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  1. Love the site so far. Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with (The Update 1 sounds like a biggie )
  2. Myrrik

    Long Term Play

    Thanks everyone for the responses. Good to know that there don't seem to be any issues with long term games (As that is our preferred play-style)
  3. Myrrik

    Long Term Play

    Hi Folks Just a quick question for those of you who have been running a Campaign - How are you finding Genesys for Long term play? Do you feel there are any pitfalls to Characters developing into higher XP numbers? Do thinks become stale or can Genesys sustain a long term campaign
  4. I dont have much to add to your initial question, except to say I loved the Shadow World setting back in the day and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for it.
  5. I always liked Heroquest 2 for that. Monsters just had a list of what abilities/Powers were important and a "Difficulty" rating for the Challenge to the players. Made converting monsters from other settings really easy. Its the only part of Genesys i'm having trouble with, is coming up with a Bestiary for my setting. Its not always easy to look at a monster and translate it over to another system and make it statistically workable.
  6. I seem to remember the Old Elric Rpg had something similar for its Demon Summoning rules (As that was a big part of the Setting) You started with a Base then "added" effects on to the demon - made it bigger, stronger ect - which increased the power it cost to summon and the difficulty of summoning it. Might be worth trying to implement something similar into Genesys for summoning like Richardbuxton has done above.
  7. I like the simplified Stat block - Does make things much easier. Just curious - On the Conversion of the Blitzer above, how did you come up with the numbers? The Soak and Damage etc.
  8. Myrrik

    Savage Genesys :)

    Hi All I know that Savage Worlds has a lot of support as a Generic system. Its never been huge on my list but I have seen some amazing settings and books out for it. How easy do you think it would be to convert over the SW stuff to Genesys?
  9. Thanks Terefang - That's a good basis for what I was looking for. Much appreciated!
  10. Hi All I am in the process of putting together a Fantasy setting for my players using Genesys, and I have been eye-balling my extensive pile of Runequest material. I am considering converting some of the monsters from RQ (specifically the newest version - Mythras/RQ6) into monsters for Genesys but am at a bit of a loss where to start. Has anyone done any conversion work previously? Any advice on how to convert RQ stats to Genesys stats? Thanks in advance
  11. Yeah - This one is a big one for me. I currently have a setting that is focused around Mages being able to pull through entities from the Planes (Kinda like the demon summoning from the old Elric games in BRP) and a bit of guidance on Summoning rules would be a great help for me too.
  12. I ordered mine from MagicMadhouse (Im up in Edinburgh, Scotland) https://www.magicmadhouse.co.uk/fantasy-flight-games-genesys-core-rulebook-p263915 It arrived promptly and incredibly well packaged. I also ordered a couple of sets of the dice as well and the same, arrived quickly and well packaged. No excessive costs involved Might be worth giving them a try.
  13. Just listened to the one on "Narrative Dice" and found it extremely useful, informative and has helped me get a better grip on using the NDS for my own games. Also the cast themselves come across well, very easy to listen to and seem genuinely interested and enthused about what they are discussing. Looking forward to going through the rest of them!
  14. Thanks for the input everyone - Some great ideas here.
  15. So... I'm trying to put together a Template for a Werewolf for an Urban Fantasy setting for Genesys and I'm having a mental block trying to come up with a way to model the classic Werewolf invulnerability to non-silver weapons. I'm probably over thinking it but would like to see if anyone else has any ideas. My initial idea was to just give them a very high soak to normal weapons, but give them no soak for Silver. Do you think that would work or is there a better way to model it?
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