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  1. Great, I know the feeling when you finish that first army. Trust me after you get more experience, you’ll go back to your first paint jobs and wonder why you didn’t do a better job... 😀 I had that feeling when I looked back at my first Daqan. I started to see all the areas where I cut corners to finish quickly and felt compelled to “fix it”. Good luck with the Waiqar...
  2. I really love the way you picked up some of the metal highlights with the various effects. Very nice detail. Also, those bases are outstanding. How did you come up with all the rocks, etc.?
  3. For sure, before the Onager and SSD, I saw the trade off between ECM and EWS. Now, I just feel that ECM is the better choice. You raise a really good point though in that with the large front arc, you can also get some mileage out of it from multiple ships and fighters... 😀
  4. I love your philosophy- the Steel Strategy Podcast this week has a song by Biggs, “I don’t care what you say anymore this is my list...” (sung to an old Billy Joel song). “I can have my fun but not on Table 1...” I laughed out loud while listening to it. I would strongly consider using ECM as your defensive retrofit- I get way more mileage out of it than I do EWS- unless you’re trying to stop fighters from hitting you (I can never get the Chaff placed properly to stop them from hitting me). Looks like a fun list...
  5. Chris, I can’t tell you how nice this is. Thanks to you and the experienced community for taking the time to do this (as well as all the IACP stuff you’re doing).
  6. I actually do this with a lot of my stuff. I use the color as a base, ink over it for depth and shading and then drybrush on the original to get a nice layered effect. Most of the time I don’t have to go beyond that
  7. The way I did the purple on my worms was to start with Army Painter’s Alien Purple as a base coat and then ink over it with their Purple Tone ink. This gave it a nice deep tone over an appropriate base coat. Then I drybrushed on Oozing Purple (a lighter shade of purple) to get the highlights. Not a lot of work and a great, layered effect. I really enjoyed painting the siege units. They were full of detail and you didn’t have to paint too many of them.
  8. I think I can help you with your desire for Rank Discipline on the 2nd group of Scouts. I believe Seasoned Pathfinder is unique and so you can have only one per army. Tabletop Admiral does catch this. You could have this Scout unit take Rank Discipline and use them to threaten from the front with their free move onto the board. This will actually give you a 2 pt. bid for what it’s worth. At that point, you may want to take Sweeping Strikes off Lord H and give Moment of Inspiration to the 2nd Scout unit. With a reform into 4x1, the extra die (plus a re-roll) can hit for a lot of damage. Your Spearstar unit is solid. 😀 Remember, they can go 4 on I8- they will get across the board quickly enough. I always go back and forth with choosing to be first or second player when using Seasoned Pathfinder. I generally like to choose the deployment if able, but every now and again, you get an unfavorable mission that you want to choose around. I think the balance is quite nice. You have to be a little careful against the Latari, some of their units can actually move before you making the choice more complicated. All in all, a nice list...
  9. I am updating the stuff I did for Daqan and Waiqar. I’m also formatting it so you can take to an online card shop and print it off.. Give me another couple of weeks.... (hopefully) 😀
  10. Hey @Church14 thanks for the shout-out. I play Daqan the most but I also play Uthuk and Waiqar to keep things honest. My Latari force should be complete in another month or two. I actually have to big blocks of Scouts and was looking for a way to get them on the table. I love using Kari in that unit as they can pick off other units at range while in melee. You have to be a little careful who you get tied up with though as they have no defensive benefits, so try to choose your battles carefully. The 2x2 Oathsworn is a such a good all around unit. They move fast and hit surprisingly hard. The 3x1 Crossbowmen are like an ISD in an Imperial Armada fleet. You have to go out of your way to not use at least one. I’ve found Marching Cornicen to be such a good upgrade for them when combined with the 1-March on the right side of their dial. A great way to get some facing change after shooting to keep your crossbows on target. My thought with this list was to create a lot of confusion in my opponent with Seasoned Pathfinder and then seize upon that with two fast moving, hard hitting units. No blockers here, just hitters. Have other folks had success with 2x1 Scouts (maybe with Piercing Strike) as good blockers? It seems like Rune Golems fill that role much better (particularly with Baron Z). To be sure, they’re more maneuverable, but that high defense (and a Vitality token) means they can take a hit.
  11. You read it correctly. It allows you to make a Ranged attack while in melee. It does not convert your ranged attack into a melee attack. When charging, you make your melee attack. If you are engaged next turn, you make your Ranged attack on I5 rather than I4 as a melee attack.
