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  1. I do wish they’d release something for this game. I’ve been eagerly awaiting new content. Plus, being their own IP, figured it would be a no brainer.
  2. I believe you get more than 4 characters also, so party composition can add to replay ability
  3. This is why I got into Genesys, and the possibility of the Arkham Horror setting.
  4. North America Canada — Kamloops, BC — eowarion USA — Little Rock, AR — Kaosoe USA — Maricopa, AZ — Hutchback USA — San Francisco, CA — verdantsf USA — Dunnellon, FL — ESP77 USA — Jacksonville, FL — Hawkwerd USA — Overland Park, KS — GrumpyBatman USA — Wichita, KS — Simon Retold USA — Lexington, KY — RAPigeon USA — Waldorf, MD — Bobus X USA — Pine City, MN — Gandalf9700 USA — Andover, MN — TheSapient USA — Rochester, MN — JDKain USA — Ramsey, MN — Zszree USA — Kansas City, MO — TheSourceHD USA — Kansas City, MO — Jedifish USA — St. Louis, MO — Gilbur USA — Heidelberg, MS — ObiWanBilbo USA — Omaha, NE -- Captain Kent USA — Brooklyn, NY -- Yeti1069 USA — Cleveland, OH — c__beck USA — Ashland, OR — lecudas USA — Darlington, SC — Kakita Shijin USA — Lockhart, TX — DrainSmith USA — Princeton, TX — BlamedCat (CST, UTC-0600) USA — San Antonio, TX — ArtWend (CST, UTC-0600) USA — San Antonio, TX — sillywilly4 USA — Orem, UT — SwivelDiscourse USA — Newport News, VA — Ahrimon USA — Woodbridge, VA — Fanggrip USA — Poulsbo, WA— Lyinggod USA — Seattle, WA — Noldorian Europe CET (GMT + 1 November - March, GMT + 2 April - October) Austria — Vienna — Klort France — Auvergne — WolfRider Germany — Düsseldorf — DarthDude Germany — Mannheim — Mehsaa Germany — Munich — JohnChildermass Germany — Ratisbon (Regensburg) — FeBommel Germany — Stuttgart — Siabrac Norway — Oslo region — Morridini Italy — Rimini - Lord_Lele UK — England - West Midlands - Martinslair Oceania Australia — Sydney, NSW (GMT +10 May to September, +11 October to April) - endersai Australia — Geelong, Vic (GMT +10 May to September, +11 October to April)— Richardbuxton Australia — Adelaide, SA (GMT +9.5 May to September, +10.5 October to April)— RagingJim Australia — Adelaide, SA (GMT +9.5 May to September, +10.5 October to April)— tafattel Australia — Radelaide, SA (GMT +9.5 May to September, +10.5 October to April) - just_chris Australia — Radelaide, SA (GMT +9.5 May to September, +10.5 October to April) -Kavemank
  5. I believe they will have unique cards in the future, we're just dealing with overlap with the core boxes right now. I kinda wish that didn't need to get another trooper box to get grappling hooks and impact grenades since I bought two cores, but I bought the Snowtroopers so I'm good anyway.
  6. Is the revised core something you’d want coming back to the game? I’ve got 3 of the first core
  7. My wife is into pottery. She's developing a Cthulhu-esque canonic jar design for the chaos "bag."
  8. Now for the "lack of randomness" complaints about the app...bag or app, still a fun game.
  9. I do play the RPG as well, Those duplicates could be characters. Good point.
  10. I got lucky and got some IA expansions on closeout and I'm going to sell off what I don't need. I'm getting into skirmish though, so I'm not sure if duplicates of some of these packs are going to do me any good. I'm still pretty new to the game. So, I've got at least one duplicate of each of the following, will I wish I didn't sell these as I build lists later? Are there any I'd want more than two packs of? Core Set Rebel Saboteurs IG-88 Chewbacca (xpost /r/ImperialAssaultTMG)
  11. I'm in San Antonio but I'll swing by Roll2play in Denton when I'm on business, I'd bet they have games going. madness is huge too, they probably have games.
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