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  1. deraforia

    Potential Advancement Oversight

    Yeah, I knew when I wrote that it was going to be taken the wrong way, I was just pressed for time and didn't have a chance to fix it.
  2. deraforia

    Potential Advancement Oversight

    Ikoma get all Rank 1 Fire Shuji in their curriculum at Rank 1. They also start with Fanning the Flames. They have early access to Dazzling Performance at Rank 2, they have Rallying Cry at Rank 3, early access to Sear the Wound at Rank 4... I believe, currently, all they are missing from their curriculum is Bravado and Lightning Raid, as far as Fire Shuji are concerned. Not too bad if they want to pick those up for a little less toward their next rank. I was worried about this sort of thing at first too, but you really have to look at the whole curriculum, not just what Technique Groups you get at a particular level.
  3. Pretty sure on Pin the Fan the you double first, then add successes. If you doubled everything, it would have to include language such as "twice the sum."
  4. Your entire post is picking nits. Clan Wars has been dead for a long time, while the CCG and RPG were both still being published up to the sale. "Trickle" is a subjective term. "Regular fantasy dice" is maybe a weird way to word it, but perfectly valid considering this is a fantasy game. And the last one is a specific example of a broader rule. None of these are factual errors.
  5. In what world is 22 greater than 715?
  6. deraforia

    Now I need....

    It should all be in Manchu's thread. There's been two cycles since the First Scroll, Imperial and Elemental. Both of these have six webfictions, six fictions that came in the card packs, and a few extra webfictions besides for events. There are also now two novellas, one focusing on the Phoenix and one on the Scorpion. I really hope they do another scroll compiling some of the fictions from after the First Scroll, especially so that they can include the card pack fictions in a more reader friendly format.
  7. deraforia

    Now I need....

    First up is Emerald Empire, which by my guess should release in December, or January at the latest.
  8. deraforia

    PDF Release?

    Ah. My worry is that this can all end up being one big game of telephone. There are probably many reasons why the PDF isn't available yet, and I certainly don't want to fault anyone in particular. I'm only concerned people may be putting blame somewhere because someone read into something more than was actually ever stated. Like I said, my knowledge of the inner workings at DriveThru is several years old. My understanding was a major company like FFG, at least at that point in time, had basically full control over publishing their works. It was the smaller publishers whose products would get held up. I tried looking around but didn't see anything. The thread you link references only Katrina's statement from discord, and the user then goes on to draw a conclusion from that which was never actually stated. Again, I'm very understanding that there can be many reasons why the PDF could be held up. Could be that FFG is taking a while to put together the bookmarks, or if we're super lucky they're fixing some of the errors that popped up in print, and don't want to put it out until that point. Or could be something else. I'm just looking for clarity about what seems to me to be an unfounded conclusion. It's why I cautioned people on discord the other day not to spam DriveThru with a ton of emails demanding their book.
  9. deraforia

    PDF Release?

    Do you have a source on that? My DTRPG knowledge is several years out of date, so things may be different now, but it seems unlikely that DriveThru would be holding the process up.
  10. I'll offer my take. 1. They kind of don't fit into society. Even within their own clan, they are technically the leadership, but in practice administration falls to the Mirumoto family. Among a clan that embraces individualism, the Togashi exemplify it. They spend their time seeking enlightenment, in what way is appropriate to them. 2. Yes. In all seriousness, they are both. They are the adopted descendants of the Kami Togashi. What honorable samurai can argue against that? 3. As often as there are individual ise zumi whose path to enlightenment involves interacting with the world at large. They are not a large family, and most samurai will likely never encounter one, but everyone will know stories about them. 4. They act to their own strength, I would imagine. One might be a yojimbo for a Kitsuki courtier, another might be the one acting as the representative of the Dragon's interests.
  11. deraforia


    I think the first Phoenix fiction of the new timeline referenced the katana as a creation of the Agasha.
  12. I wouldn't mind seeing the Spider again, detached from the Shadowlands and the taint. The Order of the Spider, Shourido, I like these concepts better for the storyline and game than a pseudo-Shadowlands faction.
  13. deraforia

    Will there be a PDF?

    Based on FFG's other properties, the answer would seem to be yes. When the PDF will be released is another question, however. I believe the Realms of Terrinoth PDF was released at the same time as the physical release.
  14. @Shosur0 Because representation matters. Because people want to see and play as characters who reflect who they are. Women don't generally want to play characters that are unequal to men, and LGBT+ persons don't generally want to play in a world where they are treated as inferior. They have to put up with enough of that in the real world, why would they want to have to stress about that in their fantasy game? Rokugan can still be an awful place, where people are treated inferior because of the circumstances of their birth, but sex, identity, orientation, and complexion don't need to factor into that.
  15. I'm about halfway through the interview, but I love everything I've heard so far. I'm especially interested in her background in PbP RP, the kind without dice. Since that is also where I entered into the RP world, I'm glad that she has some stewardship for this game and was able to bring her insights as someone who started in that environment.