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  1. Borrowing format from cubsfan4life: Have for Trade- 2020 Limited Edition Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter Want to trade for combo of following - 1 attack + 1 defense die of the following- 2014 Regionals Dice (clear) 2015 Regionals Dice (marbled) 2016 Regionals Dice (white) 2019 Worlds Ahsoka/Barris alt art 2020 SOS Omega Squadron Ace (acrylic) 2020 SOS Tie fighter alt art cards (no need for cardboard, just want the cards) 2019 continentals oddball 2019 continentals epsilon cadet
  2. Um no on kraken going down. You do know that the best worlds sep list had kraken instead of ta175.... aka kraken finished top 16 in worlds....
  3. 1. Quad Phantoms got me my SOS templates. I was also not one of those to sit in the corner but actually engaged all of my opponents. Super fun list for those that love flying "dodgy" ships. 2. Kylo (sense, protons, pattern) Tavson (snoke, adv sensors, biohex, phasma) is a list that I had a ton of fun with. Placed second at a hyper trial with it. Its a very hard hitting list, but it doesn't like to see the super high ship counts of todays meta. 3. 5As.(tali, greer, zari, 2 blues) Love the speed, accuracy, and time on target of these. 4. Kylo, Tav, QD. Super fun list that can handle a wide variety of lists. Did well for me at nova. 5. Currently i'm running mainly Echo because of how agile and maneuverable she is!
  4. Adepticon facebook page confirmed on facebook that there will be an event and that it will be posted later today.
  5. Depends on cost/slots for sure. vonreg with lw and burners could be a good replacement.
  6. I'm looking forward to trying kylo/vonreg! I also love that kylo templates/tray! My buddy is the one that "commissioned it" and asked for my opinions as the set was being commissioned. My only other comment is that you need fancier dials for that 2 ship list. Here are mine! (note i'm also super ready for Vonreg with dial/lego)
  7. except if you get blocked you no longer have a rear arc due to not being able to rotate.......
  8. Looked up some of the recent grands and pulled out info on their cut generics and non-meta ships/squads. To me its pretty enlightening that the meta is indeed fairly diverse!!! https://listfortress.com/tournaments/1322 -- US Grands in STL Top 32 Cut 13/32 squads had generics in them. --Gold Squad Troopers --104th Arcs --Drones --Delta Sqd Defender --Inquisitors --OGP --Nu Sqd Gunboat --Blue Sqd Recruit A-wings --Zeta Sqd SFs --Epsilon Sqd Cadet FO --Omega Sqd FO Non Meta Uniques --Vermeil --Arvel --Maarek Stele --Resistance Chewie --Backdraft --Rexlar Brath --Seventh Sister https://listfortress.com/tournaments/1292 -- Polish Grands Top 16 Cut 9/16 squads had generics in them --Zeta Sqd SFs --Epsilon Sqd Cadet FO --Stalgasin Hive Nantex --Drones --Alpha Sqd Interceptor --OGP --Academy Tie FIghter --Cartel Marauder --Logistic Division Resistance Transport --104th Arcs Non Meta Uniques --Avenger in FO swarm. --Dooku with 3 generic nantex --Capt Feroph in reaper w/ palp onboard --Capt Kagi w/ palp --Rose Tico --Multiple admiral sloane swarms https://listfortress.com/tournaments/1285 -- Swedish Grands Top 16 Cut 6/16 squads had generics in them --Cartel Marauder --Drones --Logistic Division Resistance Transport --Trandoshan Slaver --Inquisitor Non Meta Uniques/Interesting squads --Captain Jostero w/ Torani Kulda --Double Falcon w/ Han and Lando --Sunny Bounder --Serrissu --Capt Nym --Sol Sixxa --5 Generic Inqs w/ Clusters --Colonel Vessery --Seventh Sister https://listfortress.com/tournaments/1324 - Dutch Grands Top 32 Cut 15/32 squads had generics in them. --Academy PIlot --Black SUn assassin --Black SUn Ace --Cartel Executioner --Zeta Sqd SFs --Inquisitors --Drones --Banana Pirates --Blue Squad Scout U-wing --Feethan Ottraw Bulbasaur --OGP --Cartel Marauder --Stalgasin Hive Nantex Non Meta Uniques --Koshka Frost --Evaan Verlaine --Airen Cracken --Zuckuss --L337 --Blackout --Midnight --Sol Sixxa --Arvel --AP5 --Quad Lambdas --066 in Scimitar with 3 nantex (placed second) https://listfortress.com/tournaments/1287 - Australian Grands Top 8 Cut 5/8 had generics --Drones --Starkiller Base Pilot https://listfortress.com/tournaments/1276 -- Spanish Grands Top 32 Cut 11/32 had generics (with multiple squads missing from listfortress) --Drones --Inquisitors --OGP --Partisan Renegade U-Wing --Bandit Z --Black Sun Assassin --Imdaar Test Pilot Phantom --Petranaki Arena Ace Nantex --Zeta Sqd SFs --104th Arcs Non Meta Uniques/Interesting Lists --Double Falcon Han/Lando --Torani, Sol Sixxa, Zuckuss, and Seevor --Corran, Hera, Arvel --Serissu --Unkar --Blackout --Garven, Kyle Katarn, Esege
  9. Your "he is performing extremely, extremely well" seems a little anecdotal vs factual. What has Kylo won since the last points changes? (outside of potential small hyperspace trials) -Metawing shows he has made a number of high level cuts recently, but I don't see any wins. https://meta.listfortress.com/pilots/281/squadrons? Maybe that is because he is lacking good squad mates to fly with him. Tavson is good against inexperienced players, but if you hit an experienced player in the cut then he can be VERY hard to pilot. The same can be said for QD.
  10. First I will say I'm a Kylo fan, and I enjoy flying him. BUT I don't think that Kylo needs a nerf. He is already one of the most expensive naked, small base ships in the game. He is currently the main cog in the under performing first order line up because of their lack of other options. If you compare Kylo to Blackout there is a significant difference in points, and I would argue that BO is overcosted. But this doesn't mean that Kylo is undercosted. If I was a betting man, I would guess that Kylo stays where he is as FFG in general likes to error on the side of caution. AND Kylo has yet to truely dominate the meta like the other ships that have gotten nerfed bigtime in previous pts adjustments. I will also say I don't think QD/Vonreg/Midnight sounds any good. Midnight and QD both need a coordinator to be truly effective, and there isn't one in the list. I will say that QD can be effective in efficiency lists, but a 3 ship list isn't efficiency. QD is a brawler that needs multiple actions to be truly scary.
  11. barebones QD is only 55 pts which I don't see Vonreg being that cheap. I also don't see him being as expensive as kylo. So hopefully neither is a 1 to 1 replacement.... I am definitely interested in seeing the other unique baron pilots!
  12. Planning for worst case scenario makes sense for sure. But faction wise I hope the ship doesn't start that high. The faction needs another workhorse ship and not something that would be DOA. I'm just not sure where a mid 60s pt vonreg would fit into lists.
  13. Agreed FO hasn't had a great run until now which is why I see the tie/ba being a good ship for them and FFG not trying to price it out of competition. I do think deplete's actual effect will determine the costs some. Like if deplete takes away a red die no matter what then the BA will be a little lower. but if it only takes away a primary red die then I can see it being a little higher. Also Vonreg's ability is garbage and thus won't affect his points much. The fact that his ability triggers in the system phase and EVERYBODY can plan around that, means it doesn't have much utility. My last point is its hard to compare unique FO/Silencers to the BA as the non kylo/scorch uniques seem to be over costed in both chassis.
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