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  1. Yep, you got it and it makes their effects a bit unpredictable like many of their other powers. Keying it to runes emphasizes army building and game timing to a larger extent...
  2. Great, welcome aboard to our community (whatever is left!). There’s a ton of game here for you to play and we’re going to be producing additional stuff, so enjoy!!!😀
  3. Thanks again for your perspective and suggestions on this. Like anything in life, a second set of eyes on it usually makes it better. For the Uthuk, I’m thinking that they could place tokens on the map as @Church14 designed, but perhaps we could tie their activation/inactivation to the runes cast at the end of the turn. One rune could be tied to Stable, another tied to Natural, and another tied to Unstable. Alternatively, you could make the effect radius strength tied to the quantity of a given rune (ala Fire Rune). Thoughts?
  4. That’s a perfect way to start. The figures are cheap right now and if you look on eBay long enough, you’ll probably find someone selling an army or two. Sounds like you have a good path for things. I do think having the Crossbows for Daqan and the Death Knights for the Waiqar change their army building options dramatically... 😀 Enjoy!!!
  5. OK, I thought I’d give some other folks a chance to jump in, but I guess @Jukey, me, and @Xelto will continue... 😣 (BTW, where’s @Church14?) @Xelto If I understand you correctly, you’d like to see a mechanic for Unhallowed which is perhaps more thematic and similar but different to Overgrowth. I’m on board with you directionally as well and one of the things I like about Runewars is that each of the factions is quite different (although some of their upgrades are identical). Here’s the dilemma I faced: I didn’t want to add a piece of terrain to the game because of it’s ability to shut down movement of large units when there’s 4 pieces of terrain on the board I was concerned about putting tokens on the same piece of terrain that the Latari could end up putting Overgrowth tokens on as this could create a sort of trump effect making folks less likely to use it. The token placement is not random but rather represents locations where the Waiqar have performed specific rituals prior to the battle, sort of preparing the battlefield with field entrenchments, etc. The Latari do have the Greenwatch Herald which allows them to put a token in the battlefield albeit at a particular range of a unit. There are Unhallowed units which are always considered to be at Range of token but don’t create the effect themselves. I kind of like the idea of units being one source of the effect, though. I think you’re both onto something. Placing the Graveyard in place of one of the existing terrain pieces seems to fit with your thematic expectations and accomplishes much of what a placed token would. As @Jukey noted, the Uthuk are going to get their own token placement, board position effect. I need to think how to make it similar but different from Unhallowed and Overgrowth... We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it...🙄 So, how about this: I’ll make a couple of the unique units to be sources of Unhallowed. When the unit dies, the token goes away if it hasn’t been used. I’ll add a rule that says, “During Setup, at the start of Step 5- Place Terrain, you may replace one Dangerous terrain piece with the Graveyard or one Defensive terrain piece with the Blighted Ground terrain piece taken from outside the game. The next time you are to choose and place a terrain piece, your opponent makes that choice instead. After Setup, place X Unhallowed tokens on the terrain piece you chose where X is the highest Unhallowed rating from a unit or upgrade in your army. You may then move each token to within Range 1 of the terrain piece.” I kind of like the idea of reserving the unit sources to being Uthuk, but thematically it has a great feel for the Waiqar. What would you suggest for Uthuk? Once again, thanks for your thoughts and let’s see if we can move this forward. I’m working on the Latari, that should be finished by the end of next week...
  6. The stuff for Conquest by Para Bellum showed up in my local stores this week. The base sizes are spot on for Runewars. Figure size is a bit large but certainly explainable...
  7. So I have armies without Death Knights to be sure, but they tend to be a bit slow to get across the table. The Death Knights provide a speedy and very resilient force as they have Defense 3 and ignore the first Mortal Strike each attack. They can also carry an artifact which allows they to be very good at killing heroes with Obcasium’s Gauntlet. Again, the Death Knights are for Waiqar but you said you have Latari and Uthuk. Typically, you want to have more than just a couple of trays for a unit unless it’s designed to be a blocker or a support unit. I find that small units can get knocked out without getting a chance to swing back effectively. Also, units with two or more ranks get a free re-roll and so you can use that upgrade slot for something else. There are some effective 2x1 Archer units built around giving out banes, but again, I like the 2x2 for unit building flexibility. The game has a real nice mechanism whereby larger units gain access to more upgrade types than an equivalent number of smaller units. I really like the Infantry Command boxes since they give the basic infantry and archers lots of upgrade options. Some of the Latari champions are a bit weak but there’s other useful cards in the box. The Uthuk has some good stuff as well. Again, you get a lot of army building options for a small monetary cost. Hope this helps...
