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  1. Any chance there's an image ofthe DR45 Dragoon carbine/pistol?
  2. All of the fun piloting talents and manoeuvres are not available in silhouette 5, if you want to recreate Millenium Falcon style piloting you want Sil 4.
  3. There's also some stats for one in Cartol's Emporium, they're the version we use in my game. (Not direct link, the guy deserves the traffic.) https://jegergryte.wordpress.com/category/ffg-star-wars-rpg/proposals-projects-and-ideas/cartols-emporium/ Hull Type/Class: Light transport/L4000 Manufacturer: Gallofree Yards, Inc. Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2, Backup: Class 12 Navicomputer: Yes Sensor Range: Short Ship’s Complement: One pilot, one co-pilot/engineer, two gunners Encumbrance Capacity: 270 (140 metric tons)Passenger Capacity: 9 Consumables: Six months Cost/Rarity: $180,000 (new), $80,000 (used)/6 Customization Hard Points: 5 Weapons: One Port and One Starboard Turret Mounted Twin Medium Laser Cannons (Fire Arc: Forward, Port, and Aft or Forward, Starboard, and Aft; Damage 6; Critical Hit 3; Range [Close]; Linked 1). If you're a pilot you want Sil 4 at the most. Not meaning to toot my own horn but there are several maps I built and have up on deviant art for the L4000, a set of 3 based on the ones by WotC and a set of 3 more based on the Uhumele from the Dark Empire comics (the progenitor ship), STILL slowly working on the middle deck though. https://www.deviantart.com/thebalzan/gallery/57299149/maka-eekai-l4000 As per the 410 tonnes that was errated as being 140 for some reason. In any case encumbrance is a lot more fluid as it encompasses storage space, weight allotment and like most things in FFG is a lot more open to interpretation intentionally allowing more freedom.
  4. I'd go the other way merge all the forums into once place, it's evident it's all the one game, no need to segment discussion.
  5. Thank you so so much, I have gone through each book at least 3 times and was going insane!
  6. Hello all, I have a roll20 game I created which I slowly manually entered all of the npcs and creatures into after buying all the books, one such creature the Enormous Space Slug had an error in it, now I've gone through every one of my books trying to find the correct one that secretes this terrifying monster, but for some reason I just cannot find it. Does anyone know whihc book it's in?
  7. I used to play old ADnD when I was a teen and have loved Dungeons and Dragons ever since, from their many editions to their knock off variations including SAGA, it's a robust system for a reason and I bought into the SAGA system heavily. I hated FFG system when I first looked at it, the weird dice, the lack of miniatures the weird classes, that is until I actually played it, and then I never wanted to stop, it quickly became my favourite RPG system. I still play DnD on occasion but my heart beats for this system. I wouldn't say you're wrong, FFG can be better without tokens for the right group, it can also be better with tokens with the right group. It all comes down to how you want to play. True there are no grid rules, for miniature use but the engage/short/medium/long/extreme ranges all work wonders once you're used to them with miniatures still. Some powers do allow you to move characters around the board like move and bind, but their use is intentionally more vague allowing powers to be used in multiple ways instead of 1 set use. Yes there is no Old Republic setting book but most items can be used just as easily without their specific names just a different skin. In my opinion you should give the system a go by playing it before judging it.
  8. I was actually surprised people didn't like this film when I first saw it, I get disliking some of the Marvelesque humour but to me it's the second best Star Wars film and EGA is 100% right about this one.
  9. With enough imagination ANYTHING can be an obligation, it does not need to fall into any of the categories in the books those are merely guides to create an interesting back story to your character.
  10. Could not disagree more. The correct spelling of the word armour is armour. The only country that misspells it is the USA and we should not how down to their war on spelling.
  11. You may want to read the post I was responding to and more importantly to whom... ?
  12. Oh I fully admit to being a freeloader, but would you not want to make life easier for Oggdude if you could?
  13. Poor poor Oggdude there have been several books released, 2 careers (Mystic:Unlimited Power, Warrior: Knights of Fate) and the Dawn of Rebellion, hopefully by the end of the month the last career book will be released too Spy: Cyphers and masks. I believe some have made custom trees that you might be able to steal to expedite the process, I am one of the freeloaders just waiting around unfortunately.
  14. Really appreciate your work, they look amazing. Any chance though of doing a version where you can select the text to easily copy and paste?
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