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  1. @Ziusdra I understand what you're getting at but I don't really agree that it would do anything to increase diversity. Any game with this level of complexity is gonna have it's winners and losers in terms of cards/ships. Math nerds ruin everything. Upon release the optimal combination of pilot and ship will be discovered and will remained paired until the new hotness comes along and usurps either the pilot or the ship. I could even make a case that it might make things worse. Imagine if we get another JM5K in terms of balance in our theoretical 2.0. At that point the only good pilots will be the ones that could pilot this theoretical monster. It might seem bad that some ships are only ever used because of their pilots but it's better than the alternative of simply not being used at all because they offer nothing unique and some other ship is mathematically better. They could tie unique abilities to ships, it's already the path they're taking currently with titles, but that's yet another layer of added complexity to consider for combos with a dozen different pilot abilities. I stand by my statement that you'd haft to make the abilities basic. A lot of pilot skills would range from useless, competitive, to down right broken based solely on the platform you put it on. It'd be difficult to attach a point cost as the value you receive out of it would vary to a greater degree than what we have with our current upgrades. I understand that you could limit what ships a pilot can operate, but that opens up a few other issues as well. One being that older pilots cards would become obsolete as the game progressed and new ships came out, they'd have to constantly update the roster of ships they can pilot. That or they could just leave them with whatever they had innately, but that could lead to them getting phased out by newer pilots anyway. If Xwing 2.0 was a closed system that didn't constantly add new ships and mechanics I'd think better of pilot cards. As the idea sits currently it just seems like they'd either A) Be a glorified new upgrade slot with basic bonuses . B) Make the natural power creep and imbalances worse than they've ever been before.
  2. I don't think the people supporting the separate pilots idea have thought it through very well. Think about how many balance issues came about from an unforeseen combination of upgrade cards and pilot abilities. Now consider that a lot of the pilot abilities have more powerful and complex interactions than any single upgrade. The only way you could manage this without making the testing stage even more of a nightmare than it is currently is to make the pilot abilities purposely bland and basic. No more interesting and unique abilities like Palob's token thievery or Corran's doubletap. You'd be trading unique game mechanics for the superficial flavor of moving your pilots to different ships. Alternatively you'd just be destroying the balance of this game beyond any level it's ever seen before. If they're already having issues with balance than adding even more complex interactions seems like a surefire way to cause the game to implode. It's not impossible, it's just the trade offs for doing it are far inferior IMO to what we have currently. I like most the other ideas however. I never considered dropping PS before but that seems like an interesting idea. Not sure if the PS interactions have always been all that positive that they'd be worth keeping in a 2.0. At least simplify it a bit into a hand full of levels like Rookie, Experienced, Veteran, Ace. Rookie would be for discount pilots, experienced for upgraded generics, veteran for the majority of the named pilots, and of course ace as the highest tier should be rare and only for a handful of the best pilots on each faction. If such a change was made I'd change VI to only raise the level to a max of veteran making the ace skill level truly special and valued.
  3. BomberGob

    Vaksai (News)

    I think it's more like a sticky bomb that could go off at any time damaging nearby ships. Guess we'll see.
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    Well with that line of reasoning and for sake of discussion couldn't you just make a ship like the current HWK without the option for secondary weapons? I always thought the HWK should have options that gave it more support/control abilities in return for giving up it's turret slot and any hope it had of offensive firepower. It'd follow the theme of Scum and Rebels support HWKs and would make em into something other than yet another TLT carrier. All though Palob with Jam, Cloaking, and Vizargo would probably be **** to play against. As for the Silencer getting it, that seems unlikely. The ship practically screams Ace material and they could use some love right now. Jam dosen't strike me as a very ace like ability, not that I can't see it getting some form of stress induction just probably more based off an attack or positioning.
  5. Based off how other games have made the transition I'd say the easiest way would be faction decks. Say for around $20 give or take you get all the updated pilot and upgrade cards for your preferred faction. Neutral cards would probably be given out in a new starter box along with any new tokens or dice they decide to change. Personally I'd be okay with new dice as I think accuracy and damage should be separate rolls, they could just add a new type of die to use along side the current die so all our old ones don't become obsolete.
