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  1. Trying to get my head around the 'management phase' in RITR. Going to paraphrase a bit: 1. I attack a planet and win - as a result I can utilize one of the upgrade slots available from that planet or one I already own. e.g I have access to 30 points of fighters. I purchase my 30 points of fighters which occurs in point 3 of the management phase (pg 17) - 'Gain Rewards'. 2. I follow the steps in the management phase to and get to Refit and Expand Fleets (point 5) which takes me to page 18 - the first paragraph says I can add or remove forces and equip upgrades and the fleet cannot exceed 250 points. Under the heading Add or Remove Forces the rules are explained. I purchase my 30 points of fighters at point 3 of the management phase Pg 17 but don't add them to my fleet until the add or remove forces section of Pg 18. At which time I can elect to remove upgrades and purchase other upgrades.. Now for the question... are the two steps Gain Rewards and Add Remove Forces mutually exclusive? Is there a hidden intent (or obvious intent which I am missing) which allows points gained from Gain Rewards to be used in conjunction with points gained from 'selling' upgrades in the Add or Remove Forces? (assuming all other restrictions are adhere to and points not exceeded.) Thanks DC
  2. Hello Taqwa - i tried this list at a small tournament yesterday.. i did drop the third Gr75 with Honda and took Shara instead. Played against two rebel lists - won both games. Second game destroyed his fleet of MC80 and 2 Cr90’s by turn 4 - he had a few squadrons as well.. also I swapped ECM for EWS and found this worked really well against my first opponent who was really squadron heavy. I came second overall on tournament points.. thanks for the build! Regards DC
  3. Hello Dras - not sure how many times I've posted on this forum - not many! I'm from sunny South Australia - just wanted to let you know when our club is having a game and need a rule clarified - first thing we do is look for a post from you on the subject. Lots of respect for what you do for the forum and the game. Your positive attitude does make a difference.. just sayin' regards DC
  4. Could someone clarify how i spend defence tokens... A ship fires at my ship at medium range - I have an evade, brace and re-direct. Rules say in spend defence token step i can spend one or more defence tokens. My opponent roles a hit and an accuracy - i have a redirect, brace and evade. He accuracies my redirect. I elect to use my evade to make him re-roll the hit. He re-rolls and gets 2 hits!! Can i now spend my brace to reduce the damage to 1? Or has the spend defence token step already finished? Thanks DC
  5. Yeah this has been a problem for a while. Its working for me. But all of the missing cards in the standard and compact versions make this hard to use atm. Found out it's an error when viewing on my iPad works fine on the pc All I get is the search page as well, on iPad and PC. Any ideas? I have the same problem - just get the search page and nothing else..
  6. Yes, they are. They have the little black dot on their Card, in front of their name. They are all unique. Missed that :-) .. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for all the work on this - often use to create random fleets for fun games.. just wondering - with Corellian Conflict, should rogue one xwing squadrons be unique? Same for the imperial counterparts? Regards DC
  8. There has been some information about pirates etc in Ep VII.. I also have a magazine from 1981 with leaks about 'Revenge of the Jedi' which involved the last surviving Jedi linking up with a pirate fleet led by Han Solo and attacking the Empire just as the Rebellion was about to fall... the title and the story were dropped.. some of the recent leaks about Ep VII suggest this might be part of the plot.. Short story a Pirate Fleet is possible/probable they certainly have the funds to buy/build large ships..
  9. I read the Dondonna's Pride card as a card effect.. In the Attack Phase step 3 - Modify Dice - The attacker can resolve any effects that modify the dice. This include card effects etc.. Isnt cancelling all the dice for a single face up damage card modifying the dice? If I roll a crit and two hits and elect to cancel all dice to get the crit isn't that modifying the dice? regards DCG
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