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  1. I'm looking at going Dash leebo with Mangler and an awing blocker.
  2. I have learnt a few times now much to my detriment, in a tournament setting, if they make a mistake it is on them. In a fun or normal game I would totally alow a redo.
  3. The same as my list ive built eccept im using a striker instead of an fo
  4. what are the chances of ffg own Lazer cut template sets? probably the only product they need to make still.
  5. I only buy rebels cause i mostly only play them, and even then ill only bu a ship if. I think i may play it.. So fae ive maby bought 1 ship a wave.. Maby. Also skipped atleast 3 waves completely so far.
  6. I stopped caring about what the meta is and what ships get realesed ive skipped atleast 3 waves of ships cause they just didnt interest me, I play what i find interesting, and enjoy my few lists i enjoy. Makes me a lot happier playing.
  7. his not the only one, guess until they release more ships I'm gonna save some cash again.
  8. I like running double tie/D, but yea fragile. but fun I tend to play super aggressive with them, backstabber and mauler can be fun with two basic Tie/d's.
  9. I definitely like both the list ideas, I totally forgot about Draw their Fire, especially with Jammer.
  10. I really like the U-wing and have been playing around making a list revolving it with two t-70's, as lacklustre is the U-wing is to try make it decent. Poe Dameron (PS8 Version) (38) T-70 X-Wing (31), Black One (1), R5-P9 (3), Veteran Instincts (1), Autothrusters (2) Heff Tobber (31) U-Wing (24), Fire-Control System (2), "Zeb" Orrelios (1), Jyn Erso (2), Pivot Wing (0), Anti-Pursuit Lasers (2) Jess Pava (30) T-70 X-Wing (25), M9-G8 (3), Autothrusters (2) My idea was to run the u-wing as a blocker with Jess while Poe does his thing. My other idea was running Poe with a red squadron and comm relay. I dont have access to the rest of the force awakens pilots yet. I'm completely open to suggestions.
  11. I organised all of mine into a Plano.. but now even that is totally overloaded.. so i basically put everything into Ziploc's and emptied everything into a shoe box except for dials movement dials, etc.. those stay nicely organised like my cards.
  12. last expansion I got was the new defenders, haven't bought anything new since and dont really plan to, I learnt early on I really don't like playing the big ships and like very pacific lists so yea. still enjoy the game. just learnt I dont need to buy everything to have fun.
  13. I've pretty much stopped watching any replays etc that involve u-boats, deja vu all over again. It feels to me that people jsut play them to get the easy tourney wins.
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