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    They were kinda already in a decline before the JM5k came out let alone the Shadowcaster/Fang. They can still do good against some list but have enough bad match ups to make them not that great of a option in a tournament setting. Low PS and low health(for the cost) combined with an ever increasing amount of ace hate and alpha damage has kinda screwed them with power creep.
  7. Is a counter for bombs really necessary when they're only seeing play with one(possibly 2 or 3 next wave) ship combos? I mean currently we only see them with Sabine & Kwings and basically nothing else. We might end up seeing Nym as he can kinda do the same thing as a Kwing, if only a bit less effective. Rebel Nym might also see some play as he can basically create no-fly zones on call. Currently on their own merits bombs kinda suck and have sucked for a long time, it's only the supporting abilities of Nym, Sabine, or Adv.Slam that make them good. It stands to reason that if bombs become a real issue that you weaken these cards instead of making the bombs suck even more than they currently do for every other ship. That being said, I could get behind some ace specific upgrade against non-attack auto damage if it was introduced at the same time as new bombs/upgrades that actually mattered against high health targets. Maybe something that rolls extra red die based off of health? Mod - 2 points - Heavy Payload Bombs dropped by this ship roll 1 extra red die for damage for every 3 maximum health above 3. So basically bombs don't get any better or worse against the low health targets they're already good against but can now actually pose a threat to something like a Caster or Deci. If bombs are no longer so useless against high health targets I think it'd be perfectly fine to give the low health arc dodgers some more counter play cards against them.
  8. I'm actually kinda sad they didn't take the opportunity to give S&V Krrsantan as a cross faction ship the same way they did Nym. It'd make sense, both factions basically trade 1 ship, they even mention him in the Wookie Gunship article. I'm theory crafting that this either means that A) It was in the works but something came up balance wise, I can't think of anything off hand but crew is one of S&V's better slots so maybe it brought up complications. Or B) They planned to release Krrsantan as a pilot for another ship(Ark Angel) in an upcoming wave. I think it's a safe bet that we'll be getting comic ships for Scum if nothing else pretty soon, we've already seen comic material used in IA with 0-0-0 and BT. I hope my assumptions are correct, I love the comics.
  9. Okay first off you could be crying that Soontir Fel should have a unique title that adds 5 green/red die for 1 point an at least one or two jackoffs are gonna agree with you. Just because you have a following of sheep doesn't make your argument any better or worse, it just means you can baaah together which is exactly the case with the constant whining in off topic threads that this forum has devolved into thanks to you and your fellow herd mentality friends. Also apparently you didn't know that Sabine added a bomb slot as you specifically mentioned it as an advantage that Cad had over Sabine, this brings into question whether you actually bother to read or study cards beyond your own preferred faction and why you would bother commenting on something you haven't even read. Once again, we don't need to theory craft or debate on the Scurrgs bombing potential. It drops its bombs out the rear just like everyone else(except that one guy..), if bombs were difficult to use before than this ship has nothing to change that fact beyond the 2 pilots abilities that you somehow think are inferior to the generic. Yes, Asajj is a great pilot/ship. What's your point? That it's good? No ****. If you're trying to prove it's op you gotta give examples of how it's clearly better than the other top competitive builds of the other 2 factions. For example the JM5K is Op because it has some of the best manoeuvrability via it's amazing dial, great damage via torpedoes/Dengar+Title, and good defenses by virtue of being a highly mobile PWT with a stack of tokens. The JM5K has no major weaknesses and it's cheap enough that you can often fit 2 other ships while maintaining necessary upgrades. It has basically no major flaws or weaknesses that can be exploited and is currently the only ship IMO that can boast that claim. Compare that to the Shadowcaster that 1. Lacks meaningful damage, it's attack is about as bog standard as you can get with 3 red die and no special modifcations which becomes a real down side when you consider... 2. The cost, the cheapest generic Shadowcaster cost 33 points, that's the same price as the JM5K's most elite pilot Dengar. What this means is you're shoehorned into either running a 2 ship list or running 3 ships with barely any upgrades. This downside plays perfectly into number one, having low damage in a 2 ship list is a major weakness. 3. Middling PS, Ketsu can reach 9 but she's doesn't combo with Latts and thus isn't the premier build. The arguably best pilot fails to reach the magical number 9. 