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    Living Rulebook

    That's fair. Magic has had a lot of time to refine their ruleset, and the rules for timing can be labyrinthine, even for players who've been playing for years. As for card templates it took a lot of evolution to get to form a solid card template upon which player's could rely. Even those templates are often unnecessarily obtuse players, sometime this difficulty seems intentional. That said, I think MtG judge and high level players could have caught most of the issues. Developers could have taken their feedback and used it to ensure that the rules addressed all the issues, and the card text was fairly unambiguous. FFG has experience in LCGs. They have the long history of CCGs and the various templates those games used as references to create their own. Sometimes, it feels as if FFG don't really learn from previous releases, or just don't care. Honestly, I'm not sure which is worse.
  2. Oh, cool! I've only seen citations at KFC, but I don't recall seeing any links. That makes sense. It would be great if we had citations for all rulings with links to the source of information. I'm sure it's time consuming to keep track of everything ruled on by employees at FFG in all the various random places they've answered questions. If, like me, you've emailed FFG and haven't received answers to your questions, it's doubly frustrating that they've not made more of an attempt to consolidate rulings. After everyone downloads the spreadsheet, those who haven't checked out keyforge-compendium.com should. They do a really good job of keeping the FAQ up to date. You can send them a message on reddit with any question they haven't answered. They look into new questions and update the FAQ if there is ambiguity, potential for confusion, edge cases, or any discrepancies in rules or card text. If the question can be answered purely by rules and card text. KFC also has the most comprehensive and searchable databases of decks and cards I've seen, but that's a different topic.
  3. I was thinking about this the other day. I have a deck with 22 creatures and it functions very well. It does seem to overwhelm most decks. I was thinking how best to counter a creature heavy deck. Obviously, a lot of removal is helpful. I have a new deck with Feeding Pit, Annihilation Ritual, 2 Arise, and 2 Gateway to Dis in it. If I could wait until my opponent's creature heavy deck was able to drop a lot of creatures, then Arise mine, I could drop Annihilation Ritual and Gateway, I could Feeding Pit some of my less useful creatures. The deck has enough creatures to keep the opponent's creatures occupied with reaping abilities and has 2 Tentacus to make most Artifacts not worth using. It has a Wardrummer as well to recall my Brobnar before a Dis turn. But if this thins their deck to 12-14 cards and they have much amber generation, I'm not sure how well it would work. Arise would be a dead card and Gateway would only serve to thin their deck even more. It'll be interesting to see how it plays.
  4. debiant

    Living Rulebook

    I've always thought that a room full of MtG judges and experienced users could've fixed everything wrong with the card wording and at very least pointed out the timing issues.
  5. Is this more comprehensive than the faq at keyforge-compendium.com? I guess if you want a spreadsheet, though, this would be better.
  6. debiant

    Living Rulebook

    Just some speculation here, but I can see several reason for the wait: Revise the rulebook based on a huge amount of player feedback Revise the rulebook to eliminate timing issues and inconsistencies in rulings Develop a comprehensive list of clarifications and errata if needed Ensure that the rules correspond to a KeyForge game app in development Develop better templates for cards going forward Ensure that the next set release is consistent with the revised rules and templates I really hope all of these are being addressed, also hope there is a game app being released in the new year. I'm not sure if they planned on the game being this successful or not. Either way, it would be nice if they'd communicate more openly with the community.
  7. So, at some point there was a card search in the app and they removed it?
  8. debiant

    The Brad emails

    Even if that thread contained more than a single ruling, it would still be valuable to have users able to contribute any rulings they receive via email.
  9. And who you were playing against (either by username or by entering a name).
  10. Now, I generally look at the FAQ on KeyForge Compendium before I look anywhere else. KFC seems the most comprehensive resource available online.
  11. I think if you're looking for any kind of legit clarification you're gong to have to go to facebook and ask the developers, or contact FFG directly.
  12. I'm sure it went nothing like this, but this is how I imagine the end of that game playing out: Never date a Martian. Fellas, am I right? They're always so exhausting, then they're readying, then exhausting, then readying…
  13. Cool! I just made a comment about releasing alpha software yesterday. It looks like we might start to see some functionality.
  14. @TheRealGadianton If you have time to field questions, I'd love to know how often you scrape? Is it every couple of days, once or twice a day, or every hour? This is just so I know how long to expect it to take after I register a deck to see it in the compendium. I think everyone really appreciates what you've done for the community. If FFG was smart they'd offer to buy your site, pay you to maintain it, and incorporate what you've done. Future Search Query: I'd love the inclusion of searching decks by number of a specific card type: actions, artifacts, creatures, and/or upgrades. I think this would be a valuable search field. Thank you for your time and effort.
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