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  1. To veterans of this game this will be a no brainer but to us noobs this was so confusing to me today: I want to get into X-Wing and so I get the 2.0 core set. I want to build some squads to play with so I download the app I choose hyperspace because it says that’s the introductory format for people like me I can’t find a fair amount of pilots in the app to add for the TIE/ln Fighter that are included in the core set. I find out that I can’t see them because their not hyperspace legal. So the cards in the core set are not usable in the format meant for people who by the core set so confusing
  2. The painting step-by-steps and the 'is this scale' was very helpful to me thanks. I really enjoyed it
  3. The article announcing the delay said it could resume in May and there are some Legion items listed as a May release still so I'm holding out hope it could still happen. I don't have any connections or info other than that so I could be wrong but there's been times that my local game store has been wrong about a release and I've got something sooner than they predicted. Unless I'm missing some verifiable info, Iden, Cassian, AAT, and Vital Assets could still come near the end of the month. ref: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/3/30/covid-19-and-product-releases/
  4. The Incredible Cross Sections book says the specs are 12.4 meters (hull only). The legs and guns kind of stick out but not that much. Maybe the cannon on top is what is skewing the numbers. I think it’s not too big for Legion and I feel like they will make it someday
  5. It's cool that Iden has options for helmet. Looks like one with tubes and chest setup vs without
  6. Is there any significance to them talking about Legion first and X-Wing second? Is Legion the new fav for the company or is that just because there's more to talk about with Legion? I feel like X-Wing was first in the past but I can't remember
  7. Very cool and unique look. I like the numbers on the shoulders too. Nice work
  8. I'm sure there's a skilled player that has figured them out but I tried and tried and never got them to work well for me even though I really wanted to. I would use INFILTRATE to get them close and before I could use any danger sense or dauntless they would get completely deleted. They were usually the first unit to be wiped out. I also tried but not as many times using them as a stand-off gun line with the A-300 long range config and Pao so you have a range 4 unit and stay behind cover but it wasn't long before they got suppressed and wiped out
  9. I also see that Imperial Troop Transport which was strange because that I thought came from Rebels but I guess not
  10. I do like having the option for no kamas but I wish there was more customization options with them and kamas and pauldrons would have been sweet options
  11. Even though I do like how detailed the hard plastic is now I think the recent upgrade expansions (non-droid) were the perfect balance between soft plastic and detail. I got the Phase II Clones and they look good but it was difficult to think about $35 for just 2 small sprues. I love the game and the hobby but I've started to be more selective about what I buy between the price increase and the new return policy
  12. I like the Clone Wars series version of ARF Troopers better than ROTS AT-RT Driver version. The helmets look slightly different. It would be a nice surprise to see some helmet options in this expansion.
  13. I'm curious what the experience will be if you preorder/purchase from FFG or Asmodee directly?
  14. Hopefully quality on the mini will also be improved. While painting the rebel AT-RT I noticed some differences from reference material. I assume it was done to make it more structurally sound. On that note, was the Rebel version hard plastic?? I'm also going to guess the Republic version will have Armor X instead of Armor because I think it's a bit OP
  15. ewardell


    This phase 2 expansion could make several different units from canon like 501st, shock troopers, or 212th attack battalion to name a few. if they had made kamas and pauldrons, how many other units from canon could be considered “corps” (not special forces) with that same uniform? I’m not sure but I only remember the 327th looking like that. maybe there’s hope to see that sculpt in an upgrade expansion some day
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