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  1. Encountered something similar today on the false grail. We decided that since it's a restricting item (makes you lose or ditch something, keeps you from doing something, etc.) much like a cursed object, you must meet the specifics of its requirements. You shouldn't be able to just willy nilly turn it into gold as this defeats the purpose of encountering it. (or any cursed objects/people for that matter) In this case you have to take it to the castle before you can take on another quest, though you can, if you have the Alchemist as a follower, turn it into gold when you reach the castle.
  2. Playing today and just kinda wondered how others deal with "giving up" craft and strength points on warlock quests. To be honest, you can't really just give up smarts. (well... depending on who you voted for I guess) I mean you could in reality by say huffing paint. And strength maybe by simply sitting on your butt and letting muscles atrophy. But gamewise, how can you just discard an intangible point? Now if I have an object which adds to the total like a sword or bauble, I can see ditching it being an option. Maybe a follower if you're say Magus (such as today) or the Gladiator. In the past we've just discarded the token without debate, but I'm beginning to think that's maybe not the best advanced play approach. Thoughts?
  3. Nah. It just shows how many of you are wrong. And that a third of the group are insane ;-b
  4. It was slow when I was playing, but haven't been playing that long so I just figured it was my connection
  5. ...or maybe this will come with additional cards for the corner expansions. But that price mark seems a little low for that
  6. What I see is a game which could play out much longer in that, "post Harbinger", this is the way the regions might end up looking. So this could be considered a natural progression. But should you play the normal game until the apocalypse and then start using this board? And could that mean new versions of corner expansions? As to card decks... as Jake suggested, that's a lot of cards (we've all invested in) to suddenly toss and essentially no longer use. Can't see them risking pissing off that big a fanbase.
  7. Actually I have, earlier. (the day/night example) But as with me, evidence to the contrary doesn't change your opinion of the soundness of your argument.
  8. Cool. Thanks. There's a site I've found which prints one-off decks in linen stock, if you ever feel the need. I'm debating having them run a deck of character cards so they'll be more durable. Kind of like the arkham horror series
  9. Talisman is a very random game where a lot of good or a lot of crap can happen to you. I'm surprised you have a problem with the scenario you mention. I'm well aware of the random, that's the whole game in fact. The problem is when you say I'm not counted as having a turn just because I spent one doing nothing. That's a double penalty.Just because you don't get to do anything during a turn does not mean you didn't have the turn. "Miss" in this instance, is a misnomer. You still have a turn, you just don't get to do anything during it. Tempus fugit
  10. But a "round" is made up of "turns". And if you don't count those turns, missed or not, then you're not even acknowledging the passage of time. So then, if I'm stuck in the swamp as a toad, it's a missed turn do DO anything, but not a missed turn as a toad so I'm double penalized and have to take ANOTHER turn as a toad?? That's nuts! That's like saying if I'm suddenly somehow granted an additional turn while a toad, I now have to TAKE an additional turn AS a toad. Which is actually counter to what you just said the rules imply, even though it's entirely the opposite of your additional turn theory.
  11. sorry dude, just don't know this character story. but I do have a question. are you printing real cards using genuine card stock, or just prototyping with simple desktop work? I'm debating ordering a series from one print house I've found.
  12. That wasn't for you, Rigmaster. That was for the "no turn exists" crowd who now play games at different timeframes because someone missed a turn and so ceased to be in this moment but are now X seconds (or minutes) behind the rest of the universe. And to go with that player 1, 2, 3 example from earlier... how can you even count the missed turns IF THEY DON'T EXIST ON YOUR TIMELINE OF TURNS?!?! "Did I miss one turn or two?" "I don't know, since you apparently stopped existing for a brief moment."
  13. I gotta say, you do some great work on these. Do you print them on real card stock?
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