4. A mobile arc is not the same as a PWT, no matter how much you try to play it off. A PWT has no possibility for error beyond range, that's a significant advantage. Whether the enemy over shot your arc prediction or you turned it towards an enemy you thought would need the extra firepower to bring down but didn't, there are plenty of ways to lose your shot that a PWT will never need to worry about. These are the major disadvantages that make a good ship fair. All the op ships of the past were ships that managed to remain nigh untouchable while still dishing out the pain. This is not the case with the Shadowcaster, it can choose to be defensive or offensive, but not both at once due to it being build specific. So Fenn is the number one ace, does that automatically make him broken? Does he have effective counters in the meta? Yes? Than how is he broken? Soontir Fel was the top ace and imperial competitive ship for **** near 8 freaking waves. Was Soontir broken? Soontir for the longest time defined the meta simply by the fact that the majority of ships couldn't even touch him, can you claim the same for Fenn in the current meta? If i go back through your old post will I see you actively seeking for a Soontir nerf as voraciously as you pursue the nerf for Fenn, gods know there was a hell of a lot more supporting data for that case. I somehow doubt it, and that's the crux of it. You don't really care about actual balance, your true motivation is obvious by your commentary. You've mentioned the nerfs that Imperials received several times despite them having little to nothing to do with the current balance of S&V. All that matters to you is your favorite faction got hit with the nerf bat and you want to take it out on the current reigning faction. Screw suggesting actually improvements for the game, let's just whine about the other guys. I don't disregard your argument because you disagree, I disregard it because it makes no comparisons of data, you just state your opinion of how strong it is without actually developing any real comparison to support your opinion and then ignore when people like Vander or Fickle provide you actual data or side by side comparisons to demonstrate it's effectiveness in the current meta game.
  10. There is a significant difference between good and OP, if you're gonna make the claim that the Protectorate and the Caster are OP you better make a **** good argument. Something like the old Phantom, Fat han, or the more recent Torpedo Boats were OP because they had such a drastic effect on the meta that you had to bring direct counters to have any chance, S&V's other ships hardly fall under that category. You could possibly loosely count Fenn, but he's still an ace and dies to the usual ace hate or a bad roll of the green die. Not to mention that every faction currently has something that's just as good in it's own way. If I come off as condescending this is why, it's hard to take you seriously when you make such bold claims with little to no argument or evidence to back them. Oh in case you forgot, Sabine adds a bomb slot as well, cost the same as Cad, and while Cad gives bombs reliable damage Sabine gives bombs guaranteed damage. Sabine is better in every single aspect than Cad and yet you think he needs a nerf, why? The only argument to be had is that Cad can ride inside the JM5k, but once again we all agree that the JM5K should be nerfed so it's silly to balance things around it, plus while annoying I seriously doubt it will replace torpedoes for the JM5K. As for it's comparison to the Punisher...just don't. We all know they screwed up making the Punisher. I'll tell you the same thing I told the other guy, balancing a card around another card that you already know to be broken is stupid. It serves absolutely no purpose and just means you have 2 ships that never see play instead of 1 making it so you have ever more things to go back and fix. Yet another reason I have a hard time taking you seriously, you want ships to be made DOA for seemingly no other reason that inter-faction spite. For the K-wing....how many times do you need the same points reiterated to you and by how many different people? The EPT one of the few things the Scurrg has going for it over the K-wing. The attack is a fair trade off, 3 red die in arc vs 2 red die in a pwt. If you're bombing a target than unless your name is Deathrain you likely don't have them in arc, a built in turret is more than a fair trade for 1 less red die when it comes to bombers if nothing else. And for the rest of your argument, is it really an argument? You blabber on about how useful bombs are but I'm wondering what that has to do with the argument that the Scurrg is a better bomber when they both have the exact same amount of bomb slots and can both use the new Bomblet, you know it's not unique to S&V right? As for the actual use of bombs without the use of SLAM, we don't need to theory craft, it's a known quantity. Bombs have been around for a long, long time, but how often did you honestly see them before the K-wing came along? Maybe a Seismic charge here or there to fill in points but they definitely weren't common and it's not hard to figure out why, they're easily dodged, situational, one shot only upgrades with questionable reliability. The effort in using them was rarely worth the results, simple as that. The Bomblet fixes one problem, but it changes none of the other aforementioned problems. Now I honestly think Nym is probably gonna be the only Scurrg we actually see just because with his ability, PS, and genius he can reliably put those bombs where you want them. We might also see Rebel Nym as his ability to make any bomb into a remote mine could prove to be extremely useful(Kinda Jealous). With that being said he's the only one that even compares to a bog standard K-wing with Adv.Slam, the K-wing is still the strictly better bomber overall. SLAM is just that good. I'm not entirely sure how long the development for each wave is but I do know they're working on several at once in various stages of development to maintain a constant release schedule. In all likelihood this thing could of been in the early stages of development back when Aces were freaking everywhere and people wanted more reliable counters. You act as if FFG just thinks these waves up in a month and releases them the day after, it's not like they can just drop their entire release schedule every time someone wants to act like a petulant child because they feel their preferred plastic toy ships aren't as love as the other guys plastic toy ships.
