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  1. You know, I'm not certain. I know the core book had a lot of errors in school curricula that got cleared up in the PDF, and Shadowlands I believe had some clarifications as well. I don't have a physical book to compare to, so I'm not sure what changes were made. I do know the released a version with better maps, at least.
  2. Because he doesn't need to stay at rank 1 to learn rank 1 invocations. ETA: And rising in rank faster means he gets access to better invocations. It also allows him to prepare more invocations.
  3. Yeah, there's a misunderstanding somewhere. If the intent is to power game, he's failing.
  4. I guess I'm a little uncertain why they're doing it that way. They can still purchase rank 1 earth invocations at rank 2, they just only contribute half xp to the next rank. Are they just disinterested in the Emerald Magistrate curriculum? If so, they can absolutely do it that way. It just seems like a waste. Once they complete it they won't have privileged access to all of those Kata, only able to pick up Open Hand in rank 3. Again, if they don't have any interest in Trade Skills, Martial Arts, Fitness, Performance, Kata, or Shallow Waters, that's fine. But I'd think they'd find a few things in there that they would want.
  5. No one who can answer that posts on the forums. This wait does seem longer even than the previous ones. Generally they seem to do a bit of errata before posting the PDFs. Hopefully they will be up soon. If you really need an answer, you can always try contacting Customer Service.
  6. I don't see anything unbalancing about that. Keep in mind Kuni Purifiers already have both tags and access to Invocations and Kata.
  7. I heard back today on the questions I sent. Here they are for context: Hello, I had two questions regarding timing around Iaijutsu Cut: Rising Blade: 1) If I spend an opportunity from IC:RB to draw a second weapon and then spend an opportunity for the Mirumoto Two-Heavens Adept mastery ability Heart of the Dragon to perform a strike action with the second weapon, does the strike action resolve before finishing resolution of Rising Blade, or does Rising Blade finish resolving before the strike action is performed? 2) Let's say my opponent has a Vigilance of 3. If I use Rising Blade in fire stance, and I keep one success and one opportunity, and I use that opportunity to inflict strife on my opponent making them Compromised and setting their Vigilance to 1, does the TN change to 1 (meaning the attack succeeds), or does it remain at the initial TN of 3 (meaning the attack fails)? I received this response:
  8. Earth stance does prevent your opponent from spending opportunities to inflict a critical strike. It applies to all Attack action checks and all Scheme action checks. They cannot spend opportunities to inflict critical strikes or conditions.
  9. For an example duel, here's one I wrote. It was me testing the system rather than trying to show off how to use the system, so I'm not certain how well it will work for learning. Warning: it's pretty long.
  10. I'm okay with allowing players to choose an option that best fits their character.
  11. As @AtoMaki says, Wandering Rōnin has pretty good strife negation as it is, and I don't think rōnin should otherwise get a free pass from strife. They're still living in the same world as Clan samurai, and in many ways have stressors most other samurai never have to deal with. Strife definitely still has its place.
  12. So, I'm pretty sure that while you spend opportunities for a critical strike before you check for success, the actual critical strike doesn't resolve until the requirement is met, i.e. after you determine success. This makes sense to me, as we have other examples of opportunities having effects after the check resolves (providing assistance, for example).
  13. I don't see anything that specifies one or the other in the book or the FAQ/Errata document. The ability only seems to require having a readied weapon that has not already been used for an attack action. It does not require having two weapons readied.
  14. I sent off a couple of questions to the devs for clarification. We'll see if/when they get back to me.
  15. In this case, the relevant entry is on page 133, under the Ferocity anxiety that begins on the previous page: This would override the normal rules for defeating minions.
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