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  1. You might want to try this Facebook group. Good luck!
  2. sorry if this has been asked and answered but I used multiple machines and was wondering if there's a way to install this into Google Drive (or similar) so that I have one single-source that I can use no matter which machine I'm on? thanks in advance!
  3. great answer - I suffer with the same "next campaign" syndrome (but our campaigns rarely end) - how long do your campaigns run?
  4. well, you don't want to spoil EVERYTHING, right?
  5. thank you - what is it that you like about those systems?
  6. As I sit here and look at my extensive RPG collection, I realize that all I have played in the last few years has been EotE, with a minor and related foray into Genesys and I'm starting to get a Traveller itch, but am not sure where I'd get the time to scratch it and it just got me wondering - which other RPG's do you make time to play, and what is it about them that keeps you playing?
  7. Came here expecting spoilers, left mildly disappointed
  8. Was thinking about this over the weekend and would love to do a series of adventures either in a Twilight 2000 for 2020 way or possibly in the aftermath of that as we start getting to the stars. Before I start work on this, I was curious if anyone had done anything like this already that I might be able to use as a jump-off point? thanks in advance!
  9. The whole species went out for coffee.
  10. @Nate another one for the addition pile https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/222231-brief-adventure-module-reviews-ffg-weg-wotc/
  11. Interested to see responses here - i went with a Dragoon pistol on one of my characters because it could be upgrade to a carbine but like the idea of a carbine that could easily be turned into a sniper rifle...
  12. +1 for the Dragoon. Worth the cost and I’m sure you could find an older one that was cheaper because it’s a little persnickety, until someone fixes and upgrades it... My Dug gunslinger also has a Relby-K23 but I’m not near any source material and don’t actually know the cost as I took it from the cold, dead hands of a fallen nemesis.
  13. This. All you need are the dice and ANY of the core rulebooks. Everything else is flavor and coloring and unless you decide to go from the GCW to being hard-core force users, you can always just get by with the core books (in my humble opinion). I should add, this is from the perspective of someone who has ALL the books (and beginner sets). I have read (most of) most of them but none of it has changed the basic game we are playing or how we play it and to suggest that this game is impenetrable because FFG have produce a lot of content is asinine and disingenuous.
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