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  1. WGNF911

    White and Black

    Thanks! As the first storm troopers I’ve done, I didn’t weather them so they’d have the fresh look. They were pretty tedious but if I were adding dirt and blast marks, I’dve not spent so much time getting them just so. Thanks again.
  2. WGNF911

    White and Black

    So far these are the only two so yes. They all will be . . . at least all the infantry bubbas.
  3. WGNF911

    My go at Fett

    That was Vallejo fresh blood with an extra layer of gloss just to ensure the blood is extra fresh.
  4. WGNF911

    My go at Fett

    @BigBadAndy 1. Sand top to remove rough surface 2. Brush on ~ 6 layers of gloss black acrylic. Put it on pretty thick with a nice wide flat brush and ensure it dries between coats. You could spray it also. 3. Brush on ~3 layers of gloss varnish with same method. 4. Use masking tape to make straight lines then carefully score along the taped straight edge. Score along straight edge only ~.5mm from tape’s edge. Then carefully remove the black paint line you just scored exposing grey plastic underneath. Repeat for additional lines. 5. Make a stencil with masking tape for the access panel rectangles, score and remove paint as above. I think I made them ~1.5x4mm and that’s my imperial hangar floor method.
  5. Yup, that’s how I took it. He misspoke.
  6. WGNF911

    My go at Fett

    Finally finished him. He’s in a hangar onboard a ship. Enjoy Not sure why stripes showed up on this one.
  7. I agree, Krennic is awesome! Describe your eye painting technique please. Eyes are hard!
  8. WGNF911

    My go at Fett

    Just the base left and yes, I know the Mythosaur is supposed to be just on his left shoulder. Just wanted to give it a try.
  9. WGNF911

    My go at Fett

    Alllmmmoost there
  10. WGNF911

    My go at Fett

    Thanks y’all! He will get dirtied up in the near future. I’ll update probably this weekend.
  11. WGNF911

    My go at Fett

    WIP He needs a lot of “weathering”
  12. Punisher One(s) Forgot to mention that I got the inspiration from a guy doing an X-wing repaint.
  13. WGNF911

    Scouts Out!

    Finished! Scouts on patrol.
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