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  1. Okay, can someone clarify for me the mechanics of this guy? It says WHILE ATTACKING... so does that mean you can literally wait until after the defender has rolled dice? Attacker rolls Defender modifies then attacker modifies attack dice. Defender rolls Attacker modifies then defender modifies defense dice. At any time during this process you can trigger Thane's ability???
  2. Boba Rick

    I Need Mrs. Rick to Beat Me....

    Weeeeeeellll.... I really appreciate everyone suggestions here, but she's not much of the arc-dodging re-positioning type. She's move of the punch-you-in-the-face-1-straight-to-victory, unless she's flying a GUNBOAT of course.
  3. Boba Rick

    I Need Mrs. Rick to Beat Me....

    She's pretty good at 3BQD from 1.0. My first thought was something like 3 50 point Nus with Proton Torps and all the trimmings, and Col Jendon. Buuuuuuut, what about Wedge and Luke with Proton Torps, and Biggs for meat shieldiness? She hates Kihraxzs. Actually, no, she laughs at them because I've tried to fly them so many times and failed miserably (TBC, why?). So, no way she's going to fly them. Also, no way she's flying anything that only throws 2 red dice. She LOVES lots of red dice.
  4. Boba Rick

    I Need Mrs. Rick to Beat Me....

    I respect Mrs. Rick too much to not give her my best game when we play. Unfortunately, that resulted in me beating her a lot over the last couple of months. I'm not a very good X-Wing player, but I guess I just got good against her - which is weird because in the three tournaments that she's gone to with me she's finished higher than me, and in one case she finished 3rd out of about 35 people. Sadly, with the repeated beatings I had been giving her she gave up on 1.0 and said she didn't want to play again until 2.0 came out. So, she needs to beat me to cheer her up a little with 2.0. Also, I have a list that I really like, and I want to throw it against the hardest thing I can so I can get better as well. THIS is my list, can you provide me with a strong counter to it? Thanks! Major Vynder — Alpha-Class Star Wing 41 Lone Wolf 4 Fire-Control System 3 Proton Torpedoes 9 Advanced SLAM 3 Os-1 Arsenal Loadout 0 Ion Torpedoes 6 Ship Total: 66 Major Vermeil — TIE Reaper 49 Composure 2 0-0-0 3 Tactical Officer 2 Ship Total: 56 "Whisper" — TIE Phantom 52 Juke 4 Advanced Sensors 8 Darth Vader 14 Ship Total: 78
  5. Boba Rick

    Yo FFG! Where’s the app at?!

    I'll be checking around midnight. Who am I kidding? I'll be checking every hour.
  6. Boba Rick

    My dad destroyed me with Norra in a y wing

    Are you talking about Paul Heaver? For he is the father of us all.
  7. Boba Rick

    2.0 Pre-Order timing? Or am I crazy

    Are you talking about FFG pre-orders or through another site?
  8. Boba Rick

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    Does this list have legs? "Whisper" Hates Dee Yun — TIE Phantom 52 Juke 4 Advanced Sensors 8 Darth Vader 14 Ship Total: 78 Major Vynder — Alpha-Class Star Wing 41 Lone Wolf 4 Fire-Control System 3 Proton Torpedoes 9 Advanced SLAM 3 Xg-1 Assault Configuration 0 Ship Total: 60 "Vizier" — TIE Reaper 45 Emperor Palpatine 13 Shield Upgrade * Ship Total: 62
  9. Boba Rick

    Launch Party Kit??? No party for my store :(

    What specifically is in this kit?
  10. Boba Rick

    2.0 Vizier's Ability Question

    Okay, what happens if Vizier tries to do a Coordinate using his ability, but fails? He still gets his normal action after his normal move, right? Also, if he had Composure as a talent, could he attempt to coordinate and fail, get his focus instead, then bump or whatever and be okay?
  11. Boba Rick

    Star Wars Imperial Tactics: Whisper

    Thanks, @Boom Owl - I don't have time to read this right now but it looks interesting and I will later. I was thinking about running Whisper with Juke, AS, GONK, Shield Upgrade. Wingmen would be a Reaper with Palp and Vynder with Lone Wolf. Overall, I think if one is to staple anything to Whisper it would be Juke and AS. Maybe I'll change my mind after reading your OP though!
  12. Boba Rick

    2.0 Vizier's Ability Question

    I think this makes Vizier a really good coordinate ship, because if he can coordinate off of the Aileron that's great (white), if not then he can still stress himself if he didn't bump.
  13. Boba Rick

    2.0 Vizier's Ability Question

    That's great, thanks!
  14. So I'm looking for a cheap ship that I can use for coordinating an Imperial Squad, and Vizier seems like a decent option, especially considering his ability. My question is this: when activating his ability off his card, is the coordinate white or red? I do not have enough points to put Tactical Officer on him. Thanks.
  15. Boba Rick

    The manual effort with changing to 2.0

    I have a scheduled a day off of work to go through it all. My little boy is going to help me, then he's going to fly a Boba Fett list against me.