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  1. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    one of my group pre-ordered it from FFG so I flicked through it tonight and it's gorgeous. Mine won't be here till 3/3 (oh COME ON, CSI!).
  2. I watched it again last night and feel the same way - it felt like they actually had plenty of time to get out had Kanan not chosen to be heroic, so it feels clumsy on repeat viewings. still pretty awesome TV, however
  3. I'm guessing that, six years on, this hasn't been done yet?
  4. What time periods does everyone play?

    3 months ABY in the campaign I GM, 1 year after in the game I play in.
  5. exactly why it was so powerful. I sat there watching thinking "no way? they're not going to -" but they did.
  6. How is the Roleplaying Mat?

    thanks all - a buddy needed the Resistance Bomber for X-Wing so I bumped my order up that way - maybe I'll get the mat the next time I'm sort of getting free shipping
  7. Yowzer. Anyone else seen last night's 2-parter? Yowzer.
  8. I am short of free shipping and, being the cheap-ass that I am, I would rather buy something I may not need than pay for shipping and was eyeing this as a way of getting to that magical number - it seems like it’s a little gimmicky but thought i would ask the community to see if anyone has one and their opinion of it? thanks!
  9. VTT recommendation

    A pal of mine keeps suggesting we try using Tabletop Simulator (via Steam) which has worked nicely for X-Wing but I have no experience with it personally.
  10. Another Character Generator

    You are awesome, I had no idea it worked like that.
  11. Another Character Generator

    do you where about is it? I'm in the GM Encounter tool and see nothing there that helps, unless you are suggesting I add it as an adversary?
  12. Another Character Generator

    Is there a way of getting a stat block for a Marksman-H combat remote (KtP: 49) from OggDude's awesome tool?
  13. Second-Hand Ship Rules

    this is great! is there a way to add a 'select ship type' instead of having to randomly generate them?
  14. Advice on beating up a YV-929

    Bar of soap in a sock, keep away from the face so you don’t leave bruises.