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  1. Bojanglez

    New army building app

    i love this app.
  2. Bojanglez

    The “Hondo” operative thread

    Hondo might be my favorite, non-OT character. Much approve of this suggestion!
  3. Bojanglez

    Wich glue do you use?

    me too!
  4. Also a little disappointed with this announcement. This feels like an “okay to have” addiction with some reprinted stats, i would much rather they have gone with some more location books, era guides or adventures. I will buy this (as a completist) but am VERY unlikely to include any of these NPC’s in any of my campaigns. Am hoping that we don’t see any equipment or ship guides, it doesn’t feel like we are lacking for enough stuff to justify a whole book.
  5. Bojanglez

    Why no Rogue One Beginner Game?

    if handled right and done heroically and thematically, i personally think it would be a pretty awesome experience. I could argue that it's the journey and not the arrival. But, each to their own
  6. Bojanglez

    Jar-Jar Binks...Operative

    so long as he fulfills his true destiny, I'm very ok with that.
  7. Bojanglez

    3D Printed Terrain: Buy Or Print It Yourself

    as the proud owner of two Prusa's, I can't say enough good things about them and evangelize on their behalf, but at $1000 it's not exactly an entry-level price-point. They are not as full-featured but my best pal has a CR-10s that he loves, that is about half the cost of a Prusa.
  8. Bojanglez

    3D Printed Terrain: Buy Or Print It Yourself

    i think it might just depend on what you're going to use it for - if you have a set amount of things to print (i.e., you want a Tatooine town for a board) then I would just outsource the work, but if you think you might want to print MORE than just scenery or are unsure of how much you're going to print, might be worth investing $300-500 on an entry level printer to print stuff. then you could also do work for others to cover your costs
  9. Bojanglez

    Chances for Cassian and K2SO

    this, 1000 times this. let each side feel different and unique, not like the mirror image.
  10. Bojanglez

    Now that we have Rogue One...

    I would love for some of the cast of Rebels to be included as there are so many 'easy' inclusions - Kanan, Zeb, Kallus, Sabine (please, leave your hate at the door), Chopper the Sociopath, Ezra, Thrawn.
  11. Bojanglez

    Alt Art: Thrawn

    These are awesome - does Strange Eons have a Legion plug-in or was someone just super talented?
  12. Bojanglez

    Battledroids. How many, how much?

  13. without wanting to be a negative nancy, it's been almost impossible to find a regular game lately and just last week I had a "welp, maybe I should sell my collection thought when I realized I hadn't found a game in almost 2 months".
  14. Bojanglez

    Non-modular play area

    Totally agree about the beauty - and inconvenience - of static boards. Due to lack of time available, my primary playmate and I keep playing 350 pt games on a 3'x3' surface - got some foam last week and cut into 3 different 36" x 36" boards, I plan on making static boards for Tatooine, Hoth and Endor that are much easier to transport depending on whether we are at one of our houses or at our LGS. That said - 6' x 3' boards are a PITA to store and there's certainly a strong argument to be made for modular boards.