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  1. I'm interested! Gotta find 2 teammates, but I think this should be do-able.
  2. Agreed the good players used the shuttles gun, but then it can go down pretty quickly.
  3. There was a 29 pt tax for palp. That seems like a pretty big downside to me.
  4. As an empire player I could support this. Though I do think he is still pretty good.
  5. Where is your quote quoted from? Thanks.
  6. There has been some contention in my local group about the difference or lack of difference between dice and dice results. This specifically relates to lightweight frame and its text: "When defending, after rolling defense dice, if there are more attack dice than defense dice, roll 1 additional defense die." Do things like advanced targeting computer, Finn, accuracy corrector, etc that specify add/cancel results instead of add/cancel dice have an impact on frame. My my opinion is that based on other rulings results and dice are used interchangeably. However some locals think there are differences between the 2. Please help. And specific FAQ or rules ref or frank emails are appreciated!
  7. I know the ordinance tubes were given out at hoth epic events. My buddy got 2 of them from the events. I was planning to play in one but i made the cut and missed the epic.
  8. How is a 2 agility ship going to be OP? It will die so fast because of all of the big hitters that exist in today's x-wing. FFG is aggressively costing these and trying to make it ACTUALLY see the table some. I don't think it will be OP, instead I think it will still struggle to see the table. Talonbane is probably the only one that COULD see the table, but at r1/2 he will still be focused down super fast.
  9. Its a problem yet it took 1.5 waves worth of new material to finally come to fuitition. And yea another nerf thread, this forum is SOOOO original!
  10. Inq - ptl, title, thrusters omega leader - juke, comm relay howl - trickshot sabacc - VI, title, frame
  11. What I see in this is people wanting the stressbot to rule all again. Making stress the champion of everything only pushes rebels better and better because of the stressbot. If you nerf mindlink then IMO its only fair that stressbot is also nerfed.
  12. I was the jump master player that played you. Was a fun matchup. But the reason I took Boba Fett crew is to eject a key card from lists that could give me problems. Sorry you didn't end up making day 2, I was pulling for you!
  13. Looking to trade blue SOS shields for red SOS shields.
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