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  1. hum an interesting take on an inquisitor in any other universe a character portrayed like that would most likely be just some run of the mill thug that would later turn out to be a traitor but here it looks like he might very well be the protagonist of the story which i think is a cool way to let the audience see the world of 40k
  2. So i have just finished the latest book in the laundry files, a series that is a mix of H.P lovecraft, James bond, and the offices. One of the tools they use are warrant cards, badges that compel obedience from anyone who has sworn an oath to serve the government be they military, police officers or bureaucratic civil servants. This got me wondering could a Rosette be used like that, could you imbue it with a reflection of the emperor's light, or some other sanction psychic power that would either compel obedience or at least put it authenticity beyond question. I know that it's "your story" so you can put it in if you want but i was just wondering if it would be lore breaking and how far out it would be from the 40k theme. thank you for your thoughts
  3. Nice i love the logical approach you used.
  4. well there is always Halo of command (core rule book) followed by Inspiring Aura (enemies beyond).
  5. On page 322-323 the map of Askellon doesn't seem to show any definite location of the Pandemonium but does seem to have several illustrations that could be interpreted as being representative of it. Coupled with the fact that the Pandemonium is said to have "sentient" like qualities I would guess this is intended to let the GM use the Pandemonium in any way they see fit in the game.
  6. This has been a lot of great feedback thank you everyone.
  7. I see your point the reason i made it so extreme is that he took all the damage at once. the NPC rolled a 1 to hit him with a laslock, he rolled foreboding to avoid it rolled an 83 fate pointed and rolled an 88, i rolled 93 on the PP table and he rolled 43 on PW table which is Psychic mirror he then rolled 1d10+5 E damage for a total of 13 - 2 for his T bonus this brought him down to 0 wounds, after that I rolled damage for the Laslock and rolled a 10 for a total of 14 damage to the head. so all that happening i kind of felt i couldn't just let him off with a couple scars and call it good. funnily enough we are also in running desolation of the dead, this happened in the fleshing pits, and i was thinking about giving the group a choice once there out of the Mortuarius of spending a day finding a reputable medical facility or using Cog Lostok. I'm also making it so everyone has to take a fear (1) test when they first see his face which at this point is mostly just burnt skull or fear (2) if he's using warp perception.
  8. So due to a set of bad rolls the psyker in the groupe end up taking 11 E crit damage too his head. seeing as he had fate points and desired to burn one to stay alive i ruled that instead of losing his head completely he would have his face was burned away meaning he lost his eyes, ears, noses, and mouth. So mechanically he's suffering deafness, blindness, 12 points of permanent Fel damage (I had him roll 2d10), and he can not speak. This isn't quite as debilitating as it sound as he has Warp perception and i will let him used that to "see" the world around him with the draw back the if anyone looks into his eye sockets well he use it the will be at risk of taking corruption points as there looking into the warp. So i guess my question is does this sound fair, should i inflict less penalties or more, i was thinking of having him take Toughness test to be able to breath/move. how have you handle this situation before.
  9. If you want to have your players a little more on their toes... do not reset those precious little FP. Give them their full set at the start of the game, and tell them that this is likely to be it until you as the GM decides that the current mission/adventure/whateverYOUcallit is over. In my group, this has lead to the people thinking twice and thrice before using one, usually safing them up for "the final". Some ended up with FP they never used in the whole adventure, and after a while they got cautious about judging how important success in a given situation is. Of course, that is not everbodies cup of tea. Sounds fun but my guys are new to dark heresy so ill think ill go easy on them. but maybe in the future.
  10. Hum ya i think that is what im going to do other wies it seems kind of useless
  11. When I first read the description of the talent i got impression that it let me clear a jammed weapon as a half action with no test needed and in the games i have been in that has been the same conclusion everyone else had. when i went back and looked at it closer however it would seem to imply that it only lets me try to unjam it reduced to a half action. have i had it wrong before now or am i just reading to much into it.
  12. It's an interesting idea for sure i might end up trying several ways of doing it and just see what works best for my players and me.
  13. So I start GMing my first game sunday and i had an idea to change around the way fate points are handle. The way it's set up now encourages shorter sessions for the simple fact that the players get to refresh their points regardless of how much progress they have made, i'm not saying my players will abuse this it's just what it does. I have also just come off of playing WFRP and that created a whole different problem in that the value of fate points would veary, for example if the party was traveling the days passed quickly and so fate points would be refreshed multiply times in a single sessions and could be used a lot more freely. If on the other hand we were dungeon crawling we could go into the next session before we got to rest and i found this inconsistency to be rather off putting. My plan to deal with this is to set up something a kin to checkpoints in the plot where after my players a complete a section of the story i reset their fate points. Now for my actual question i'm starting out with desolation of the dead what would be some good places to put these points. I'm thinking as they enter the Fayne Mortuariud, as they enter Gantry,the zombie attack on Gantry, the start of the journey down the sump river, and right before the boss fight begins. plus a secret one where if they rp praying to the emperor. .
  14. I guess as a general thought there are 57 forbidden lore specialisations before you even get to specific Xenos lores that is a lot to cover. I suppose the best way to handle a player who wanted to take some of the more esoteric lore would be to just work with the gm to make them relevant and what they would cover but that would leave a lot of interpretation to the gm.
  15. RAW states that for every common lore and scholastic lore there is a forbidden lore specialisation. Now some of these are straightforward enough like forbidden lore occult (SL) or forbidden lore Imperium (CL) but others i can't think of any use for like forbidden lore Bureaucracy (SL) what would this cover. heretical filing cabinets, sanity shattering index card, a blasphemous version of the dewey decimal system? i don't know, has anyone ever taken or had a player take one of these forbidden lore if so did you ever use it and what did it look like.
  16. Heretech have you seen some of those arch magos they got more attachments and doodads then you can shake a mechadendrite at.
  17. Hello everyone this is my first time posting and i have a few questions regarding items found in the cybernetic section and instead of several post i figured i would just lump them all together here 1 Do best quality subskin and cranial armor get the +1 AP as best quality armor from the protective gear section would? 2 Would the 1AP from a good quality bionic heart stack with the subskin armor as well as the worn armor? 3 Would the sprint talent from a good quality bionic heart stack with the sprint talent from a good quality set of bionic legs, what would that look like? 4 Does the bionic respiratory system stack with the respiratory filter implant 5 How do synthmuscle and bionic limbs interact would I still get the +10 strength from best quality bionic arms and unnatural strength 1 from the synthmuscle? 6 Could I get bionic eyes, baleful eyes, and an augur array all on the same character? 7 If I got four of bionic legs could i get the quadruped trait? 8 If I had four bionic arms could i use four one-handed weapons (with two-weapon wielder talent) or two two-handed (with two-weapon wielder talent)? How many of these could i could i hook up to a MIU if they'er ballistic weapons
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