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  1. I would give Blount xx23 s-thread tracers. You will move in formation, get focuses on your ships, fire with blount and aquire lock with all the ships. Also I would put VI on him. Btw: does munition failsafe work on blount, since he always hits?
  2. I like this setup: https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel%20Alliance&d=v3!s!155:36,-1,-1,-1,38,93:-1:13:;47:-1,135,75:3:-1:;32:72:-1:15:&sn=Unnamed%20Squadron
  3. Hey, I am playing simmilar list: Vader: VI,EU, TIE/x1,ATC Miniswarm: 3x Black squadron, Crack shot 1x Howlrunner, Crack shot I do believe that stealth device will not help U as much as U think. So far I played several games againts IGs, TLTs, new advanced prototypes with ordenance. What have all in common is to have reliable shooting. It is common for those ships to score 3 hits (4 in case of IG), so U will be loosing SD quickly. Another think is that U R protecting 12 points ship, which is not wort protecting. I believe that U lack bit of punch. If I had not have crackshot with my ties, I would not be able to hurt those IGs.. 3 green dice, good action economy and U have 2 red dice with no rerols.. If I were U, I would try to mix in named pilots such as: wampa, omega leader, backstabber, howlrunner, etc Final thought.. I like predator on Vader.. Mine is underperforming. He ussualy scores 0-1 hits and I do not have rerols (apart from howlrunner), but I just dont want to cut into swarm points.
  4. Hey guys, I have just found out about Vassal and that I can actually play x-wing on it. Could you recommend me some kind of league or tournament that is still open for registration? Thanks guys
  5. Hey guys, I have got mini - report for you. I have played 3 games on local tournament with this list: Vader: - Engine upgrade - Veteran instincts - Proton rockets - Title -Advanced targeting computer Howlrunner 2x Black squadron tie with crack shot 1x Obsidian 1. Game: Dual agressors (B and C). Both had: crack shot, HLC, FCS, Glitterstim, AT I brought 3 biggest asteroids I could have, since I am capable to avoid them. I tried to make minefield in the middle of board, so the IGs will have less space to maneuver. I have deployed my ties in the left corner with Vader hiding behind them. My opponent deployed in the middle of his zone.. I guess to get his options open. My plan was to circle around asteroids and lure those IGs in. I successfully did so few turns later when my opponent got inpatient and tried to catch me. Since this moment every turn was at least one IG hitting the roid or facing wrong direction... I have anticipated his moves, so I have turned all my ties and vader towards one of his IGs. Unfortunately his dice was on fire.. both Vader and Howlrunner scored 2 hits, but both attacks were evaded. Then the HLC IG shot.. 4 natural hits, I rolled 1 evade = black squadron dead. At least my Obsidian managed to put one damage through. Next round was very similar. I got to good position, but Vader's and Howlrunner's attacks were evaded. This time IG shot Howlrunner.. 4 hits, 0 evades, Howlrunner is dead. During next few rounds we have danced in the asteroid field. Almost every turn I had advantage in position having at least two ships in range 1. During this time I was able to strip one IG from shields (other one lost 2 shields from landing on roids). Our game was quickly approaching the end when my opponent used glitterstim after executing segnor's loop. I sensed opportunity and blocked him one turn later with my tie and blasted him to pieces with Vaders proton rockets. With 6 mins left I had vader and obsidian left, so I was up in points. Unfortunately second IG one shotted my tie the very next round.. I had evade token, but rolled focus and two blanks against 2 hits and 2 crits. In the last 3-4 turn I was shooting last IG with Vader in order to strip his last 2 shields and win on points, but did not manage to get through his defence dice. Loss, I scored 50, he scored 62 pts. 2. Game: Major Rhymer: advanced proton torpedoes, advanced homing missiles, PTL, extra munitions Captain Yorr with Vader Tetran Cowall: PTL and AT?? not sure here This game was pretty fast. I made my opponent believe that I am after his shuttle when I was flying towards it in the first 2 turns. He tried to flank me with his interceptor, but unfortunately for him, I expected him to do that. I have turned my ties towards Tetran, who had nowhere to run. Combined fire from my ties killed him (had to use all of my crack shots.. but who cares, right?) Meanwhile my Vader