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  1. >80% of Star Wars fans playing this game: "Jabba the Hutt? Boba Fett, IG-88, and Bossk? Weequay pirates and Gamorrean guards? A rancor? I don't recognize any of this." /s
  2. Both Imperials and Rebels (in the comics) ride these Jedha camels in canon
  3. Which is exactly why I went with a $9 Revell speeder off Amazon haha
  4. The Bandai Snowspeeder is just slightly larger than the Legion model. The Revell 1:52 Snowspeeder is just slightly smaller than the Legion model - but is also much less expensive and easier to assemble.
  5. Yeah I'm on team make "Chewbacca a special forces unit". Same with Boba Fett - I wouldn't even want him as a commander for a Scum faction. Characters like those are heroic and have a large impact on the fight, but don't necessarily fill a commanding role. Introduce these types of characters as single trooper special forces units in the 80-120 point range and I'll be very happy. Can't wait to see how they implement Chewbacca. I'd like to be able to field him as his own standalone unit but it'd also be really cool to be able to use him as an upgrade to Han Solo. This is similar to how I'd like to see them design Royal Guards and Deathtroopers. They'd make really cool units by themselves - but could also serve a role as "guardian" upgrades for Emperor Palpatine and Directory Krennic if they ever become things.
  6. The Mon Calamari trooper is awesome! Sculpted yourself?
  7. Palpatine for Commander 2018
  8. Ran 3 naked ATRTs today with a T47, Luke, and 4 Rebel Trooper squads. Played Intercept the Transmissions and tied on victory points but ended up winning due to score. Opponent was running Vader, 2 Speederbike squads, and 5 Stormtrooper squads. Found the ATRTs to be pretty underwhelming without upgrades. They served as a distraction the first two rounds or so but I only ever ended up getting one of them into combat. If it wasn't for some spectacular rolling on Luke's part and an abysmal round of saves from Vader, I'd have lost big time.
  9. @Lord Ashram the set up for your gaming stuff and historic paraphernalia is seriously so awesome. oh and the painting is nice too I guess
  10. And cannot use disintegrations if Darth Vader is in your list
  11. So that Comms card that’s partially obscured in the Commando pack is called “HQ U...” and reads “During the...of the Comm...an order.” Anyone wanna bet the card is called HQ Uplink and the full text is: During the Issue Orders step of the Command Phase, give this unit an order. Based on that, I’m betting the card is either very expensive or needs to be exhausted to be used.
  12. @Caimheul1313 Yeah its a longshot that we'd get SWL 14/15 with the Solo movie in May but I'm holding out hope that they'll surprise us. If I recall correctly, when FFG released TFA ships and the TFA starter set for X-Wing, they kept it under wraps until two or three weeks before it hit stores.
  13. So we’re missing product codes SWL 14 & 15 (which are between Leia/Fleet Troopers and the terrain expansions) and SWL 18 & 19 (which are between the terrain expansions and Solo/Commandos). Alex Davy mentioned Scout Troopers at some point so I’m guessing those and an Imperial Commander will release alongside Solo and Rebel Commandos. Maybe Thrawn or Piett or Pryce. Those would be SWL 18 & 19 releasing sometime in Q3 2018. As for products SWL 14 and 15, I’d assume they’d release sooner - so sometime in Q2. Coincidentally the Solo movie releases at the end of May. I wonder if we’ll see two units around late May or June that coincide with that movie. Maybe Range Troopers or Mud Troopers and a Rebel counterpart.
  14. These are spectacular. One of my favorite things about Legion releasing is getting to see all the awesome paintjobs ahead
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