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  1. I heard in the longer cut of the movie, you can see Vader’s castle in the background, so that’s probably it. I can’t believe they cut so much exposition and world-building from the movie.
  2. Idk I think the inclusion of a differentiation between Operative and Commander in the design space shows that they define characters. Boba Fett doesn’t command Imperial forces... so he’s an Operative. Luke and Vader act as commanders sometimes and act as agents attached to a force other times... they get Operative and Commander. Jyn performed a spec ops mission adjacent to one battle in which she wasn’t the leader... she should’ve been an Operative. It’ll be awesome to play against Naboo droid lists led by Maul and it’s great to see Scarif lists led by Jyn. Doesn’t fit with their characters though 🤷‍♂️
  3. Because Maul was cut in half, tossed down a shaft, and taken to a landfill in 34 BBY, a full decade before the CIS existed (24 BBY). I won’t be surprised when they release him, but it’ll just be so people can have a rule of cool Battle of Naboo army, not because it makes sense as part of TCW. He makes even less sense being in game as a CIS commander or operative than when they released Jyn Erso as a Rebel commander.
  4. Was so glad to see the movie leave a couple of open threads for fun novels and comic books. Looking forward to seeing Lando’s adventure with Jannah in particular, but also to see if they go anywhere with Finn’s revelation. The opportunity to explore ancient Jedi and Sith knowledge is also vastly opened in this movie. I do wish there was more clarity on The Chosen One prophecy and how it relates to Anakin, Rey, Palp’s survival in 6, etc. 9’s run time was 10 minutes shorter than 8’s and I think this movie could’ve vastly improved with an added 10 minutes of exposition regarding the Prophecy, the Dyad, zombie Palpatine’s survival, Exegol, and even little things like making the audience aware that Kylo was retrieving the Wayfinder from an ark at Vader’s Castle on Mustafar. That’s such a cool piece of flavor that easily can just be viewed as Kylo is on a random ash planet killing random people.
  5. Really glad to see some more inspiration added for a Resistance force in this game. And after seeing how extensively they reference ancient Sith in the visual dictionary, I’m hopeful that one day we can look forward to watching the Old Republic era play out on the big screen and on the tabletop as well.
  6. I agree that JJ fumbled much of the storytelling in Episode 7, however I think we disagree on whether Episode 8 added clarity to the overarching story or whether it muddled it further. I don’t wanna derail this Episode 9 thread by getting too much into the prior films but I will respond to the point about the antagonists (as it probably requires the least lengthy rebuttal and is pertinent to how Episode 9 begins). Going into this movie we had seen Kylo defeated by the protagonist in the first act, Snoke and Phasma die, and Hux get turned into a neutered punching bag through the entire second act. Who was the audience supposed to be scared of?
  7. This is the first in the Sequel Trilogy that I actively want to watch again - if for no other reason than to attempt to catch all the background information I missed in the first viewing. I think JJ was trying to cram two films worth of story into one movie here and the pacing and exposition suffered because of it. That said, I can’t really blame him, as Episode 8 left him in a position where he had to (in the THIRD installment of a trilogy): -establish an antagonist -establish a clear motivation for the protagonist (this one is Episode 7’s fault) -force the protagonist to fail, train, and confront struggle in order to develop as a character -show our triad of heroes go on an adventure together I’m wondering how I’ll feel about it after a second viewing, but right now RoS is probably my favorite of the Sequel Trilogy. It’s fun, epic in scale, and opens a ton of new doors for Star Wars lore in the new canon. Unfortunately it still leaves me wondering if the Sequel Trilogy improved (or added meaningfully to) the story of the Skywalkers in a way that justifies its creation.
  8. >80% of Star Wars fans playing this game: "Jabba the Hutt? Boba Fett, IG-88, and Bossk? Weequay pirates and Gamorrean guards? A rancor? I don't recognize any of this." /s
  9. Both Imperials and Rebels (in the comics) ride these Jedha camels in canon
  10. Which is exactly why I went with a $9 Revell speeder off Amazon haha
  11. The Bandai Snowspeeder is just slightly larger than the Legion model. The Revell 1:52 Snowspeeder is just slightly smaller than the Legion model - but is also much less expensive and easier to assemble.
  12. Yeah I'm on team make "Chewbacca a special forces unit". Same with Boba Fett - I wouldn't even want him as a commander for a Scum faction. Characters like those are heroic and have a large impact on the fight, but don't necessarily fill a commanding role. Introduce these types of characters as single trooper special forces units in the 80-120 point range and I'll be very happy. Can't wait to see how they implement Chewbacca. I'd like to be able to field him as his own standalone unit but it'd also be really cool to be able to use him as an upgrade to Han Solo. This is similar to how I'd like to see them design Royal Guards and Deathtroopers. They'd make really cool units by themselves - but could also serve a role as "guardian" upgrades for Emperor Palpatine and Directory Krennic if they ever become things.
  13. The Mon Calamari trooper is awesome! Sculpted yourself?
  14. Palpatine for Commander 2018
  15. Ran 3 naked ATRTs today with a T47, Luke, and 4 Rebel Trooper squads. Played Intercept the Transmissions and tied on victory points but ended up winning due to score. Opponent was running Vader, 2 Speederbike squads, and 5 Stormtrooper squads. Found the ATRTs to be pretty underwhelming without upgrades. They served as a distraction the first two rounds or so but I only ever ended up getting one of them into combat. If it wasn't for some spectacular rolling on Luke's part and an abysmal round of saves from Vader, I'd have lost big time.
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