flanked his lambda. I knew that I have upper hand, so I used my prockets and killed Lambda in 3 turns of fire. During this time was Rhymer able to kill howlrunner and obsidian.. advanced proton torpedoes did 5 wounds each time (which is to be expected). I was left with 2 blacks and Vader with no shields. My opponent tried to maneuver as best as he can, but at the end I killed him. Win I scored 100, he score 31pts 3. Game: Poe Dameron + R2‑D2 + Veteran Instincts + Autothrusters Gold Squadron Pilot + R3‑A2 + Twin Laser Turret Gold Squadron Pilot + Twin Laser Turret Bandit Squadron Pilot Almost Paul Heavers list, but he had no btl, so he can shoot in 360 arc. I was confident that I could win this one. My ties shoot before his PS2 ships, I have re-rolls and good action economy. We have setup both of our forces facing each other on the left side of the board. I placed Vader in the middle of the board, in order to come from flank. I have estimated my moves in order to come to range 1 to those tlts by turn 2. My opponent was flying in tight formation and slowly inching forward. That gave my Vader freedom to do what he wants. In turn 2 I came with my ties to range 1 from all of his ships. He angled his poe at my Vader, who was coming from flank. After the movement, both Poe and Vader were looking at each other at range 1. I was forced to make a decision.. I could have barrel rolled and boosted out of Poes arc or I could get focus in order to fire prockets at Poe. If I will roll and boost, I will get to TLT range of both Y wings. I have calculated the risks and decided to stay and fire at poe. He had 4 dice with no rerolls, I had 3 defence dice, so I expected to loose max 2 shields. I used proton rockets, 5 hits and Poe rolled 1 evade and 1 blank... nice But then he returned fire.. 2 hits, 2 crits...oh my... I picked up the dice and rolled one focus and two blanks. I had to use focus to at least mitigate 1 dmg. Crti that I drew was direct hit... Then he realized that I am also in arc of his z-95. 1 hit, 3 blank evades and Vader is dead. My black squadron pilot gets mad and scores 2 hits on Poe. He evades one of them, I use crack shot and poe is dead. Well at least we exchanged Ace for an Ace. Rest of my ties focus one of the Y-wings dealing 4 dmg to it. Then it is TLT time.. my opponent is rolling at least two hits every time, I am rolling like crap, so Howli is dead again. In the next 3 turns I try to follow his wounded Y wing, but I am rolling lot of blanks. After 3 turns I down wounded Y-wing, but his z-95 kills one of my tie fighters. I am left with 2 tie fighters.. we continue to play for like 20-25 mins, but I am only able to inflict few more wounds on bot Ywing and z-95. He is eventually able to kill both of my ties with tlt (he is smart and he mixes his moves from 1 straight to 3 banks or even 2 red turns) Loss, I score 62 points, he scored 100pts Biggest disappointment was the third game. I should have played it safe and move my Vader out of Poes acr.. I know. Flying the list: oh man I love flying this list.. it is fast, maneuverable and it can even arc dodge. I am satisfied with my flying performance. I was able to block important ships, get into range 1 easily and I did not land on a roid Damage output: well.. what to say If you roll below average even slightly, you are going to have a bad time. Without proton rockets on Vader I wont be able to score lot of points.. Vader himself is also not a biggest dmg dealer. I have mostly rolled only one hit and then added 1 crit from ATC and thats not much. Overall conclusion: I like the list even though it did not perform as well as I expected. My dice failed me big time, but even when they did I managed to score decent points (I ended up in the middle of score list) I will continue to fly this list to get more consistent and statistically balanced results. BUT I NEED to consider another dmg dealing ship in order to put out serious dmg.. my Vader costs 38 pts.. so far, I thought about Whisper with VI, ACD, FCS Do you guys have any suggestions on which ship could replace Vader? Should I consider replacing him? Thanks
  6. I have also tried two deltas with ions, but instead of Vader I have added Maarek Stele. 2 x Delta squadron pilots, ion cannon 33pts Maarek Stele 34 - outmanuevre - title - advanced targeting computer - advanced homing missiles Total 100 You can swap advanced homing missiles for anothe rupgrades.. I play them for funzies but they are good. Deltas ion somebody, I crit them with maarek and choose nice crit for defender.. Double dmg, blinded pilot, etc...