  11. My tone is due to half the threads and replies devolving into *Wah Wah Scum*Insert scuminess here* is bad!* when the entire problem is because of a single broken ship, the JM5K. I think at this point the majority of the playerbase, Scum or otherwise, acknowledge that the JM5K went way overboard and should be nerfed. For some reason you and your like minded friends seem to think this means S&V should never receive a decent ship again, EVER. I'm beginning to think you all secretly love the JM5K because you're all so determined to make sure that Scum players never receive another competitive option to play with besides the 3 ships we have, you must want to see nothing but toilet lids. Complaining without offering a solution is whining, and that's all I see. You don't actually bother to break down how this thing could possibly slot into current builds or create new ones that could negatively effect the game, you just see something S&V that's not immediately terrible and chose to whine about it without further thought. Is this thing extremely good against aces? Yep. Is it going to push aces out of the meta and have a negative effect by removing a fun archetype from the game? Nope. The ship has already sailed on that one through a combination of an excess of new anti-ace tech and a nerf to Old Palpy that made aces a little less swingy and prone to luck. The metas already evolved pass that point and for aces to reliably succeed they'll need to be made/updated with these threats in mind. It's simply not practical at this point to FAQ huge swaths of the game, further fuel for the 2.0 fire. Just to say it one more time, this thing isn't any better than the K-Wing. Sabine is better than Cad, Miranda is better than Nym, and the Scurrg doesn't have ADV.Slam to smack a bomb in your face from half way across the map. It's still good but it's not exactly redefining bombing as we know it, except with the upgrades that are available to everyone.
  12. Sooooo.... you admit you're only crying because it's Scum, not because it actually negatively effects the game in any way what so ever? You don't think that crying because a faction other than your preferred one got something interesting is a tad childish? I mean really, every faction has it's ups and downs and spotlight time in the meta. It happens that way in just about every growing game system conceived rather it be digital or physical. What's even more laughable is how you and the rest of the whiners go on about how Scum always get the best ships. Tell me, how often have you seen the Kihraxz, Scyk, Starviper, G-1A, or the more recent Quadjumper over the months/years? For getting all the "best stuff" it sure took FFG a long fooking time to give S&V a competitively viable small based ship. Also let me reiterate on the Quadjumper, it's the most recent scum release besides the C-Roc and it's not exactly lighting the tables on fire with how awesome it is. I mean hell if you're being honest Scum has only had 2 good waves before this one, the JM5K and the ShadowCaster/Protectorate. You could possibly count the Houndstooth but it wasn't that great IMO until S&V got more crew options to stack on it. As for it's strength, you're grasping. It has a potential for 4 damage the way any 3 red ship has the potential, possible but not likely, in fact it's a lot less likely. The TLT is 1-2, likely 1 against anything with decent defenses as you're not gonna have that many attack modifiers if you're running light. The bomb is another possible 2 but if you're running light without Cad that's only likely to be 1 damage. Once again however the bomb is rather unlikely to hit anything at such low PS. True it can be useful for zoning and action denial as you say, but that's not damage, you'll still have a third of your list doing as much damage as a much cheaper Y-Wing. It's up to you if that bit of action/area denial is worth a whooping 9 points over a bog standard Thug. I'm guessing by the amount of good support skills that don't see much play that most people aren't willing to pay 9 points for nothing more than a bit of unreliable area denial. It's not much better or worse than the K-wing, except the K-wing has Miranda and Sabine. In short if people can handle K-Wings it's unlikely the Scurrg is gonna break anything in the current lineup. As for your comment Rufus, it seems pretty **** silly to balance a ship around a currently released ship that's widely considered weak and rarely if ever sees play. The Punisher needs some love and I'm guessing they'll probably include it in a pack at some point, but in the meantime why do you think we should balance the other bombers around it? So we can have 3 under played ships instead of 1? That makes no sense, it's just more **** they gotta go back and fix later. Same basic argument for your Lambda comparison, it's an older ship that fell to the wayside thanks to naturally progressing power creep. The Scurrg ain't the reason the Lambda don't see play, regardless or not if the Scurrg is overpowered or complete trash it has absolutely no bearing on the Lambdas use. So why the hell would they balance a new release by a very old ship standard? Your reasoning makes absolutely no sense from a design stand point.
