vincent Lee, Amanda Sharpe, Bob Jenkins, Mandy Thompson, and Monterey Jack.
  2. Roland Banks. We've had a lot of exposure to him, and his title "The Fed" is actually a profession I'd be interested in going into. His by-the-books attitude and realistic way of dealing with monsters (guns as opposed to spells) also appeal to me a lot. I'm really looking forward to playing with all of them, though.
  3. If you already have the 1st edition content then you'll get the new scenarios free when the expansions come out this fall. You should just be able to tell the app you have the required components and it'll let you play.
  4. Do you have a source for that? I suppose the second part could be true although I wouldn't know (the two towns I visit every day while going to school are roughly 98% white) but I haven't heard that first part before. I agree with what you said afterwards but that just seems strange. According to Wikipedia, "The majority of the more than 300 million people currently living in the United States consists of White Americans, who trace their ancestry to the original peoples of Europe." Additionally, 49 out of the 50 states have a white majority (Hawaii is the exception). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_and_ethnicity_in_the_United_States#Racial_makeup_of_the_U.S._population I've heard that white people will be a minority in the coming decades, but what you said is different unless you mean predominantly in some other way. I've heard that before about some people turning away from a game because it doesn't represent themself but I haven't talked to anyone who that's happened to. I believe it but, I don't know, it seems odd. When playing a Japanese game like Street Fighter or Final Fantasy I don't turn away from it because it lacks white characters (I tried to find a board game or video game with multiple characters to choose from in a place other than America but couldn't find many). If the racial make-up is close to the setting's then I'm not going to cry foul . With what appears to be a modern game like Dead of Winter I think it makes a lot of sense to represent many different people but when playing things like period pieces (the Arkham Horror files are obviously far from accurate, but the backdrop of the stories is not meant to conflict history) I believe it's a little different. What I didn't think about in my previous post was notable black musicians like Marie and Jim in the Arkham Horror files. Although black people were a minority they still had a lot of prominence in people's lives because of music so it makes sense that people like that would be included. With that all aside, I think FFG has done a good job with representation so far in the Arkham Horror files and only commented on this thread because OP thought there were not enough non-white characters, not that I have any problem with the game's current make-up. So OP, I guess my question for you is what do you think the fair split in representation should be? How many white, how many non-white and of what kind?
  5. Strange topic. I first heard of Rita when I read Ghouls of the Miskatonic. She was described as having Creole skin which is light because of the intermingling in New Orleans where she came from, but still black according to the KKK. Seeing her picture in MoM, she's exactly how I expected and you can clearly tell she is black. "Kinda" black I guess you could say because she is mixed but it seems strange to be so picky about people and their skin color. As for racial distribution, I looked up a census for Boston in 1920 and 97.7% of the population was white. 2.2% was black, and .2% were Asian. 2/8 of the investigators being non-white is a lot more than what's historical accurate. Lots of games do this. Witcher 3 and other games with settings like medieval Europe are almost entirely made of white characters. Going to settings in games will give you the people of that place. If you go to Europe there will be white, Africa black, and Asia Asian. I don't see people complaining about a lack of white or black characters in games set in feudal Japan or ancient mesoamerica. I think representation is great but sometimes it just doesn't make sense. If we wanted to represent everyone there would be a white person, black person, native American, Asian, Pacific islander (plus many more), and then a male and female of each of those. Of course, not every game has to be 100% accurate to history. If Lovecraft designed the game there may be only white, male investigators. Diversity is nice but I don't get why these threads are made. America has a majority of white people, especially in 1920s New England.
  6. Ha. As an ISTJ, I'm actually drawn to his character. The way they wrote that indeed isn't very flattering for him, though.
  7. I love the Mythos a lot and don't mind having most of my games in its theme. The more the better for me. I bought Eldritch Horror in 2014 and all its expansions now save for the newest because it seemed like the best solo Mythos experience. The Arkham LCG appeals to me immensely and I love card games. Didn't even know there were co-op ones but that's even cooler. I'll be picking the LCG up as soon as possible and playing a lot but see myself going back to Eldritch sometimes, too. I already own it and MoM 2e but all three are different games. If I want a shorter but more thematic game with a hand of cards I'll play the LCG. When I want an epic, longer, strategic adventure and I've exhausted the current LCG scenarios (especially at the beginning) I'll play Eldritch. Just depends on what I want and I think both will be great games in my collection.