  7. http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic%20Empire&d=v3!s!22:27,73:23:3:U.124;180:153:-1:-1:;187:140,-1:-1:-1:;152:18:-1:-1: How about this? All ships get ptl.. even Vader(lock focus evade?) if positioned well. Epsilon leader will then clear stress from all ships..
  8. Thanks guys for your input. I also believe that VI is good upgrade, but I think that I can read my oponnet well enought to replace it with something else. After your advice I will be trying two builds: http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic%20Empire&d=v3!s!12:140:-1:-1:;12:140:-1:-1:;12:140:-1:-1:;18:140:-1:-1:;22:152,-1:23:3:U.124 and second one will use lonewolf instead of juke. I have to test if I am able to stay with vader at range 2 plus from my tie fighters. I will also try omegas, but I fear that 3 ties do not bring enough attack dice.. But they will be pretty durable http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic%20Empire&d=v3!s!22:98,-1:23:3:U.124;182:140,153:-1:-1:;182:140,153:-1:-1:;182:140,153:-1:-1:
  9. Hey guys, I would like to know your opinion on two new versions of my list. So far, I have been running 5 Obsidian tie fighters and vader. I have played several games with them and was satisfied with their performace. However I did find myself in a bit of pickle when facing 3+ defence dice ships. Therefore I came up with these two lists: 1) Alpha strike build Pros: Vader has engine upgrade, so he becomes better arc dodger Vader has proton rockets (I know, that with Advanced targeting computer and range 1 he throws 3 dice + 1c. But throwing 5 dice with rerolls is statistically so much better) Ties have Crack shot - evades mittigation Cons: Proton rockets are one use only upgrade Crack shot is one use only upgrade https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic%20Empire&d=v3!s!12:140:-1:-1:;12:140:-1:-1:;12:140:-1:-1:;12:140:-1:-1:;22:57,73:23:3:U.124 2) Long term fighting build Pros: Vader has stealth device, so he is better protected (especially againts TLT lists) Ties have Juke - evades mittigation Juke is reusable ability Cons: Vader is less mobile (no EU) Vader lost proton rockets Juke - I feel like I need several ships firing at defender, so the first shots force defender to use his focus https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic%20Empire&d=v3!s!12:152:-1:-1:;12:152:-1:-1:;12:152:-1:-1:;12:152:-1:-1:;22:57,-1:23:1:U.124 So what do you guys think? Has anyone tried flying simmilar builds? I would like to test both builds, but unfortunatelly I do not have too much time at my hands.. so theory x-wing it is Thanks for your input PS: I know that carnor jax would be awsome with juking ties, but he is very fragile
  10. Hey Rasseman, if you want to have fun, you can try adding cluster missles. You will have to drop backstabber, but it is fun as hell You will shoot twice and worst case scenario is to deal 2x two hits
  11. I can only support this opinion. I have been flying two lambdas pas few games and sometimes it is pain in the *** to manuevre them.
