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  1. My punchout tokens came out awful. Most of the damage tokens, and a good amount of my credit tokens slid in half when I was putting m in containers. As in there are now more tokens than before, but they are thinner, and the backside is raw cardboard. it’s playable, but disappointing that it happened at all
  2. I recently picked up Mansions of Madness, Second edition. Then I rapidly picked up everything else for it. If a D3E were to be released, I sincerely hope that they would follow that model; however unlikely that would be considering that while a little clunky Rtl is fine. D2E Will not be going anywhere until the original mechanics of the game no longer represent a better experience in comparison to its peers. Such an event would be loathe to come, but I would be profoundly excited to see a game blow descent out of the water enough to make ffg reevaluate their library.
  3. While amazingly fantastic, (I read the whole thimg just now) It's missing something that probably deserves its own table, and that would be Seeds of Corruption alternate maps. I am very happy to know that the only reason that isn't in the book, is beacause it was written prior to the release, but had yet to be formatted.
  4. I play by myself, and I'd say the fastest I've been is an hour and a half. Average I'd say is 2 hours. This doesn't include set up time before starting.
  5. This is from the RtL bug report.
  6. I feel like this would work pretty good being swapped out when transferring to act 2.
  7. I don't really have this problem, but at the same time, people praise me for the simple act of reading aloud. And then tell me what I should do with my life, like go on the radio or narrate audio books. (Also, FFG, I am 100% sure that I am cheaper than Patrick Stewart, so feel free to hire me.)
  8. Agreed. Seeds of Corruption is easily the most "RPG" of all the campaigns descent has had yet. And it feels good. I just want to know how we can go up from here.
  9. 1.This is after defeating the mirror self changelings in the verminous finale, text bug occurs concerning the name of the hero who receives XP. 2. The list should have 51b, not 52b. On the Oliver (2nd) Finale.
  10. Woah. That was amazing. I played one full campaign of SoC by myself. Encountered Mirklace. Tristayne, Verminous, And Eliza as Enemies. Rylan as an Ally. Finished at Legendary(54). It's real easy to get Fame in this one. Of the story quests that I played, Labyrinth of Ruin, The Trollfens, and Lair of the Wyrm created alternate map set ups. There were a lot more puzzles. Relics are stupid common. Reynhart as Champion equipped with Spirited Scythe is really good. Lots of advantage there.
  11. During "Seeds of Corruption" the trade city action in Nerekhall. I do not own the Blood Purse or Dark Star Pendant relics. However, they are on the list anyways. Also, Bug in Smash and Grab, when making a check to see how much health the wraith has left, instead of the second option, there is the date: 1/6/2016
  12. I assume it'd be all 4 Lieutenants from the Shadow of Nerekhall campaign. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2013/11/7/from-darkness/ Only half of the lieutenants from the base campaign show up in Rise of Fire though, so it's not necessarily all of them. So far, (Story Quest 2) it just seems like Rylan Olliven. Verminous hasn't actually been in any combat situations yet.
  13. I'll be playing non-stop, so I may end up being the first to find out. However, there are 3 alternate versions of this campaign, depending on who you choose at the beginning. I think we should name these paths after the influence tokens, blue, purple, yellow.
  14. I'm in the first quest, and I gotta say. "This is really ******' cool". Doing Grey Ker - Wildlander, Reynhart - Champion, Avric - Bard. Also, clear a lot of room for this first map, its kinda large.
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