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  1. In my opinion you need to let go that one rule about starboard/port weapons firing at the front (did they do that in bfg? I`ve never even red teir rules so no idea) OR seriously downsize the number of weapon slots on some of your ships (in exchange maybe beef up the damage a bit?). If I didnt read those rules wrong then Lar`shi`vre can employ nine weapon systems at once at the front, 3x rail gun batteries + 4 ion cannons and torps with a squadron of attack craft, which seems a bit too much. Lar`shi is also scary with his nine slots able to be used any time it has something in front of it (less macros more attack craft). On a plus side rest of your fleet seems ok to me. Also maybe try and make some rules about tau ships in imperial character hands, (loss of crew morale, maybe loss of crew rating what with unfamiliar xeno tech?) I would greatly appreciate it. A rule that ships with Tau drive and navigation(brigde) components do not require navigator and gellar field comes to mind. They would be slower than normal Imperial ships but I bet some players could use that. Hmm does using a tau ship constitutes dabbling in cold trade. Any Tau enthusiasts out there to jury rig some rules for Tau equipment? We need: Torps, small craft, personal weapons and armor, "cool stuff"(crisis suits, drones etc), race stats (Tau casts and vespids), tau ony ship components, anything else I forgot to mention.
  2. If Emperor ever wakes up and gets his @$$ off the Golden Throne I predict new crusade like the first one. (Actually It would be unbeliveably awesome scenario to play, think of all the manure hitting rotary osscilator and ocassions to plunder... I mean profit, during all that fighting...)
  3. In BFG rules allowed to fire macrocanons and lances at "small fry" (that being torps and attack craft) at a penalty, two column shifts if I recall properly. If you think about it it really makes sense, yes its harder, but as long as you have enemy vector and thurst you can use cogitator to set the angle and timing for main battery to send a wall of fire that could intercept them and hopefully obliterate enemy ordinance. Also since normal macros fire, and im citing lexicanum here, "massive and explosive shells" you could argue that a cunning RT might ask their mechanicus to rig those with special fuses beforehand, fuses that would detonate them after certain time passed in flight for a macro-flak-cannon effect, or to set debris fields on the path of incoming craft. But even without such machinations I imagine that a sudden passage of a broadside fired at you must feel like a sudden high speed flight through an asteroid field, and would be potentially dangerous. if not cathastrophic That of course if aforementioned broadside "hit" if it misses then timing was off or squadron performed a random maneuver designed for such ocassion and nothing happens. As usuall please feel free to point out mistakes and show mercy for english is not my native language.
  4. As Mr T said a few posts above. There are some RT`s appointed from the Inquisition who could reasonably have psychic powers. I think reasoning behind not offing them out of hand but banishing them to the fringe of known space instead is something like: A powerful Inquisitor A dislikes not so powerful Inquisitor B and would love to get rid of him but Inquisitor B knows some secrets that could cripple Inquisitor A`s career, or has friends/mentor that do. B doesnt want to look behind his back every time he goes to fight enemies of the Imperium so he proposes self exile in form of Warrant of trade. He will still be a powerful individual, and active servant of Imperium (depending on his Ordo affiliation he could still do his previous job, more or less) but will be out of picture from A`s point of view. Granted, a plasma bolt through the skull is cheaper than a ship, Warrrant and other stuff but we talk about Inquisition, institution responding only to Emperor himself (In theory anyway) with unimaginable resources at its disposal, so it might be more efficient to get rid of Inquisitor B in this manner. And presto, an RT with psionics. I would discuss skills etc with GM but this should not break the game, while also providing for nice hooks to start adventures. As for why there are more psychic Inquisitors than psychic RT`s, Imo Errant Knight has the gist of it. You either are born as RT or are made to be one (either way one in a Bilion chance). While there are lots of psykers for Inquisition to capture, dissect, brainwash or do whatever they want to if they are so inclined. Also most RTs developing abilities in this area would probably blow themselves up or end as daemon fodder. So I presume most of RT`s that are psykers started as inquisitors or got sanctioned and had powerful family shielding them from most harm and/or providing the Warrant to get rid of them (You know, not everyone wants to sent their child on a Black ship to see the Emperor, and some of those could have enough influence to get a warrant for their offspring). Well thats my thoughts on the subject, please do correct me if Im wrong and excuse my grammar, english is not my native language and sometimes I make blunders in grammar or style.
  5. Errant Knight you are right about Fleet Defence Turrets, but those have better range than standard ones. That being said in BFG rules compendium by Andy chambers there were rules for massed turret fire, basically each ship in base contact got +1 turret value (so if you had two ships in contact each one would get +1. If you had three then the one in the centre would get +2 and ones on the sides +1). The downside was that any fire against the group placed blast markers that took the shields down, making them more vulnerable. Apart from beefing up turrets value, I`d suggest making new maneuver or extended action, maybe something like: Close in support test: pilot (space)- 10 + manoeuvrability Succes (and every degree after first) allow you to stay in close proximity to ship (or ships ) you wish to form support squadron for one combat turn. During that time each ship gets additional half (minimum 1) of turret value for each ship in group, to defend against attack craft and torpedoes. (or anything else that may be affected by AA fire). But such close proximity is dangerous, failure of three degrees means "light" bump, four means collision (yes you managed to ram someone from your team). What do you think? By no means I claim it`s the best option, and I`d like your feedback, also maybe clustered ships should be easier to fire at since they are so close to one another? Also we definetly need option to pound attack craft with macro batteries and lances, maybe -20 or -30 to hit, with every degree smashing additional craft?
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