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  1. 4 and a half more months, give or take a few days...
  2. Try watching some play videos..beasts of war let's play series has a few good ones where they explain the rules as they go.
  3. Take cover can be done as an action, no suppression required Inspire 2 as I read it means 2 suppression in total, not 2 per unit
  4. I believe it would be B....
  5. currently using a red planko box for all my cards tokens, range rules, etc. I have two feldherr cases/bags for my models one for my troops (2 ccores, 2 snowtroopers, 2 fleet, Veers and Leia), the other is for my vehicles, 3 bike units, 3 atrt, and land speeder.
  6. Yes...would have been nice as well as one posed up against the wall trying to meld into it to avoid Vader's wrath too
  7. the short answer is yes buy into it...the long answer...……….same as the short
  8. I personally think as others have mentioned that getting a second core regardless of playing one or both factions is well worth the cost.
  9. I ordered from an online outlet and still awaiting one order, will more than likely cancel it since my FLGS had what was wanting...and I was scared they wouldn't after seeing FFG sell out.
  10. I like the idea, but doubt I would get them..of course I say that and wind up with 35 of them
  11. I would say no since there is a chance to avoid panic...but I see where you are coming from )
  12. I would say yes it can be done...kind of d**k move, but should be legal
  13. First didn't like it, but after seeing it from other angles I like it alot
  14. Not really a "board game" but Splendor was an excellent find by my wife a while back, we also play: Sorry, Ticket to Ride, Exploding Cow, Smash-Up, Munchkin...the wife is wanting to get Redneck Life and Trailer Park Wars
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