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  1. HueyNewton

    ARC 170s (again)

    These seem to be very far past prototype stage. If they have display models boxed up already, how long do you guys predict it will take them to produce enough and distribute the models?
  2. Try this http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/500255/poe-jake-stresshog#
  3. Since we are getting a PS9 Poe Dameron in Heroes of the Resistance, the # of PS9 pilots will be thrown out of balance. Now we'll have 3 PS9's for Rebels/Resistance and only 2 for Scum and Imperials respectively. I sort of felt they were stretching it by making Talonbane Cobra a 9 but I understand why. However Dengar at 9 is very reasonable. Who among the unused pilots in the Star Wars universe do you think FFG would draw upon to even the numbers out?
  4. I quite like the list. I agree the VCX is a different beast entirely in terms of playstyle. It's going to slug it out and eventually die. Hopefully you will have caused enough damage by the time you need to release your shuttle. Meanwhile Jake can take care of himself. I am going to try the list with Zeb as the shuttle pilot for a 98 point initiative bid, in order to keep Nien Nunb.
  5. I love it. Dat Clerget 9B 130 horsepower torque.
  6. Big Gundam fan. I've been drooling for thunderbolt since the reveal. I'll check it out as soon as possible. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. I wish IA worked with Y-Wings
  8. T-70 X-Wing: · Poe Dameron (31) Veteran Instincts (1) Plasma Torpedoes (3) · R2-D2 (4) Autothrusters (2) Weapons Guidance (2)
  9. Read over the new rulings for C3P0 and Lando crew cards interacting. Also push the limit and experimental interface being both allowed to be used, but causing 2 stress after all actions. So here we go Han Solo Push the Limit C3P0 Lando Calrissian Experimental interface Falcon Title Ten Numb Mangler Cannon Push the Limit B1 mod Jan Ors Focus with han, turn into evade with Jan Ors ability. Push the limit and take an evade action. Experimental interface kicks in. Lando ability, since it is an action upgrade, and activate C3P0's ability for your 2 defense dice rolls. Call out "I'm going to roll 2 evades" Roll 2 evades. Since you were right, add another evade. You now have Han with 5 evade tokens and a Mangler cannon on Ten Numb. Also Han rolls 1 defense die and rolls an evade. 6 evades. It sounds ridiculous and can be countered by stresshogs and bumping, but holy **** isn't this amazing.
  10. HueyNewton


    Outmaneuver would be interesting as well.
  11. For the price, seems pretty useless. No EPT slot either. Another wasted opportunity in my opinion.
  12. 110 Happens to be the perfect number for 5 Blue Squadron B-Wings. That's alot of red dice downrange.
  13. 1. Push the limit 2. Predator 3. Veteran Instincts 4. Engine upgrade 5. Twin laser turret 6. Heavy Laser Cannon 7. Autothrusters 8. Fire Control System 9. Soontir Fel 10. Han Solo
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