  12. Hey guys, I have played few games so far and decided to propose few changes. I have found out that in Round 1 and Round 2 is my list performing very well. Problem comes with round 3.. my opponent ussually has ships with high piloting skill or he has swarm. My interceptors with ps 6-7 are awesome, but I was forced to move first in more games than I would love to. Thats why I have decided to add Soontir fel.. with his PS 9. Concerning the swarm problem, I am proposing two alternatives for 120 lists (thats where I had problems with swarms). I feel like variant 2 is better, since I make my ships harder to kill and I maintain good number of shots per round. However, I so far do only own 1 shuttle, so any feedback from you guys will be appreciated, before I go and buy another one Thanks a lot! Jan Round 1: 58/60 points Tie Phantom - Echo PS6 (37) Advanced cloaking device Fire-control system Veteran instincts Lambda-class shuttle - Omricon Group Pilot (21) Round 2: 90/90 points Tie Phantom - Echo PS6 (37) Advanced cloaking device Fire-control system Veteran instincts Tie Interceptor - Soontir Fel (32) Autothrusters Push the limit Lambda-class shuttle - Omricon Group Pilot PS2 (24) Round 3: 120/120 points Alternative 1 This alternative brings heavy hitting, but very fast and elusive ships with 20 hitpoints and 13 attack dice. Tie Phantom - Echo PS6 (37) Advanced cloaking device Fire-control system Veteran instincts Tie Interceptor - Soontir Fel (32) Autothrusters Push the limit Tie Interceptor - Royal guard pilot PS6 (27) Autothrusters Push the limit Lambda-class shuttle - Omricon Group Pilot (24) Darth Vader Round 3: 120/120 points Alternative 2 This alternative makes my heavy hitters more deffensive and the list is more robust with 27 hitpoints and 13 attack dice. Tie Phantom - Echo PS6 (37) Advanced cloaking device Fire-control system Veteran instincts Recon specialist Tie Interceptor - Soontir Fel (32) Autothrusters Push the limit Stealth Device Lambda-class shuttle - Omricon Group Pilot (24) Darth Vader Lambda-class shuttle - Omricon Group Pilot (24)
  13. Hi everyone, I am preparing for my first x-wing tournament and I would like to share my escalation list with you. Round 1: 60/60 points Tie Phantom - Whisper PS7 (39) Advanced cloaking device Fire-control system Veteran instincts Lambda-class shuttle - Omricon Group Pilot (21) Round 2: 90/90 points Tie Phantom - Whisper PS7 (39) Advanced cloaking device Fire-control system Veteran instincts Tie Interceptor - Royal guard pilot PS6 (27) Autothrusters Push the limit Lambda-class shuttle - Omricon Group Pilot PS2 (24) Darth Vader Round 3: 120/120 points Tie Phantom - Whisper PS7 (39) Advanced cloaking device Fire-control system Veteran instincts Tie Interceptor - Royal guard pilot PS6 (27) Autothrusters Push the limit Tie Interceptor - Thurr Phennir PS7 (30) Autothrusters Push the limit Lambda-class shuttle - Omricon Group Pilot (24) Darth Vader I know that 150 points list is missing, but this particullar tournament will be played with 60/90/120 lists only. If I were to add 30 points worth of stuff, I would add another shuttle and ugrades. Dream is to go aggressive with phantom and interceptors. They will strip shield with hight PS so Vader can assign crit to them. And even if I do not want to use Vader, I still end up with 3 attack, 5 shield and 5 hull ship that is dirty cheap. So what do you guys think?
  14. Hey guys, thanks a lot for your ideas. I have played 3 games with this list today and it performed very well. But I still made few modifications. Ten Numb needs more manuverability, so I gave him Advanced sensors and Engine upgrade. Y-wing performed well and btl-a4 upgrade is awsome. I would like to try out my Y-wing with autoblaster to make it even more deadlier. Finally, I have switched Cracken for A-wing.. mainly out of curiosity, since I have never fielded A-wing. Blount did so well that I just can not make changes to him. Ten Numb ( B-wing) PS8 Mangler cannon Advance sensors Engine upgrade Lieutenant Blount (z-95) PS6 Ion Pulse MissilesGreen squadron pilot (A-wing) PS3 Chardaan RefitGold Squadron Pilot (Y-wing) BTL-A4 R2 Astromech Autoblaster turret
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