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  1. Ezra (Sheathipede), R3A2, Tactician, Snap Shot. Hmm...
  2. I've been watching Fair Ship Rebels go down hard locally to massive bombing. I would expect a bomb build to make the top. Nym struggles with TLTs. I'd expect a Y-Miranda-Y or a Y-Nym-Y to win.
  3. Store Championship this past weekend, unusual top 8. Champion: Iain Hamp with 4 Bombers, unguided rockets, LW frames, 3 had seismic + Wampa Runner Up: Julian Horvath: Standard 4 ship rebel Biggs build. (Only rebel in the cut - we had a LOT of Biggs builds with poor records) 3/4th Another bomber build: TLT aggressor, 3 bombers with LW and Unguided, Wampa 3 Scurgg build with deadeye and missiles. The rest of the top 8 was Imperial Aces Decimator + Quickdraw Dengar/Nym Nym, Torkul, Genesis Red No Mindlinks, no Fenn Rau.
  4. About my third or fourth date with a girl, she told me she had wanted to be an artist when she was younger and enjoyed painting. I asked her if she ever painted miniatures, she said no. I showed her some of my Warhammer figures. She made suggestions on how to paint them. We had several very nice dates painting "dudes" together (her word for my miniatures). I'd go out to play games with my friends or in her words, "The nerd herd." 20 years later, we don't paint anymore, and I play X-Wing instead of Warhammer. She never took up gaming, but she still calls my friends my nerd herd and wishes me luck when I go out of state for a tournament. Been married to her since 99. I never needed her to play, but she understands that I enjoy it. That's really what matters. Whether it is Yoga, or X-Wing, or romantic movies; if they are the right person, they will be okay with what you like. If they don't, then they weren't. As for my co-workers, my fellow staff and students ask me how I did at out of state tournaments. Be yourself. No one else can be that.
  5. I will be trying this out tonight. Will change the seismic to thermal for personal preference and swap the pulse ray shield for the gyro turret and get back to you. Great job, I love this list.
  6. You forgot, "But, Biggs..." LOL.. no you didn't. Missed it.
  7. Imperial Outpost Games in Phoenix is Aug 5th
  8. I enjoy Ryad and her versatility, but PS5 PTL Ryad loses to a lot of ships despite her green K-Turns. I've enjoyed Ryad with Adaptability or VI as she doesn't need PTL to complete wreck mirror-Ryads. That said, I also really enjoy Vessery and Stele a lot more than Ryad. I've had great luck with Vessery, Stele, OL or Vessery, Stele, Inquisitor.
  9. With respect, easily the first list. The second list is very squishy without the Emperor to back up the interceptors. Inquisitor and VI Vessery go together so well it is ridiculous. Almost any other ship can be put with those two and be very effective. I wouldn't pick Soontir as that ship without the Emperor and with BMST now a thing.
  10. I thought it would allow for a normal attack and then not let you attack for the rest of the round. Instead you get one attack, at range one only, with only two dice, that you can't modify. Thanks for nothing. I'll stick with crackshot. nevermind
  11. My first question I ask is always, "Do I know exactly why I chose this upgrade/pilot?" I find over-upgrading with no reason is a big issue. My second question is, "What will I do against..." and I make a plan (tournament play) for the 'big' lists of the day. Right now, Dengaroo, scout/bus, palp aces, defenders.
  12. I love the HWK. Palob makes a great support ship by himself. That said, without the TLT's the HWK lacks some of the killing power. A TLT hwk with feedback array is quite a fun support ship (2 nice shots at r2 and r3 or punish the ace that arc dodged.
  13. Part of the problem as I see it, is the two lists are not the same at all. Jump masters cry to crack swarms. A 6 tie Howl led crack swarm will reliably kill one scout before it shoots and the 3 green dice give you a chance of surviving the return volley. It isn't that much work to burn a second one down, and then your remaining ties dual with a 2 attack die ship. Dengaroo is different, it reliably smokes one tie and countermeasures denies you that first engagement turn burn down. Plus Dengar fires first. He reliably kills Howlrunner and one other tie before you get your first, umm, crack at him. I like defenders, bro bots, or other hard hitting, fast moving ships for Dengaroo. Anything that can prevent Manaroo from escaping (and she is tricky) while avoiding some of Dengar's damage and surviving is a good play.
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