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  1. It’s been out of stock both online and in stores and (along with the expansion) has been listed as “not available” for a good while - I keep hoping it will be listed as being reprinted but it’s been a while and i was staring to wonder If anyone know if there is active support (and therefore the likelihood of a reprint)? thanks in advance!
  2. so, I'm the only one that read this as "Soap and Prison Fights" and was sort of dreading the content of the thread? gotcha.
  3. This. No disrespect to how anyone is playing their game but yeah, no YT-1300 for me either, not with so many glorious choices available to me.
  4. I’ve always appreciated your reasonableness and generally agree with you on how to not overreact on a forum but when someone posts two consecutive “I’m bored, ergo the game sucks” type threads, I see why it raises the ire of the community. Not enjoying it, Blail? Cool! No need to try and repeatedly bring others down, take a break and play something else. We will be here waiting if you come back.
  5. There's the Imperial Storm Commando homebrew stuff, that what you're after?
  6. Would LOVE to see one of your word docs if you would be willing to share
  7. I believe this was an accidental double-post, there is another thread with more responses
  8. was thinking about it last night and the Krayt's Fang could have a holonet receiver that is tuned to a privately run criminal syndicate that is broadcasting jobs and targets that the players could intercept, enabling them to get with the victims, A-Team style, before the criminals come crawling. ++ Extortion Opportunity: A colonist is opening a new bar in a frontier town on Tynna. Ensure proper protection payments are arranged++ [translates to the players protecting the bar as it nears construction] ++ Kidnapping Opportunity: Imperial informants have noted that the Empire plans on seizing the laboratory and research notes of a scientist on Genassa as his research into an improvement in the standard formula of bacta, the Syndicate wants to get his work first and sell it to the highest bidder. [translates to the PC's beating both the ISB and the syndicate to the punch and rescuing/kidnapping the scientist] ++ Hostage Exchange: Three rebels agents are being held at a syndicate compound on Velmor and the local warlord wants muscle as she attempts to strikes a deal with local Moff++ [translates to the players breaking the rebels out of a makeshift prison] so many possibilities
  9. You might want to consider using the adventure and starting characters from the EotE Beginner set. You could easily tailor the characters to the desired state. so sorry for all the suffering surrounding you and yours, glad you have a healthy release. check your PM's
  10. For the most part all 3 cores are very similar, with the theme/flavor they are geared towards often being the biggest difference between them. Each has it's own variation on how to tie players to a campaign or plot - Obligation/Duty/forget the 3rd - and each has different equipment, races and professions that make them ultimately worth picking up if you like the settings, but all 3 are absolutely compatible. Realistically, unless you plan on mixing and matching types of campaign you could totally make do with just one (in my humble opinion).
  11. Do not want.
  12. I'm another of those who gets excited for and then enjoys each new wave (even Imperials, which I never play) as it brings new potential line-ups for both me AND my opponents, keeping things fresh. I don't play in tournaments (but do play weekly) and the local players here aren't into heavy-meta, so there is a lot of cycling through different ships and tactics. that said - don't love $30 for a small base ship, but if this is an aberration rather than a new business model, I'm still OK with it. new ships! New challenges! Fun!
  13. It's a great entry-level model that will print things at good enough quality to be used in a game edit: both of these were done with a Monoprice Mini select. The figure looks way better in person, the white filament doesn't photo well.
  14. Totally worth the investment