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  1. But, I think you have to be sure whatever piece of the puzzle the players are involved in can't throw a wrench into canon if they fail. Example1: The PCs are at Echo Base during the Imperial attack. Their part is they must respond to the Ion cannon base to stop a platoon of Stormtroopers that just dropped in nearby to infiltrate and take it out. They must hold off the stormtroopers long enough to ensure the ion cannon can disable that Star Destroyer in orbit when the rebels evacuate. Sounds great. BUT, what if the PCs fail? The Ion cannon DID get off that shot. The GM could have some plans in place to ensure the PCs don't fail, but the players will also realize this if they know their GM won't change canon. Knowing you will win in advance isn't very exciting. Example2: The PCs are at Echo Base during the Imperial attack. They are overwatch on the ground and/or air for the Rebel transports as they are being loaded and taking off. One of the transports that just lifted off calls out over coms that they have been attacked by TIE fighters and are going down in Sector 5 in the frozen tundra. The PCs respond in their motley assortment of craft to fend off the TIE fighters then search for the downed transport survivors before a platoon of Snowtroopers beats them to the crash site. No problems here if they fail and all of the survivors are killed or captured. No conflict with what we saw on screen. We didn't watch every single transport take off and make it to orbit. One could have crashed. You've got my point exactly with Example2! You can be part of the story without effecting the outcome. Obviously Example1 is something to avoid.
  2. I've just got Force and Destiny Core Rulebook. Next will be Lords of Nal Hutta and Keeping the Peace. More for the extra races, but also because there's whispers of a big Hutt plot in F&D. I'm also a fan of the Guardian career. Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook is also on the list. Lots of plans to have the Force Sensitives join the Rebellion. In fact, there'll be two campaigns that become one at some point. Duty will continue for Age of Rebellion, and the Force Sensitives will continue their Morality. No crossovers, unless the Force Users turn to duty but their morality will continue to be tracked. Hutt will probably use duty since I won't be getting Edge of the Empire.
  3. They already have 2 adventures for getting the crystals. How many adventures to get crystals do we need? Not the crystals..... .....the parts As in the pieces that make up the hilt, how they assemble it etc My own campaign will see me taking on a Kinrath to get a Dantari Crystal from one of its eggs. Kinrath is redesigned to actually be a giant spider rather than the Wookieepedia version. But I'd like to make the other parts a subject of campaigning. Rather than "Oh, I have 300 credits! I'm off to the corner shop to buy a lightsaber hilt." I'd like my lightsaber.....THE WHOLE LIGHTSABER.....to be a campaign of its own.
  4. Yeah I feel that running parallel to Canon can be good fun, but the characters cannot effect the existing Canon. Everything that happened in Canon happened. Characters can be part of the movies, helping with the evacuation of Echo Base or flying in the Battle of Endor, but their efforts are part of the action and don't effect the outcome.
  5. 334 Posts 195 Likes = 1.71282051 Hey that does increase my happy! Didn't think I'd be over 0.something.
  6. .....excuse my ludicrous British humour but I just can't talk about Kyber Crystals in Star Wars Force and Destiny without constantly being reminded of this: My favourite Carry On movie. Appropriately called "Carry On Up the Khyber" By the way I posted here because there's no "off topic" in the F&D forum.
  7. Iktotchi are coming in Keeping the Peace! How did I miss that!? Guardian is my favourite career. Plus, the other two races are interesting too.
  8. Well I'm happy gaming with ye olde core set and a few ships. But then I've recently been drawn to Armada so I'll be spending more on that once I've got a Firespray and Lambda.
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