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  1. Clone wars shipping October 4th. https://www.facebook.com/groups/swlegionffg/permalink/701991443616717/?app=fbl
  2. Sadly not, more like 6-10 weeks from first listing of on the boat before items arrive. That's why this is funny because everything but the core set and phase 1 clone troopers is shipping.
  3. Some Units now listed as shipping, Clone Troopers Phase 1 and Core box still not listed.
  4. When new units were initially previewed some were put off by the price jumps over previous units. This was sort of explained by FFG transitioning to all hard plastic sprue formats. A few days after it was mentioned that the Phase 2 Clone Troopers ($34.95), the B2 Super Battle Droids ($34.95), and the TX-130 Saber-Class Fight Tank ($59.95) had been incorrectly priced and they would be more inline with previous units. The pages were updated to Phase 2 Clone Troopers ($24.95), the B2 Super Battle Droids ($24.95), and the TX-130 Saber-Class Fight Tank ($49.95). I again checked the pages to see if there were any missed updates and noticed the prices were again changed back to the original pricing. Has there been any mention or announcements of these changes?
  5. And range 2 with 2 dice and droid troopers but they lack the ability to pass the token further.
  6. So there was mention apparently after the break that there are announcements for all factions this year still.
  7. My guess at the new B2 Super Battle Droids. What are your guesses on the announced new units?
  8. So going to throw the Homing Spider Tank out as a potential for the next heavy for CIS. The reason I believe this is the vehicle is Iconic enough and while the model is tall, it should fit inside a reasonable box. There is also alot of open space to the vehicles volume, also looking at the core boxes are for both sides puts the AT-STs right behind Darth Vader and the Homing Spider right behind General Grievous if that is not an indication of what to expect from models for a game I would say poor advertising.
  9. I did mean for it to be a specialist and not a commander so it would still require a commander tax
  10. I can see alot of named Jedi coming out as Commanders or specialist but what I would like to see is junior jedi or apprentices as specialists for all factions, but mostly Clones since the jedi were out in numbers leading that fight.
  11. I had some fun with this list tonight, I normally play a DemSU list. I don't really play with squads or rebels so this is a big change as I have not used ether since wave 0 to any real effect, but walked away with 2 wins tonight. 394/400 Assault Frigate Mk2 - 102 ~General Dodonna ~Flight Controllers ~Boosted Comms Nebulon-B Escort Frigate - 68 ~Flight Commander ~Flight Coordination Team ~Yavaris GR-75 Medium Transport - 42 ~Adar Tallon ~Bomber Command Center ~Boosted Comms ~Bright Hope GR-75 Medium Transport - 26 ~Bomber Command Center CR90 Corvette B - 45 ~Dodonna's Pride Squadrons - 111 ~Jan Ors ~Luke Skywalker ~Wedge Antilles ~YT-1300 ~Y-Wing (x4) So the idea is to grab initiative if possible and get Luke ready for a turn 2 strike using Yavaris to shift 1 and the GR75 with Tallon to re-roll and deactivate Luke, then use Yavaris again turn 2 to shift and double tap with Luke with re-rolls fishing for the critical under General Dodonna. Beginning of next turn double tap with Yavaris and Luke again. The first game was vs and ISD [Vader], Indicator (the tile gives insane re-rolling if an ally is defending btw), Raider, Howl Runner and 3 Tie/F's. The game went well as I managed to pull off a turn 2 and beginning of turn 3 chain of 5 Attacks with Luke on the ISD. The second game was Hyper Space Assault vs Mc30 [Madine], 3 CR90A's (TRC's), GR75(Slicer and Tractor), Tyco, Jan, 3 YT-2400's and a X-Wing. He brought the decked out Mc30 with Admonition in and took Dodonna's ship but was killed inturn by the wall of bomber commands and eventually running out of tokens to discard and Lando. The rest of the game was some peace trading my Yavaris for a CR90 and the gr75. Both were close games. The big take away for waves 3 and 4 for me is that non rogue squads are viable for the first time in the game and are here to stay for the time being.