  8. Hey guys, Sorry, I got a bit busy yesterday. Here’s how I came up with the Unhallowed design: 1) I wanted something to create positional significance on the board beyond terrain which is frequently placed in the corners so folks can Killdozer each other... 🤣 2) I was inspired by the Latari Overgrowth ability as a mechanism to achieve this positional significance but was concerned that it was largely limited to terrain locations 3) I was concerned that allowing Overgrowth and Unhallowed to be put on the same terrain piece could create a bit of a trump effect where one player’s benefit is essentially cancelled out by the other player’s benefit. I was concerned that this would make people less likely to use it. 4) Moving the Unhallowed to be beyond range 1 of the terrain seemed to remove this conflict, but I’m certainly open to other ideas. 😀 5) My original thoughts around the Alighment theme for the set was that there was this release of magical energy across all of Terrinoth due to the Alignment of natural forces with time. This magical energy lies just beneath the surface of our world ready to be pulled into it by those daring or powerful enough to do so. Thematically, I was thinking that an Unhallowed token would represent places where the negative energy was pulled into this world by the Waiqar prior to the battle. So, just to make sure I’m understanding your comments (which I appreciate), are you OK with the game mechanic of placing it beyond Range 1 of terrain or is it that the theme doesn’t fit with your expectation of the word Unhallowed. To be sure, I do like the idea of Unhallowed ground, but I dont’ see what that has to be limited to terrain pieces. It would seem that any location on the map could be effectively cursed prior to battle which is what the upgrades represent. I do like your idea of allowing them to place an additional terrain piece, but I’m concerned that it could make the battlefield unmaneuverable for large units. This was part of the reason why I settled on tokens which don’t disrupt movement but still grasp positional significance. Perhaps we could have one of the upgrades add the Graveyard to the map while the other upgrades must be placed on the existing terrain as with Overgrowth?
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I’m working through some of this later tonight and tomorrow so I can share my thoughts behind the design after that...
  10. Congratulations on getting into the game. As you’ve noted, the prices are quite cheap right now and there’s a lot of game to play.... The Latari and Uthuk both fight very differently. The Latari tend to “stick and move” while the Uthuk play, “Killdozer”. The Death Knights are an expansion for the Waiqar (Undead), so unless you’re planning to play that faction, you may want to avoid that one. For the Latari, the two stand-alone heroes, Maegan and Prince Faolan are both highly useful and give you a lot of force building options. The Ventala (the last expansion for the Latari) are very helpful but generally require some additional training to fully use. If you bought another box of Archers (to field a 3x2) a couple of Scions (trees), and some Leonx Riders (to make a 2x2), you should have a pretty good force. For the Uthuk, it’s about damage and Ravos with his Spined Threshers does that quite well. I like to put in the Viper Legion to give a ranged threat. I don’t see a lot of love for the Flesh Rippers and Obscenes, so maybe you stick with some Threshers and Viper Legion. Kethra seems to be the more popular of the two heroes available beyond the core set.
  11. I was thinking more along the lines of: https://www.para-bellum.com/us/conquest/eshop/ You can easily build rank and file units. I’m a little concerned that you would have to buy 2 Descent expansions for a 3-tray unit. They are nice figures, though, and of course, they fit well with Waiqar... 😀 I’m also concerned that kitbashing may be a bit of a lit for the larger community, me included. I was thinking that if someone could buy a box of figs online and print out a .pdf, they would be good to go.
