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  1. The melee icon is there to signify that you can use the surge ability(which happens to be a ranged effect) during a melee attack. It does not inherently denote any further properties, and I would love to see the area in the RRG that suggests this. It is most definitely a ranged effect. It is literally selecting a target at ranged. The problem is the ambiguous wording on the line of sight rule which can leave the interpretation of having line of sight as an implicit requirement for ranged effects that have a target. My entire argument was on the basis that the wording of the line of sight rule is not congruent with the rest of the game.
  2. IMO, as the person that originally led the charge for Kari requiring LOS as RAW, is that the line of sight section in the RRG will get reworded in a FAQ.
  3. No, it hurts itself the word "You" on upgrade cards is a game term referring to itself.
  4. I expect Line of Sight to be reworded to say: Ranged attacks require line of sight and ranged effects when specified require line of sight to their targets to resolve them.
  5. Remember the reanimate archers with master crafted weapons and combat ingenuity.
  6. A unit can pass through one trays worth of friendly units but can not end its movement on a friendly unit, if it would it collides with it. With what you are suggesting is that that calvary charge through a trays worth of models(which it could) but not have enough room to be placed with out overlapping on friendly models. It's movement ends at this point and would have collided with the Spearmen and suffers the associated penalty. Squaring up isn't part of a movement action
  7. Oathsworn Cavalry can not perform in the role you want them too. There skill icon is dependent on the blue actions. Unless you wanted to not melee attack and just use the skill in melee, which I think is a mistake as their attack roll is better then fire rune IMO. I do think the idea is extremely novel and there is definitely some play with it to be figured out as it interestingly enough gives them a way to deal damage while running in then which is something few units can do.
  8. Nah I don't think that. I can disagree with some one and still like them. Rule discussions are just an incredibly frank topic. Plus I like being told when I am obviously wrong, or wrong in general.
  9. My retort is that it has multiple targets. By applying an effect to something it is inherently targeting it, even if it is effecting other units at the same time. 64.6 still applies even under that intention. It's largely there to say if a unit a portion of it's base formation within the specified range it is a valid target for the effect. An example would be a big bad formation of skeletons 99 percent outside of range 2 but 1 tray is barely in, that unit would be at range 2.
  10. FFGs upcoming page is frequently inaccurate. I largely don't pay attention to it till it says shipping. Their LCG cycles are all printed and shipped at the same time and only leave the warehouse at different times for marketing reasons. If the coreset and all of the initial expansions weren't printed at the same time, I largely expect the others to be all printed at the same time and will roll on time. Plus has FFG missed date after the Asmodee merger? From the products I have followed, all of their project dates have been hit post merger. The logistic company started making the trains run on time. I have a fairly high confidence we will hit infantry command expansions in May.
  11. You keep using theme to justify rules and that is an incredibly poor reason. Use the RRG please. It basically amounts to you saying I feel this way so it is. I can just as easily say it's him picking up the earth underneath him and accidentally crushing his friends/slinging them at the enemy as to why it is just a cone effect and hits yourself. Instead I am going to use the reason that because it has a target(targets) it must use the line of sight rule which is derived from it's firing arc to determine if it hits multiple targets.
  12. I agree that is emphasizing an otherwise small word in the context of the game overall, but it is the foundation of the reasoning why a ranged attack or other ranged effects would require line of sight. So it seems to me that having to choose a target(s) is the primary reason why something would require line of sight; from that you can gleam on the cards themselves if they have targets/and would require line of sight. Of course this is going off the assumption that the RRG is 100 percent correct as is. Heartseeker only allows you to ignore line sight when performing a ranged attack. The ranged icon signifies this.
  13. By stating LOS is not the default requirement of ranged effects, it turns kari into a 360 degree attack. Something nothing else in the game is. It also makes uncontrolled geomancer a 360 degree attacker as well.
  14. IF LOS is implicit, where is it implicit and where is it not is what I'm currently trying to think about: 46: To perform a ranged attack or resolve other ranged effects, a unit must have line of sight to its target. Target is not a game term it is used in a plainspeak manner often following the word choose. Ardus is currently the largest target hit by this RAW interpretation. Well, I'm starting to think Ardus' ability never actually says to choose a target, so it wouldn't require LOS. Only effects that have a target require LOS. Protector also never choose's something, from the bearers point of view at least so no LOS is needed. Kari's ability is significantly neutered, but Kari by the points was the most efficient source of damage of in the game. It also makes wraithstep a bit more meaningful in positioning for using her ability.
  15. Just go with superglue. I detest plastic glue. Go with Loctite Gel Control. Best glue I have ever bought. Bonds fast, and I've never seen it break. Fixed a load bearing shelf clip in a bookshelf that I'm looking at right now.
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