  12. New to the game bought a lot of ships over the past year never really played just kinda easing into it as a lot of locals play it here. Rexler Brath -Tie/x7 -Juke Colonel Vessery -Tie/x7 -Juke Delta Squad Pilot -Tie/x7 100pts
  13. (25) Admiral Fleet Reserves: If a small based ship of yours is destroyed it can be returned to play with no upgrades at the beginning of your turn 4 in your set up area. (25) Admiral Hyper-support: A single small or medium based ship may be kept in reserve and deploy at 2 of your command ship at the beginning of any of the second players rounds. (35) Admiral All Power: Ships may remove a shield at the beginning of there activation and generate a Command Token of any type. (25) Admiral Critical Hit: When preforming an attack on a ship you may sacrifice an Critical Hit role to flip one face down damage card of your choice on the target face up. (25) Admiral Ordinance: Increase all Black dice pools on ships by 1. (30) Admiral Wing Commander: Ships can activate 2 additional squadrons with Squadron Commands. (35) Admiral Fighter Reserves: One generic fighter of yours that was destroyed last round can be deploy within 2 of this ship. (40) Admiral Flight Instructor: All squadrons reduce damage they take from an attack by 1 to a minimum of 1. (25) Admiral Bombings: Bombers may add an additional blue die to their attack roll if they were activated by a Squadron Command and have not moved. (75) Admiral Bling Support: Increase your Squadron point cap by 75.
  14. So first off great time at the tournament, had a good showing of people from a few hours away. There were 3 Rebel players and 5 Imperial I believe. First Round: 8-2, MOV:196 I was versing a Rebel MC80, and 2 AFM2-B with Wedge and 4 A-Wings with Akbar and various upgrades including Gunnery Teams, Turbo Laser Reroutes, and Home One. He had initiative and gave me first I chose Opening Salvo. We deployed terrain bunched up on one side of the board making him move his conga line toward a very short edge from the middle. From this battle I confirmed AFM2-B with Akbar boast more than enough firepower to remove Raiders whole sale if they get or are given an accuracy. Between my advantage in placements and activation's and the pure charge of the list i managed to get all 3 Glads to his front and block him from moving most of his ships mean while the raiders closed from the side rear. Game ended round 4 with all the rebel ships being destroyed. The score was MOV of 298 due to me losing 2 Raiders, or so I thought until I actually read the mission card that gives him half points on all damaged ships. All my ships other than Demolisher were destroyed or damaged giving him 203.5 vs 400 for a MOV of 196 for a 8-2. Second Round: 9-1, MOV:253 I was pitted against an Imperial running an ISD2 with a lot of upgrades and Tarkin, Demolisher with Shield projectors, and a Raider 1 with Expanded Launchers, Rymer, Tie Advanced, and 2 Fire Spray. Again my opponent had Initiative and gave me first. I selected Contested Outpost which was deployed as close to the corner of his side behind terrain as possible. I Squeezed all of my ships in a rigged forward line just wide enough to fit 4 of them with my Screed Glad following and the third Raider on the other side of debris. I card as fast as possible managing to weather most of his counter Demolisher before destroying it and surrounding his Speed one ISD on the objective with 5 of my ships having short range for the following turn with no where for him to move. This turn he destroyed Demolisher with full health and defenses and a second Glad in one round of shooting. The second thing I learned about wave 2 be ware the front of a cornered ISD2. He was a good sport and turn his Raider back toward the fight for one last Hoo-Rah~ in a gamble to take down Screed and ended to close to one of my Raiders fronts which launched its proto nukes. Game ended with 1 token for him 3 for me, a total of 207 vs 460 for a MOV of 253 a 9-1. Third Round: 5-5, MOV:4 This round my opponent was using Screed on a VSD1 with ACMs, Demolisher with ACMs, and 2 Raider 1s, 6 Fire Sprays, and 2 Jump Masters. We were short on time with less than an hour to fight it out we both were speed rolling and moving. My opponent again had initiative and chose to go first taking Fleet Ambush and deploying his Raiders horizontally running across his side of the board. I charged right for him knocking out his VSD1 but losing 2 Raiders to the Fire Sprays which had taken a good deal of flak over the 3 turns. The game was called for time at this point making it a 106 to 102 for a 5-5. Had the game continued my opponent would have won at least an 8-2 as his Demolisher while hurt, was running away across my back field and my ships were all very damaged and locked in his deadly bomber game my only hope was booking my wounded raider away from the fight to prevent being tabled. As it stood my opponent placed First with a 10, 8, and 5 and I placed Second with 8, 9, and 5. Things Learned: ~Akbar, gunnery teams, home one are alot of dice that hurt... ~ISDs really can lay the pain train down in front ~Fire Spray swarm is something to be feared All and all the tournament was fun and an awesome learning experience and I look forward to playing everyone again in future tournaments and seeing what new crazy ideas come to the meta from wave 2. To all that participated good luck and may the force be with you. The list I was running is here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/194970-tourny-list-400pt-empire-6-ship/
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