  12. Thanks for taking a look at this if only for a moment. To be sure, I knew I would have some cards incorrectly costed, I certainly tried to compare a given card to as many as I could think of, but to be sure, some are going to fall through the cracks. Command is like Relay from Armada (if you play Armada). The idea was that you could issued commands through that unit to effectively extend the range of your abilities. Point taken about adding more figure upgrades. I guess I never thought about it that way, but I also wanted the cards to be useful for more than the base infantry unit. If there's a particular card or two that you think needs to be balanced by making it a figure upgrade (thereby restricting its use), that would be helpful. I'd love to get more of your feedback after your eyes re-settle from being glazed over 😀
  13. Look, I know that in our hobby these days, there's so much stuff coming out that even good games get overrun by licensed products. At the same time, I would offer that our perspective's have been biased by the need to buy new stuff every 30-90 days. Having been in the gaming hobby for going on 40 years now, I can say that was not always the case. We typically got a couple of releases a year and our interest picked up with it's arrival. Now that we're starting to get our fan made content up and running, I wanted to share what we did to build our group and keep it going in spite of everything else. I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this. I took the lead by having a couple of armies to share with the newer folks and then as I came across armies being sold on eBay, I picked them up (at quite a discount!) and put them in my closet for future use. With three of us having actually purchased our own armies, we brought in another 3 to play on a bi-weekly basis. I essentially schedule the pairings every two weeks with the missions/deployments and send them out to the group. Those two folks are responsible to schedule their own match in that time period. We score winner's/loser's, points don't matter beyond that. After 12 weeks, everyone's played each other once (6 players, weeks per game), we total it up and have a playoff to figure out the winner. Prizes are Gentleman's Honor... 😀 We find that the bi-weekly format where folks schedule their own game works perfectly. It's just too hard to get all 6 in a room on a given day due to personal lives, etc. Now, the other three folks all have bought armies and we're up to a group of 6- plenty for us. Again, we're living in the post-Thanos snap world, I get it. At the same time, if folks want to make this work, it's really not that hard, you just have to stick with it (like anything in life). I'd love to hear other folks experiences...
  14. So with the first card based expansion nearly complete for playtesting, I want to start thinking about new units for each faction. While we're not going to get any new figures from FFG, there are a ton of figures out there and with the Litko bases and a .pdf, we can make some cool new units... I have the Sylvaneth from Age of Sigmar for the Latari but would be interested in ideas for the other three factions. The key requirement is that you have to be able to buy enough of them at a reasonable price to make an army. I like a lot of the figures in Descent, but I just don't see how you could make units that take 12 figures or more to work as each box only has 3-4 of them. I figure each faction needs one more rank and file unit with possibly a new champion. Any suggestions...
  15. OK Folks, I know that what's left of our community is decimated by the announcements back in January and the subsequent "Game is Complete" notice at Gen Con last week. There's nothing I can do about that. However, as I noted in an earlier topic, I refuse to let it go and wanted to share what me, Jukey, and Church have created to fill the void. You will find below download links for compressed .pdf's of the card files for our first, fan-made expansion. I'm still getting the Latari and Uthuk cards into their graphic format, but for now, here's the Daqan, Waiqar, and Generic cards. There are approximately 75 new cards for just these three portions of the expansion and we're targeting another 25 or so each for the Latari and Uthuk bringing the total expansion to 125 cards. We realize that this is a lot to digest but we feel that it addresses several key points: Unique units - Each faction gets at least one unique unit for each of it's unit types. Designed to make the many of the non-standard unit sizes playable, each of them will change the dynamic of your army building. Hero builds - Each hero gets one or more new ways to play that hero influencing your overall army building and tactical decisions. 'Nuff said... 😀 New Units - Each faction gets one or two new units to nominally address things they're missing or to perhaps buff up an underpowered unit. Waiqar get trash cavalry and Daqan get a golem unit that is a little more balanced (and useful, we hope). Unit building options - I get frustrated by force-building games that limit choices due to cards which are just more useful or cheaper than their peers. We've tried to create some options here to shake things up. To be sure, we don't want things to be overpowered, but the three of us agree that there's an opportunity cost to a card as well as it's points cost and so we've tried to address that dynamic here as well. In the next day or so, I will be preparing a spreadsheet so that folks can share their opinions on the cards in a standardized way. In the meantime, you can reply to this topic or start a new one. Please post any battle reports in that section of the forums. I owe folks here the Latari and Uthuk which I should be able to finish in the next couple of weeks now that Gen Con is over and my work travel has a small gap. Rest assured I will get this done. In the meantime, there's something new for each faction even if you can only use the Generic cards... We know that not every card or idea will survive playtesting, so part of our thought were to get the cards out there and let folks decide. We are happy to receive any feedback, all we ask is that if you find something we missed, please offer one or two suggestions on how to fix it. After we get this out, we will start working on new units using currently available models from other companies. I already have two such units for the Latari (using the Sylvaneth from Age of Sigmar) and some ideas for the Daqan. Anyone with suggestions for Waiqar and Uthuk, please share them with us. With that, enjoy... 😎 Daqan https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/0xNhvA0UQlQybSVJ0cRJGGdaQ#Daqan_Card_File_Hi-Res-compressed Generic https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/0PzIW0f231LRag9SUv9RL4f3A#Generic_Cards_File_(Hi-Res)-compressed Waiqar https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/02eAU284BAW73wkS4D_bg3emA#Waiqar_Cards_Hi-Res-compressed
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