  8. Would gladly welcome this. I actually spent like $48 on 2 sets of bone and a set each of cursed and blessed dice for Eldritch Horror. It was a lot to spend on plain D6s but after watching playthroughs of people using them and then realizing they weren't included I had to have them. It makes my favorite game more thematic though and I like being able to quickly see the elder sign like in this game. Another reason I got them is because of dice shortages, which I've encountered here. When rolling more than five I've just been rerolling a blank. I'd prefer to just roll all my dice at once. Fortunately these are already themed and don't have curses or blessings (you could include dazed but I wouldn't buy a pack of those just for that). Maybe it's one of my flaws, but I always do everything by the books. No house rules, no custom components, no print out scenarios unless they're official, so I'd only get more dice for this game if they were made for it. Signed!
  9. I had a similar question yesterday on bgg but it wasn't answered and neither is it here unfortunately. First of all, the number on insane conditions is for players. See Rules Reference page 7 under Damage and Horror Cont. then Insane: "Each Insane Condition has a required number of players which is indicated on the bottom-right corner on the back of the card. When an investigator gains an Insane Condition, if the number of players is less than the required number of players, he discards that card and gains a different copy of the insane condition." There are only 4 Insane Conditions marked 1+ so you may want to remove all others if you play solo like me. As for if that condition affects everyone, I'd say it does. Those 4 insane conditions are specifically marked as solo-able cards and if you could just win and ignore them it would defeat their point. Halfway winning and losing doesn't really mean anything, at least not to me. I drew Obsessive in my game and spent quite a few turns searching, but pulled a win off easy enough. It was pretty satisfying to see the whole board revealed, actually. I also didn't pretend my other investigator didn't know. In a multiplayer game you hide it from other players, but I am a sole player. I don't like pretending in games that one person doesn't know something. It's like playing the Pokemon TCG by yourself, it's not fun. FFG specifically marked these cards as 1+ so we shouldn't be playing in some weird, multiplayer simulation.
  10. I played the first scenario with no bugs; it's really fun. Go ahead and play it with your friends, it should be fine. Does anyone know how often the 2nd scenario bugs out at the end? As a fan of Innsmouth I really want to play it and it has a nice difficulty bump (beat the Cycle 1st try). All these bug reports have scared me off though. I'd like another scenario under my belt before Shattered Bonds, and Rising Tide is too long for me today. Plus, I wanted to do it last. I do have an in-shrink copy of Star Trek Frontiers sitting on the floor I may break out and learn instead of playing MoM today and come back when the bug is patched.
  11. My first Lovecraft game experience was with Eldritch Horror so I'm hoping we'll get to do some globetrotting. With its scaled down adventures I think Arkham could support us for a while but eventually I think we'll venture into the rest of New England and beyond. Setting is of my favorite aspects of games so I hope they do cool stuff with it. As for Lovecraft reading, I recommend this list. It lays the mythos out well and gives you a good starting point. I've read the first three on there plus another in a flash game, my favorite being At the Mountains of Madness. The Arctic/Antarctic have always been some of my favorite places on Earth, so I'm glad there's a book on it and entire Elder Sign and Eldritch Horror expansion for the respective settings. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/147987/getting-started-cthulhu-mythos
  12. In support of it! Already getting the game but increased replayability would be great.
  13. Thanks for the explanation, it's reassuring. This will be the only LCG I invest in for now so it should be more manageable. With Eldritch Horror it's easy for me to get one small box around $24 or so and then get a big box for the next holiday making it only twice a year and about $70. Using your math it could be 2.5 times that each year which is big but if it's enjoyable content I won't have a problem. The monthly, small purchases are great for a lot of people I imagine and I can keep the price for them at $10-15 with Amazon Prime but I just don't have a source of income for it. I should be able to sell some things like usual though and get money where I can, allowing me to afford them and look forward to a monthly update.
  14. As a big fan of Lovecraft and card games I'm very excited for this, more so than MoM. CoC has been out and looks cool but I'm limited to solo gaming and this is just that. The theme is great and I love the deckbuilding and campaign aspects. So far my main two tabletop games are Friday and Eldritch Horror so I was wondering if I should get MoM 2nd Edition and then this is announced. My collection will be more skewed in one direction but I have more on the way and they both look like a lot of fun. Card games are really fun for me and I love the feeling of holding a hand and playing cards like in Pokemon and other TCGs which I lacked in Eldritch Horror. This game has that and more though so I'm very excited to see the rest of the previews and get my hands on my first LCG. While I think the LCG format is very cool I'm hesitant about the larger price. With the rate of expansions from Eldritch Horror I've been able to get one or a couple for my birthday and Christmas and maybe one from selling something but with how LCGs release I don't know if I'll be able to keep up. I'd love to have all the content but looking at the LotR LCG's full cost including all expansions it seems like a lot and frequently for one game. You don't have to buy it of course but the game is built with it and mind and it seems you should get them in some order. I'll still get this for sure but I don't know if I'll be getting as many expansions or as often.
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