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  1. Punisher One(s) Forgot to mention that I got the inspiration from a guy doing an X-wing repaint.
  2. WGNF911

    Scouts Out!

    Finished! Scouts on patrol.
  3. WGNF911

    Scouts Out!

    Almost done. Just have the bases left.
  4. WGNF911


    I haven’t used one yet but I have plans. I’m going to use contact sheets for larger items and painters/masking tape for smaller items. The contact sheet should make it easier to cut through with an xacto (aka sword of exact zero). That’s my plan … it briefs well.
  5. We play at The Deep on Tuesday evenings. It’s been sparse lately due to work schedules but there’s almost always someone there. @CaribbeanNinja, sorry to hear about your FLGS.
  6. I did something more than two years a in my thread: I documented a repaint of a GSD. Scroll down and you’ll see it. It’s on page 3 BTW.
  7. WGNF911

    Question regarding painting miniatures details

    1. Brace your painting hand to the hand holding the model and make small movements with just the fingers holding the brush. I usually hold the brush and the subject with index and thumb on each hand. Then my ring and pinky fingers on the brush hand are touching some part of the subject hand. This makes two hands one. 2. DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH! Instead, focus on maintaining a rhythmic breath cycle so that there are a good 4-5 seconds for each inhale and another 4-5 for each exhale. Your muscles require oxygen to work properly and holding your breath is counterproductive. I promise you that you will have to focus on your breathing, I still do. 3. Get a magnifying headset so you can see the detail up close. 4. Back paint the spots where you go out of the lines. 5. Stay away from caffeine. 6. Relax
  8. WGNF911

    Scouts Out!

    Good stuff. Thanks for the link.
  9. WGNF911

    Scouts Out!

    As a former Cavalry Scout I can say no self respecting scout would have been on Endor without the appropriate camouflage. Here are my WIPs. The color/concept test. Trying to emulate MultiCam. I think there will be 10 colors total in the final product not including washes and varnish. Final coloration. I have painted a lot of Armada and some Xwing but not a lot of soldiers. These are still WIP (obviously on the bikes) with washes, highlights, and weathering still to be done. I got some inspiration from episode 3 Kashyyk clones and US Army MultiCam schemes. I think the bikes will be the base dark brown with some green the scouts painted on themselves to help blend the standard speederbike. Armor will varnish in flat with visor in satin and bike flat also.
  10. They say those asteroids and debris fields are haunted by ghosts … phantoms.
  11. WGNF911

    c5alinas shipyard

    How'd you get the tiny x-wings? That's impressive . . . most impressive.
  12. Been awhile. Here's a recent commission Thanks for the kind words @Anarcha0s
  13. WGNF911

    c5alinas shipyard

    I like it, especially that rebel scum transport debris. A perfect method for stars on your terrain bases: take white paint and dab a toothbrush in it, then pull your thumb back along the bristle tips with your subject in the spray area and voila! you have pretty points of light on your terrain bases. You can see an example of this on the base of the gauntlet on my last posting in My Go at Tiny Spaceships
  14. WGNF911

    c5alinas shipyard

    I wanna see your stuff but the mycloud links aren’t working. I am sad ?