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  1. Agree. Ewoks could be the Rebel factions version of battle droids with weak offense and defense but high mini count
  2. Has anyone preordered Legion through FFG? I usually use my local game store but I’ve had a few issues with them recently and I’m curious about when I’d get a preorder through FFGs web store
  3. Wow, I hit refresh on the article and sure enough those helmets have been updated to 91st Recon. I wasn't planning on getting this but now that makes it a tough decision.
  4. Maybe they could release a new armament upgrade that overrides the T-47’s main cannons? It could have the blast keyword and have a restriction that says it modifies the stats of the main cannon. It could also have a negative point value which would reduce the overall cost of the T-47 without errata
  5. Agree that this game is great. Most important of all it is so fun to play. I've played three really fun games so far. It is easy to pick up and teach and seems like deck building and strategy will keep me interested. Agree that starter sets have some great cards. Rey set has 'Daring Escape' that makes you reroll any number of dice the opponent wants and forces you to remove blanks. Someone used that on me and removed all my dice including the ones that were already blank that he hadn't made me reroll. Then he got another action. Wow! I have to say I was really hoping this game would be good and I think FFG nailed it.
  6. I fell over when I saw the news post with Kylo Ren and the related product was Star Wars: The Card Game because I thought they were announcing a deluxe expansion based on The Force Awakens.
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