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  1. It was only 5 people, but I wanted to talk about competing in this game, and about the 24 creature deck that won it. i wasn’t sure if I would like the competition in this game, and I’m still not, but it was fun. I will give it more than one more try before making my decision. I’m sure at bigger events, and down the road, I’ll see more dominating combos, but I still want to see how chains work. So that’s what I got on Competition. Please share your thoughts. Now.... 24 creatures in a deck. Houses were BROBNAR!!!!, Mars, and shadows. No bait and switch, but plenty of ways to steal my amber. His brobnar dominated the board state, and his Mars was super efficient. My deck normally handles the board well, but I couldn’t keep up. Once he had his creatures out, I was thinking.... he is only cycling through so many action cards(creatures minus whatever artifact/“enchantment” cards he had). Such an effective deck. I’m sure board wipe decks/direct amber decks would be good. But it was fun to see how a 24 creature deck would work. Great experience
  2. Out of curiosity, what is the reason for wanting this deck?
  3. From what I’ve heard, the colors will matter in future expansions. One of my friends uses kids toys as keys when we play
  4. As long as you are playing the creature, it can be any house
  5. Yes. You ready the creature. Then, you fight. If no creatures are available to fight, then the card is done and you have a readied creature. If it’s legal at that point to reap with the creature (no cards saying you can’t, it’s the active house, or you have a card that lets you use the creature even thought it’s not the active house) then you are free to reap
  6. Yes, as long as it’s the active house or you have a card, artifact, or creature that would allow it to reap
  7. You can use your dice as counters, as long as each individual die counts as one counter
  8. If I draw them and don’t have a way to archive them right away, I can’t use them because I have no way to bring them back. I have three in the deck, and with epic quest, that’s 4 of my 12 sanctum cards. And if I play against a deck that can control the battle lines well, my logos creatures don’t stay on the board long enough to archive the artifacts. So I either have to hold on to them and be patient, or hope I’m good with only 8 sanctum cards to pull off epic quest
  9. Like I said, I want to try it again. With the three sanctum artifacts I have to hold/archive to pull off epic quest. Untamed in that deck is meh. I still want to learn from that deck, but it will probably sit after that
  10. Not sure yet. Initial impressions of one is weak, but I have a theory on how to make it work. It would require patience and luck. Both of which I don’t have much of in games the deck is “Wilton of Tillycube”
  11. Yah, but some angles are more acute than others....
  12. I think there will be some dudes if they don’t have good amber generators and completely lack a way to stall your opponents amber generation
  13. It seems to me this game is easy to learn(if you’ve played magic or another modern card game) but harder to master. I say harder to master, because a lot of habits need to be unlearned. With any card created being possible to show up, and the win condition being different, and sometimes not knowing your own deck, you have to learn trends instead of specific decks. If you open a sealed deck for the first time, you need to know how to play it on the spot, and recognize what it can be weak to. I think that will be the difference between those who win more often than those who don’t. I’ve been learning when to be patient and think ahead, and when to play aggressive.
  14. I’m extremely new to this game. Ditched X-wing when they announced 2.0. Been out of the gaming world for a while after that. With the win condition being amber/keys, and 3 houses per deck with different strengths, it seems there are many viable ways to win without a lot of creatures. If you play against a brobnar/sanctum deck, you creature will struggle to be your amber engine. Shadow and untamed seem to have a lot of direct amber gaining cards that don’t need creatures. If they have creature/artifact control, they can win without creatures
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