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  1. Going back on subject here: Having scoured through Wookieepedia for anything healthcare related, I've come to the conclusion that each planet handled their healthcare their own way. The Republic seems to have had no standardized healthcare to speak about. The Empire seems to only have cared about their Military and for a few select core worlds. In general, it seems to have been completely up to the planetary government how healthcare was handled. That said, it seems that even if it wasn't universal healthcare, the costs seem to be pretty low in general for most treatments. The prevalence of Medical droids and bacta could also be a factor in why medical care doesn't seem to be very expensive, if not completely free. And since bacta (and before that, kolto) has been around for a very very long time, it seems to have largely taken over most medicinal needs.
  2. Huh... I've been following the current US election very closely and I haven't seen anyone promoting Socialism. Who might you be referring to?
  3. Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here in Sweden giggling in a mix of amusement and horror at the discussion about there being a "left" in American politics... The so-called leftist Democratic party is pretty far on the right side of the scale in European political measurements. I think the equivalent in Sweden would be the Moderate party, although the US Democratic party would still be slightly to the right of them. And keep in mind that the Moderate party is the most party that's the most to the right in Sweden, if you don't count the outright racist and anti-democratic Sweden Democrats with direct ties to Nazi movements.
  4. Ah, but we didnt just "add back" private healthcare. "We" (And by that I mean the conservative government at the time), didn't just allow for private healthcare... they also, simultaneously, severely slashed funding for public healthcare whilst at the same time doling out massive subsidies to private healthcare. So... it was a concerted attempt at dismantling the public healthcare while at the same time substantially promoting private healthcare. Oh and as for your sources... most economists tend to be staunch capitalists and anti-socialists... so it's hardly surprising that they left out some details and just painted it out as "well the system sucked". As for my sources? Well... me being a Swede, but if that doesn't help, I've also got quite a few friends who work as politicians and healthcare providers. (both doctors and nurses). But hey... what do they know about working healthcare compared to an economist, right? What most people mistake about Sweden is that they think it's a dictatorship run by some socialists or something. It's not. It's a democratic country largely built on Social Democrat values and politics, but there are other parties too, and whenever the conservative block gets into power, they tend to start dismantling everything that Social Democrats built, since they're of a completely different political view (usually Liberal or conservative capitalism).
  5. An up-to-date version of OggDude's character generator
  6. And the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a Democracy... because if you slap a title on it, then it must be true 🙄
  7. Huh... I'm a leftist and I'm not upset with any of the Disney Star Wars movies... Strange, that...
  8. BS. You know full well that in this case Canon means "what has been determined to be actual events that have happened in-universe". Just because the word has religious origins doesn't mean that it can only be used in religious circumstances. My point here is that people having "head canon" and claiming that their head canon is more valid and official than what Disney states to be canon is just ludicrous. Look, the EU stuff of the past is still around. It hasn't been bought up and shredded by Disney. BUT, it has been labeled as "legends" and thus that is all it is. Legends. There might be truth to some of it, and some of it might be proven wrong in the future. But it's not anything that should be considered definitive proof for any kind of discussion about Star Wars. (****, it really never was, considering the fact that Lucas just said that it was fanfiction anyway and changed it freely in his movies) For example, you can't just go "Boba Fett is a Mandalorian because it said so in this EU book". That doesn't make him officially Mandalorian any more than if I just told my players in my campaign that he was. Do whatever you want for your own campaign, Disney doesn't own your imagination or your campaign. But to claim that your imagination or RPG campaign somehow holds sway over official Disney material is pretty bonkers.
  9. Well, as a long-time fan of his, that was kind of my reaction when I heard he was doing Thor: Ragnarok. But that turned out fine. I'm pretty sure that Star Wars can stand some injection of humor these days.
  10. That's not how canon works, though... Disney does decide what is and is not canon. You can of course ignore that and play however you like. But it doesn't change the fact that they decide what's canon.
  11. I'm not gonna read through all of this, but my take from the first post would be this: A character that's "always ready for combat" is a character with a very high score in Vigilance. NOT a character that just gets to roll Cool whenever there's an ambush because "he's ready for it". That's not how ambushes work.
  12. Well, Bib fortuna had "nothing but" incisors, so... there's that... (ok, he just had pointy teeth, but you get what I mean) As for Filoni... he's not an actor... so, I wouldn't expect great acting.
  13. Well, I've grown up around criminals, and I've worked with incarcerated criminals as part of my professional education, but I'm sure I'm completely wrong and know nothing of this. I guess it's just anecdote vs anecdote here, but I can only speak for my own experiences.
  14. You'd be surprised how wrong that statement is. I'd say it's more that the "professional" part is to be able to understand that much of this behavior is grandstanding and posturing and not something you actually kill people for.
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