  12. Hi everyone, Lots to talk about here.... 😀 @Church14 You hit it on the head, the Golems combined with the vitality from Baron Z gives them just enough to survive 2 rounds against most units. That means 1-2 shots from each of the Crossbows which, as you know, is a lot of damage, probably about 15 on average. @Datskor I like both of the lists you posted above. They are both very flexible. I really like the list with the 2xGolems, 2xCrossbows, and Cavalry as it can fight on a more narrow frontage and Oathsworn have a great dial (I3 Melee + 1 Defense). I have a couple of lists which use a 3x2 Crossbowmen with Tempered, but I have a 2x1 Spearmen with Rallying Cornicen nearby to keep them at high damage. I do like combining Forged in Battle with Column Tactics. You get to 3 threat with 2 rerolls. I’m not sure how the lists I recommended would work against fast chargers as I don’t play enough 😩, but I did structure the 3xRG, 3xHC to be able to deal with it in theory. As @Church14 said, I see the Daqan Crossbows as an equivalent or better choice to the Deepwood Archers in general. They can have the build with Fire Rune where you can get a re-roll and shoot late in turn, but if you’re not playing the Greyhaven Channeler’s, you can be subject to the random nature of the runes. I do like Deepwood’s in a 4x1 configuration (using Lord H). It’s a very scary ranged damage unit, but it requires a wide frontage to shoot. There’s a few deployment cards where you fight along the narrow side of the board and I’ve run into many problems with that. I was using Lord H and a bunch of 2x2 Oathsworn configured as 4x1. They hit for a ton of damage and could charge a long way when turning. I couldn’t use them very effectively though in some situations as they got in each other’s way. It’s great to be talking about RW after a few months off...
  13. Here’s one other Ranged Heavy List I use. The Golems are surprisingly good blockers with the Vitality from the Baron and the Crossbowmen are tricked out and ready to rock. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the Baron up to Fortuna’s and Nerekhall, so I settled for the melee version. He can hold a more determined unit while the Crossbows support if needed. 199/200 Baron Zachareth [38] 1x1 Reaping Blade [4]- Greyhaven Runelore [4]- Remove Unit [46] Rune Golems [17] 1x1 Remove Unit [17] Rune Golems [17] 1x1 Remove Unit [17] Rune Golems [17] 1x1 Remove Unit [17] Heavy Crossbowmen [27] 3x1 Tempered Steel [3]- [Music] Rank Discipline [4]- Remove Unit [34] Heavy Crossbowmen [27] 3x1 Tempered Steel [3]- [Music] Rank Discipline [4]- Remove Unit [34] Heavy Crossbowmen [27] 3x1 Tempered Steel [3]- [Music] Rank Discipline [4]- Remove Unit [34]
  14. Here’s a list I use with big Heavy Crossbowmen blocks. You get the re-roll with the 2nd rank freeing up the Training slot for Close Quarters Targeting. The Visored Helms works well with the Ranged Attack at I5. People shooting you first have to shoot through 2 Defense and 1 Protected. You can dial in Lance Corporal to get an extra hit or surge. With Hawthorne and the Rallying Cornicen, wash, rinse, repeat... 😀 199/200 Heavy Crossbowmen [48] 3x2 Lance Corporal [6]- Visored Helms [7]- [Music] Close Quarters Targeting [3]- Remove Unit [64] Heavy Crossbowmen [48] 3x2 Lance Corporal [6]- Visored Helms [7]- [Music] Close Quarters Targeting [3]- Remove Unit [64] Lord Hawthorne [34] 1x1 [Artifact] [Unique] Remove Unit [34] Spearmen [30] 2x2 [Champion] Tempered Steel [3]- Rallying Cornicen [4]- Remove Unit [37]
  15. Thanks for sharing your list idea here. I play Daqan a lot, but I’m not sure if my play style is different than yours. I don’t use many blockers rather I tend to build up better units with more upgrades. Having said that, I’m not a big fan of Forged in Battle on a unit with 3 ranks. The extra re-roll is largely wasted and you may not even be around to benefit from Brutal. Perhaps if you replaced Baron Z with Lord H, you could re-form them into a 3x2 where the re-roll may be more beneficial. You may also consider down-grading the Cavalry to a 2x2 unit (I’ve found them to be very effective) and spend the points to beef up your heroes. You could use Lord H in place of Baron Z and give him Might of Daqan and Shield of Margath. That makes him a real beast to take out and he will punch way above his weight. I’ve also become a huge fan of Marching Cornicen on the Heavy Crossbowmen. It gives them the ability to shoot and change their facing a bit- a very important capability for ranged units. I’m also not a big fan of the Deepwood Archers as they don’t seem to hit very hard (compared to Crossbowmen), but I understand you’re trying to use them as blockers with some ranged chip damage. I do like the mix of units you have though, it will force the opponent to come to you. Depending upon what the objectives are, I think it could be pretty effective. You’ll want to think how to handle a fast Uthuk list (is there any other type?) where they move up after your shot and move before you can shoot the next turn. In those instances, I find that having units with more staying power to be important. Good luck!!!
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