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  1. WGNF911

    c5alinas shipyard

    How'd you get the tiny x-wings? That's impressive . . . most impressive.
  2. Been awhile. Here's a recent commission Thanks for the kind words @Anarcha0s
  3. WGNF911

    c5alinas shipyard

    I like it, especially that rebel scum transport debris. A perfect method for stars on your terrain bases: take white paint and dab a toothbrush in it, then pull your thumb back along the bristle tips with your subject in the spray area and voila! you have pretty points of light on your terrain bases. You can see an example of this on the base of the gauntlet on my last posting in My Go at Tiny Spaceships
  4. WGNF911

    c5alinas shipyard

    I wanna see your stuff but the mycloud links aren’t working. I am sad ?
  5. WGNF911

    Official Rules Responses

    Rules Question: If you have a leader assigned to a mission, can they be "pulled" from that mission (either pre or post reveal) by special timing action card. For example: Darth Vader is assigned to a mission, the rebel scum attempt to rescue a captured leader and are successful, can I then action Vader with his "It's your Destiny" card to capture one of the rescuers? I assume that if Vader was post mission and in the same system as the rescue that there would be no problem actioning him; but, if Vader had already completed his assigned mission in another system and the rescue occurs, would he be "actionable"? Thanks in advance for the response and I look forward to the Clone Wars version. -W Answer: Hello W, I’m glad you’re enjoying the game! Once a leader is assigned to a mission, they are stuck on that mission until the resolve it or the round ends. You cannot optionally pull a leader from a mission. For the “It is your destiny” card, Vader would need to already be in the system that contains the captured leader. I often times leave Vader in my leader pool so that I can send him to oppose a capture mission (he’ll then be in the system and able to use this action card). I hope this answers your question! - Corey Konieczka VP of Research & Design Fantasy Flight Games
  6. @Drasnighta I finally did you up a Night Brother Gauntlet.
  7. It’s been awhile Defenders!!! Which color do you like best?
  8. WGNF911

    My Custom black Raider

    Very nice. The details on the solar panels look great. My only recommendation is to dry brush it with a med-dark grey (Dawnstone is what GW recommends). The problem with black is you loose all the model details (launchers, panels, etc) unless the light hits it just right. So, the artist has to artificially highlight those pieces. You can dry brush or layer. I also like your painted base. Good job.
  9. WGNF911

    Armada Is Dead!

  10. WGNF911

    Squadrons soft nerf

    I really like these ideas. First would be easy to implement via errata but the second would a bit more difficult. Additionally, making point defense universal would be another easy errata. I’ve always wondered why a ship would ignore firing on an immediate threat. WWII footage of naval combat certainly didn’t suggest that’s what happened. Every ship could man every gun. So, to counterbalance all this squad nerfing, add a repair action such that during squadron activation, when in contact with a friendly ship, it may repair one HP. A ship cannot repair more squadrons during a round than its squadron value. For example, a squad can move or shoot or repair if self-activating or repair/move, move/shoot, or repair/shoot if ship-activating/rogue. An ISD2 with EHB could repair a total of 5 squadrons per round. Just my 2 cents. Peace, out.
  11. I wear nitrile gloves during and after washing the subjects. They protect your hands from the harsh chemicals whilst washing and keep oils off the subject while painting. I’m bare skin during the prewash activities (trimming, modding, etc). You can get a box of 100, thin (5 mil) gloves for ~$8. https://m.harborfreight.com/5-mil-nitrile-powder-free-gloves-100-pc-large-68497.html?utm_referrer=direct%2Fnot provided Nitrile is preferred because they don’t react (ie melt) with harsh chemicals and they won’t provoke allergic responses, both of which are issues with latex. Your tiny ships are looking great.
  12. WGNF911

    FFG poll! Vote Armada up!

    No Twitter here either. Could the poll be skewed… maybe?
  13. WGNF911

    Some LED work

    Great work and I like the light box better for what it’s worth. Like you said, it puts the focus on the ship.