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  1. Maybe a sideboard that is triggered by visiting a specific location by choice for solving a mystery. Use Arkham as an example you trigger a device and move to an Arkham sideboard with an eldritch token on each location ,encounter the locations to gain a token to advance the mystery when its solved send everyone back to the main board. The board would be used sporadically but timing would be important and the time and distance issues disappear as you are all on the same scale. This is a rough and ready outline that I am sure someone could improve on.
  2. It is best to regard increases from assets as bonus stats and you can only have one apply at a time the reason being some can only be used if certain conditions are met eg during a combat, when stats are increased and a token is used this can be used in every test.
  3. Lesson number 110 never sell a boardgame you may need it to buy back a kidney
  4. This now seems to have gone off the uk site one point of interest though is that the price was £39.95 as compared to $39.95 here on FFG.
  5. It feels like this boat is also carrying toxic waste and keeps getting turned away from port.
  6. With YS though you get the associated mystery to solve otherwise an epic monster blocking Arkham that doesn't solve a mystery when killed.
  7. Yes, just use the prelude in every game. Maybe you meant to ask "Could I use the adventure cards every game, but without the prelude that calls for them, as a way to drop difficulty?" In terms of official rules: No. You use the components when the game tells you to do so. Although you're free to use anything, anytime you like, as a houserule. Exactly that thanks , I don't win a lot but I like to stay within the official rules because I can see myself in the future with the houserule- if you open the box you defeat the AO
  8. Could I use the adventure cards every game as a way to drop difficulty?
  9. Omen of Devastation says that an investigator that closes a gate that corresponds to the current omen track can spend 1 clue to put one eldritch token on the card.​ I didn't have the clue when I closed the gate but a follow on test in the same encounter gave me a clue.
  10. If i close a gate and as part of the same other world encounter i gain a clue can i use that clue to advance the mystery or is the gate considered closed and finished with before I get the clue?
  11. I use all 4 boxes the two smaller ones I keep the AOs and their respective packs together these 2 boxes than go in the MoM box along with a bag for monster tokens and the investigators. I don't think everything would fit in one box but in any case it would be a temporary solution as the next big box expansion is on its way so bear that in mind when looking for solutions. Sorry for not being very helpful.
  12. This is how I got my copy it cost me about £25 in total to be sent to France, I can't remember who I bought it off though, be sure to check all the shipping rates as there are some big variations.
  13. This seems like it should be a rare situation so it wouldn't seem too overpowered and for simplicity to select a location.
  14. I would take it literally lore replaces str so str-3 becomes lore-3 but I am sure more experienced players can confirm or deny this.
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