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  1. Well I enjoy Shadows 🤪
  2. Wizard role maybe, if/when they do Gandalf? The role could be restricted to only Istari?
  3. It would be nice to run a hobbit crew, or dwarf crew. Some new roles would be a nice addition too!
  4. Do not read if you’ve not played this scenario!!!! Ok, on my first campaign, I failed this scenario, but I figured the spy must be the Dwarf. So, onto my second campaign, I figured I’d just go right ahead and accuse the Dwarf on the first turn, sure enough, he was the spy! Somewhat disappointed if he is always the spy, as this puts a significant dent into playability. What are other players experiences?
  5. Moving 4 spaces is pretty nuts anyway!
  6. I’ve played 4 scenarios so far (Aragorn and Elena; lost 1) and I’m enjoying it ok, but there is something missing, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Then I read Julia’s review over on BGG, and she nailed it, it’s the lack of specific LOTR locations on the map tiles. The generic tiles just don’t convey the theme strongly enough (for me). Hopefully this can be rectified when the expansions arrive. Perhaps, deluxe expansions with come with some iconic map locations, I certainly hope so.
  7. These higher chain levels are going to change the value of cards like Gateway to Dis, adding another 3 chains to an already large amount of chains is going to hurt!
  8. I wonder if they will go with a delux expansion, starting the campaign with say, 6 scenarios, followed by 6 small box expansions (with a couple of figures? And some cards) each with its own scenario for the app.
  9. None of these clarification seem controversial to me. 👍
  10. Happy to oblige 👍 I played magic for about 5 minutes, back in the day (1997?) - the CCG format never grabbed me, and I dislike deckbuilding, I also dislike the slavery to the meta, etc etc. So, no not a gateway drug for me. l like LCGs though, Lotr and Arkham.
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