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  1. Hey, I'm new too and am from PGH. Send me a message sometime!
  2. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/C9TBuP6p3R4 Starting now between Ryan Fleming (Soontir / TIE Mini-swarm) and Josh Davidson (IG88B / TLT Y-Wings)
  3. Hey guys, Here is the livestream of the final round of our winter tournament #2 at Drawbridge Games in Pgh PA. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/C9TBuP6p3R4
  4. I just won a 14 person store championship with Luke, Leia, 3p0, Gideon on a diplomatic mission, and two elite echoes. Rebels definitely feel like the stronger competitive side. Top four were all rebels, and three featured the wonder twins. The other had double eEchoes, two rookies, and a eRebel sab. The difference for me was the eEchoes. I killed two sets of wonder twins because they just tanked so much. They also survived the wookie onslaught due to their defense and range. They also hit harder. Overall, I can't stress how good the eEchoes are. Additionally, Leia is the most OP card in the game. She should be the first inclusion for any rebel build. Game changer
  5. Thinking about the same thing for store championships but with HLC instead. Curious to hear opinions as well.
  6. What about B/C crack, hlc, fcs, autothrusters, and gliterstim? Thinking about this for store championship. Should be able to take out an ace in one turn (fel, corran). My local meta is two TLTs, one ace rebels. I had been planning on running imp aces/palpmobile, but stress kills them so fast, and we have tons of stressors. With brobots, they can still function with gliterstim and the B gunnery/fcs gimmicks to survive a turn or two stressed.
  7. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/C9TBuP6p3R4 Here is the live stream of our second winter kit tournament final table at Drawbridge Games in Pittsburgh PA.
  8. PTL + BB-8 is supperior. 2-3 actions per turn with the ability to crash into someone you don't want to shoot to avoid being shot by them is pretty solid. I would however drop the Engine Upgrade. You lose mobility, but I think it is too expensive for a trick that is mitigated by PWTs/TLTs. Just the pre movement roll is already pretty good. You know you can't boost or barrel roll into someone,right?
  9. Magdemire and Icanpelegood- are you guys available at all? I haven't heard from either of you.
  10. Any Pod 4 players want to try to schedule something?
  11. I'm free starting tonight for pod four fun!
  12. Hey guys, here is the live stream of the final table at Drawbridge Games in Pittsburgh PA. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/C9TBuP6p3R4
  13. Hey guys, here is the live stream of the final table at Drawbridge Games in Pittsburgh PA. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/C9TBuP6p3R4
  14. would like to see your's because me and my wife disigned it Search a thread for "the Dark Star" from a month or so ago. Pics are on there. It's a good design though;)
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