  13. You're gonna bring up the generic to try and weasel out of an ignorant comment, seriously? It's the worse option we've seen so far. As Fickle pointed out it's low PS meaning that the opponent will see where you drop the bomb. This makes the bombs almost useless against anything with movement shenanigans(BR/Boost), that's only about 90% of the meta at any given time. This means you'll have a ship taking up a third of your list that's only doing 1-2 damage a turn and still dies rather easily due to not having any real damage mitigation. If high health for the points was enough on it's own to keep a ship relevant and competitive we'd still be seeing B-wings, but we don't do we? I'd also like to point out that any ship costing a third of your list SHOULD be able to hold it's own. Just compare it to the other options available for 33 points for any given faction. I mean hell for 2 more points you could run Miranda with just a TLT and accomplish much in the same but a hell of a lot better due to regaining a shield every turn and being able to get the hell out of dodge with SLAM. Admit it, the only reason you're whining is because it's Scum, not because it's actually broken or a NPE. They could give S&V uglies with 1 red & green die and 2 health for 30 points and you'd still probably whine about it.
  14. No draw back? How about cost relative to defenses? You add a bomb kit and a TLT you're looking at mid to high 40s depending on what extras you decide to bring along. That's half your list in ship that's A. Not an arc dodger, B. Has little to no damage mitigation with only a single agility and a limited ability, and C. Is only dealing 2-3 damage on average under ideal conditions. But hey, if you think it's broken please show us a list and give as an example of how this things "scum op" because despite how obvious you think it is a lot of us just aren't seeing how this thing changes the current lineup in anyway besides giving Scum/Rebels(and even Imps with the upgrades) a new option. Any list built with firepower in mind will wreck this thing, you're better off keeping it cheap as it's rarely a good idea to invest half your points in a ship that will easily die in the first 2-3 turns when it's the main focus. The whining in this thread is kind of pathetic. Because they messed up and made the JM5K too powerful we gotta have nothing but crappy gimmick ships like the Quadjumper? Grow up. This thing does absolutely nothing to further the use of either the JM5K or Mindlink, and in of its self is no more broken than the current K-wings people are use to fighting anyway. Also I'll admit that the Scurrg may be more interesting but it's not like the other two ships were complete duds, not to mention that the upgrades and Rebel Nym gives everyone some new interesting options.
  15. Not sure about best but for fun.... Zuckuss 39 - Swarm Leader, Gunner, FCS, Misthunter, Tractor Beam Run him with 3 Mango-Scyks to provide the evade tokens and support fire. With the proven Gunner/FCS combo you can reliably burn tokens on your first shot and gob smack them with a 6 die shot on the follow up. N'Dru Suhlak 24 - Fearlessness, Cluster Missiles, Glitterstim, Guidance Chips If you can pull it off that's 10 focused up red die in one turn from a rather cheap ship. Alternatively you can swap out the GS for a Scavenger Crane but that seems like pushing your luck to expect two shots so I opt to make it's one shot worth it. New Scyks so I'm cheating and putting two.. Quinn Jast 24 - Fearlessness, Heavy Scyk, Prockets, Guidance Chips Same cost/concept as the above ship but a little easier to pull off and the opportunity for a second shot at the price of less burst, 6 modified red die still ain't nothing to sneeze at. Could swap out Fearlessness for Intensity so you could position with BR and fire in the same turn. Inaldra 27 - Atanni Mindlink, Heavy Scyk, HLC, Pulse Ray Shield Good filler for a 3 ship mindlink list. Can sit back and abuse the PRS and her ability to get constant modified HLC shots and use her action for focus as you need it. At her price point she's likely not the biggest threat in your list so such a build should get good mileage.
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