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  1. We definitely had some similar elements in our lists. Vorunthul the Cursed is just plain good. Upgrading a die and giving Brutal 1 is incredibly effective and a very viable alternative to Worms. I feel like the Reanimate Archers are falling into the same rut for me as well- Raven Banner + Tempered Steel + CI. It's very efficient and effective. I'm still making up my mind about Violent Ankhaur. The Brutal 1 with the double hit on his dial is good, but he's very fragile and slow- something I found out in my own game. 3 x 1 Wraiths is the best configuration as it maximizes damage and gives the best chance to pass through something. Maybe set them up on the right so then can run through the terrain and hit the DK's in the flank. When that 3x1 unit turns, they can cover a lot of ground... It would have been interesting to see your Archers on the other side of the formation where they could shut Maro down with Blight tokens. Since he's rolling at most two dice, chances are good he wouldn't roll anything. I'm wondering if you roll no dice whether or not you still get your modifier- I guess you would... A very interesting battle for sure...😀
  2. Hey everyone, After seeing Jukey's report, I felt I was a bit behind on keeping up my end of the bargain as I know that folks like to read these things. Last night's battle was between me and one of our newer players. To balance things out, I was playing a new Waiqar force for the first time and he was playing a Daqan force that's he's played a few times now... Violent Ankhaur (Herokiller) Ankhaur Maro Fortuna's Dice Violent Forces Heavy Crossbowmen (3x1) Rank Discipline Tempered Steel Reanimate Archers (2x2) Close Quarter Targeting Tempered Steel Reanimates (3x3) Vorunthul the Cursed Moment of Inspiration Trumpets Cursed Signets Executioner Balanced Hawthorne Lord Hawthorne Shield of Margath Might of Daqan Heavy Crossbowmen Tempered Steel Rallying Cornicen Rank Discipline Oathsworn Cavalry Wind Rune Raven Tabards Moment of Inspiration Spearmen Citadel Weapon Master Aggressive Cornicen Eagle-Banner Bearer Tempered Steel Our missions and deployments were: I gave him the choice and he selected Vanguard Clash because it was new to him (I love that approach!). I selected Take the Ridge since I had a fair amount of ranged forces and figured that even if I was sitting on it, I could still attack from it. As we will see, that didn't work out... We setup in a very interesting way with Spikes, Ransacked Manor, and Thorn-Choked Circle. My opponent placed the Circle and the Spikes while I placed the Manor. From there, we placed the objectives for Take the Ridge. He chose one near the Manor and so I placed mine there as well to create a killbox around the Manor which I new I could reach on Turn 1 with my Reanimates. The fact that it gives Fortified makes takes it critical (besides the 10 points). As you an see from the setup, I have my ranged troops on the right thinking that the Archers would take the Manor with the Crossbowmen nearby. I would then keep Maro and the Reanimate block to their right and focus on the gap between the Circle and the Spikes. He was looking to contest the objectives with the Spearmen while he overran me with the rest of his troops. Turn 1: We both move up, but he surprises me my flying the Car up and into the gap using Wind Rune to scoot up next to the Circle. Fortunately, I did a shift with the Reanimates to stall and see what he did. Unfortunately, there were no Unstable runes so Maro couldn't summon anything... Turn 2: Ankhaur shoots the cav and and rolls well using Fortuna's to nearly wipe out the back rank. The Reanimates sit in place and Rally/Armor to prevent getting hit with a Speed 4 charge. On the left flank, this is where I realize that it's better to be lucky than good. Because he moves to cover the objectives and armors up, I don't hit for much damage, removing one tray, but the Reanimates roll 1 Morale and give him an Immobilize token. With no Inspiration tokens to get rid of it, he has to sit there for a turn and take more arrows... Turn 3: The Cavalry makes it's charge and removes 11 Reanimates on I3. On I4, the Reanimates swing back and deal 16 damage! Bye-bye Cavalry!!! He moves up the Crossbowmen and Hawthore. Maro summons and fills in the two eliminated ranks plus 3 Nature runes fills in the remaining damage to the Reanimates- good as new! On the left flank, the Crossbowmen and Archers pour more damage into the Spearmen whittling him down but also getting a lucky Accuracy, taking out the Citadel Weapon Master. Faceoff between Maro, the Crossbowmen and Hawthorne... Turn 4: This is where you appreciate the benefits of initiative. Maro is slow and the Crossbowmen go first erasing him from the map... The Reanimates charge the Crossbowmen and I decide not to use their Moment to get the extra die. This leaves one figure due to Protected. This ends us costing me... Hawthorne charges with a 3 turn and misses by just a bit... On the left, the Spearmen finally hit home and smack the Crossbowmen getting a favorable morale card and removing a full tray. This makes up for their reduced power and some bad die rolls. Turn 5 Hawthorne completes his charge and takes off a few figures even with the flanking bonus- no rerolls and bad luck. This is where I get overconfident and take a big gamble which backfires. I swing at Hawthorne expending the Moment. With Vorunthul the Cursed, that's two white and 1 red die but no re-rolls. If I can do one damage, I will take him out with Executioner. I need two hits which I don't get. I take another tray of Reanimates due to Shield of Margath. The single Crossbowman figure gets a max hit and with Tempered Steel he takes off a tray as well. With their flanking, they are removing my frontage against Hawthorne. Now, I'm in a real pickle. Fortunately, things on the left are much better. My Reanimate Archers roll well and he rolls poorly leaving the Spearmen unengaged with the Crossbowmen. Turn 6: The Archers on the left finish off the Spearmen setting me up for an easy 10 points per turn. Meanwhile, on the right, I decide to wipe out the Crossbowmen and get ready to hang on against Lord H. Turn 7: Collect points on the left and reform to face Hawthorne on the right. Again, I swing and need three hits since he goes defensive with Hawthorne on I2. I'm doing more damage to myself than he is to me. The Archers set up for a shot if needed. Turn 8: I have this in the bag, so I lay up with what's left of the Reanimates. Hawthorne rolls well and wipes a bunch more. I end with two trays... Final score was: 117-44. I had 40 points of objectives which really pushed out the MoV. In retrospect, what an interesting game. His placement of the objective token and deployment on the left was something he would probably do differently if we played again. Nevertheless, had he not gotten the Immobilize token, things may have played out very differently. Also, I should have just reformed to face Hawthorne after he charged and then swung away with the rerolls and Moment to take him out (with Executioner). He also played very aggressively with his Cavalry and I outguessed him with my Reanimates. Did I say Maro is slow? I wish I had given him Heartseeker like I normally do... Thanks for reading!!!
