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  1. Just started to play a session online with a couple of friends and found this out! Thank you so freaking much! You are awesome pal!
  2. Imagine how thrilling it would be if in the Worlds this years the finalists decided not to play it and just roll a red die or a final salvo to determine who's the winner. I'm sure everyone would be excited. It's hard I know, but I'm pending on the forcing them to at least play something or drop. Not a decision by a freaking red die or a final salvo without a game. The worst part is that there's no clarification for that anywhere in FFG documents, or in what is considered legal of DQ
  3. @emeraldbeacon Iti didn't happen, but I was with a couple of friends that are helping me organize an upcoming tournament and that question came up. But thank you very much guys!
  4. Hey there folks, I'd like to clarify something with you guys. We're at a tournament and we've been through the swiss and all the cut and we're now at the finals, but both players decide that "they are too tired to play the final" and so they decide to either roll a random red die to see who wins it or do a final salvo style without even making the setup. What would you do? Let it happen because there's nothing you can do? DQ both of them and let those that lost to the finalist play the final table? Another option? Thanks!
  5. Hey Man! Any chance to give me the source so I can translate it to Portuguese? Thanks a lot!
  6. Come on FFG, Australia and Brazil with nothing and then you put 5 in USA??? Come on, you can do better than that, at least increase the number of planets. You can keep 5 in the US, but bring us some love as well. bring them to Australia and Brazil(So we can at least hold one for all SA).
  7. I was searching through the products, and I noticed that X-wing doesn't have the SWX20 item. The TIE Phantom is the SXW19 and the Imperial Aces is the SWX21. Anyone knows why or knows if this is just because FFG wanted it to be? Thanks!
  8. Anyone knows the list that the guys with Oicunn and Soontir used?
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