  3. @Vergilius you’re right on target. If you have a group, any game is fun. When I tell our local X-wing group that I play Runewars, they ask me, “Isn’t that game dead?” My response is we have a group of 5-6 that plays and enjoys it, so who cares. Of course, it’s fun to get new stuff, but many of those same X-wing players aren’t buying the new Clone Wars stuff, so functionally, it’s the same situation.
  4. The other thing I’ve found is that when you put a wash on them, their appearance can change drastically changing your perception of the color scheme
  5. If the line infantry can fit into a Runewars base, then we may be in business. The scale is a bit off compared to Runewars, but they could easily be explained as a different race of humans similar to the Dunadan of Middle Earth...
  6. Very entertaining. Seems like it could be a terrain piece as opposed to an actual unit. Maybe tie it to Overgrowth or something...
  7. I love the scheme. How did you get the base to take on that texture and color. I just paint and flock mine and I’m looking to take the next step...
  8. It’s on the FFG website for those that weren’t aware... https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/4/13/the-fate-of-the-galaxy/
  9. I saw it at Adepticon last week. The figures are definitely larger, but this could certainly be explained as being of a different race like how the Dunadan were larger than common men. The demons (or chaos or whatever they were) could likewise be explained as a race which is physically larger than the other races in Terrinoth, however, I don’t know if that fits with Terrinoth lore. The trays appeared to be the same size, but I didn’t have a Runewars tray with me to compare.
  10. I searched and couldn’t find anything on it either. In reading the card, it appears that the entire action is predicated on there being an enemy unit at range 1, so I would agree with @Church14 on this. However, after that goofy ruling on entering terrain at World’s anything is possible... 🤣
  11. For Stun tokens, you decide upon their usage after they declare they are going to activate the unit and have revealed their dial, but before they take their action.
  12. That was my first list as well- Baron Z and Rune Golems. I was looking for something to compliment those two pieces and settled on a big Spearmen unit (folks here use the term, “Spearstar” after Deathstar). This is what I ended up with. You can tweak this a bit replacing Fortuna’s Dice with Reaping Blade and spending the additional points on Fire Runes for the Golems. I’ve also tried Greyhaven Runelore in place of Nerekhall to make him melee focused instead of ranged. I throw the Stun tokens on the Spearmen since with Cursed Signets it just means you lose one figure. When I play Fire Runes, I replace the Lance Corporal with Greyhaven Channeler to manage the runes a bit more. With Baron Z using Nerekhall and the Rune Golems using Fire Runes, you can stand off a bit. The problem with Fire Runes is that the Golems can roll blanks and then you don’t look like a genius I call the list, “This is Sparta” for obvious reasons. I think I like the version with the Wind Runes on the Golems better since it gives them a bit more flexibility, particularly to move early (I3) and pin someone. The Golems with Baron Z can really take a hit, though. Good luck... Baron Zachareth [38] 1x1Fortunas Dice [6]-Nerekhall Training [4]-Remove Unit [48]Rune Golems [28] 2x1Wind Rune [6]-Remove Unit [34]Rune Golems [28] 2x1Wind Rune [6]-Remove Unit [34]Spearmen [59] 3x3Lance Corporal [6]-Shield Wall [5]-Front Line Rune Golem [7]-Cursed Signets [2]-Aggressive Cornicen [5]-Remove Unit [84]
  13. So with Daqan, you can replace War Crier with Lance Corporal for a 1 pt. difference. It creates a much large impact though as you can cross colors on your dials. For example, Spearmen could wait until I8, dial in a 4 move, have Aggressive Cornicen so that it becomes a charge and then dial in a red hit to increase their damage output. Oathsworn can’t use this upgrade though. I find that I leave their Champion slot open quite a bit as Forged In Battle takes a little too long for the Brutal to kick in and the character upgrades are quite expensive. Also, their Skill action is tied to their movement and so when they’re in combat, you can’t use it. You’ll find that as you try to pull together the list that it changes shape based on what combos you find. Also, try to think about how the force will lay out on the board. Do you have any ranged damaged? If not, you need to get across the board in a hurry. How are you going to do that? If you have Crossbowmen and Archers, how will you deal with a force charging at you? I have a list called “Hawthorne Balanced” that I use quite a bit. It’s exactly that, it’s got Spearmen, Crossbowmen, Cavalry, and (of course), Hawthorne. It can deal with a wide range of threats, but like all lists, it has some weaknesses. Experiment with what seems fun and don’t try to put every combo in the same list (I have that problem!).
  14. Totally. Plus if you have Duskblade on some nearby Death Knights, you can spend one or two of those surges to take their defense down a point or two and make a hero or Spined Threshers go splat. Heck, I maxed out with the Runes and did 10 damage at defense 1. That would have taken down Ravos...
  15. Good call, especially against heroes. Metered March is one of those cards that looks kind of lame when you’re first starting out but is really good after you play the game a few times and realize the importance of range manipulation.
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