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    AngryAlbatross reacted to MidWestScrub in [Blog] The Ultimate Negative Play Experience.   
    It won't drive be away because I've been around long enough to know how rare this type of thing is, but that is definately a concern with newer players, or veterans who are tired of other aspects of the game as well. 
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Refugeanoth in Objurator-class Assault Cruiser. My next 3d-printed epic project ship for HOTAC!   
    What started as more of a challenge for my buddies printers capabilities ended up actually getting made! The Objurator is 4 feet from bow to stern and 2 feet wide and will feature the most firepower and hit points of any ship I've yet to field! Due to the ships massive size, it's likely that her movement will be minimal on my 6x3 play area, but I'm actually working on a design for a 12x5 table specifically to accommodate this and my other larger vessels. I'll be posting updates here as the ship get's built out and painted and as I make the cards for it! 
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Herowannabe in Make BB-8 Great Again.   
    Put him where he belongs: with Poe. Add Black One title and primed thrusters, then start familiarizing yourself with all the possible shenanigans. 

    Have fun.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to thespaceinvader in Why is Ciena Ree 10 points?   
    She's hilariously overpriced especially considering the highest init she can go on is 5, and the highest init she can *reasonably* go on is 4.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Rangor in Anakin + 2 ARCs.   
    From my experience, if you want to play exact these 3 ships, you might try this one:
    Anakin Skywalker (60)
    R3 Astromech (3)
    Delta-7B (18)
    "Jag" (49)
    Seventh Fleet Gunner (9)
    "Wolffe" (51)
    Seventh Fleet Gunner (9)
    Total: 199
    View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Cuz05 in Anakin + 2 ARCs.   
    My son has taken rather keenly to the Republic, hurrah!
    Our only options so far are the Delta and 2 ARCs, but it's been enough to get him list building and trialling at home again. Which is fantastic for me, his interest in X Wing had lessened enough that our regular store tourneys were enough to sate it. Now he has this new list, he's very keen to get it ticking, so I get more list trialling of my own.
    His main wish atm is to get VTG working on the ARCs. I think there's a bit of potential there, although very dependent on flying them just so...
    A very little fine tuning has come up with this, which we'll test at home this week, on our 3rd run with it. The 1st 2 were sweeping victories for him with roughly 20pt of unused upgrades.... Since he just went gung ho with Ani and wrecked all my stuff with him, while the ARCs contributed relatively little.
    (60) Anakin Skywalker [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (10) Calibrated Laser Targeting (15) Battle Meditation Points: 85
    (42) 104th Battalion Pilot [ARC-170 Starfighter] (8) Perceptive Copilot (4) Veteran Tail Gunner (3) R3 Astromech Points: 57
    (42) 104th Battalion Pilot [ARC-170 Starfighter] (8) Perceptive Copilot (4) Veteran Tail Gunner (3) R3 Astromech Points: 57
    Total points: 199
    Game plan feels a little obvious and counterable. ARCs clearly station as centrally as possible, offset their angles and focus. Anakin hangs off and Coords the flurry of locks at I6. Or a surprising I6 barrel roll for a VTG trigger. Once the enemy is sufficiently softened, Anakin tidies up.
    However, I quite fancy getting the 7th Gunner working. I feel like there's some strong unpredictability and more reliability with the following list. So I may trial this on my casual night.
    (60) Anakin Skywalker [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (10) Calibrated Laser Targeting (15) Battle Meditation Points: 85
    (47) Squad Seven Veteran [ARC-170 Starfighter] (9) Seventh Fleet Gunner Points: 56
    (47) Squad Seven Veteran [ARC-170 Starfighter] (9) Seventh Fleet Gunner Points: 56
    Total points: 197
    Can work with Anakin coording the lock/roll ofc. But equally, the Battle Med can work as a bluff, Anakin will be expected to play safe. The ARCs can obviously sit off and chuck a couple 4 dice focus/lock attacks while he does that. But they can also distract, block/bail and donate the 7th Gunner dice to a surprise engage from Anakin, hopefully sitting R1 with bullseye for 5 dice. A risky move but it's all about setting up the blind, as always.
    I've gone with the I3s for debatable reasons. There are a lot of I2 generics we can Init kill. There are an increasing number of I3s that can do the same to us. Fear of the block is real, but with Bat Med in there, there are possible mitigations.
    Another alternative is dropping to I2 and equipping R4-P to the ARCs. Opening up the 3 hard and 4 fwd to coord shenanigans.
    I imagine the force power on Anakin is the most debatable inclusion, a target of the highest priority giving up his force and action. But I feel like it's worth a test, a couple turns of safety and a double coord can swing things massively.
    Edit. Other Jedi are clearly options too, Ahsoka and Plo can also fill a good support roll for the Clones. Anakin is our focus atm though.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to thespaceinvader in Jag/R3/Synced Console Question   
    No. Acquiring a lock is not performing a lock action.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Darth Meanie in Epic and more Happy Friday   
    Hammerhead Corvette
    Naboo Cruiser
    Republic Corvette
    Corvus resculpt
    Corellian Gunship
    Jabba's Sailbarge
    Wilde Card
    OK, I guess that brings us to 2050.  So, I'll stop here.
    And next year I can go to Adepticon to play Epic, not just to buy a mini.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to agenttherock in Idea: Purple Maneuvers   
    Not sure if this has been discussed already somewhere else but I was wondering what everyone thought about the idea of purple maneuvers? Now that we have purple actions as well as red actions do you think there is any possibility that a future Jedi starfighter might have a few purple maneuvers? (A maneuver that may only be performed by spending a force). Perhaps used for a particularly good maneuver for the ETA-2?
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Darth Meanie in FFG Panel at Adepticon   
    This would be a great ship to allow all 7 factions access to.
    Unless they are really going to start kicking out Huge ships like crazy, multi-faction ships should be a thing.
    I would be torn about this.
    Pro:  Epic would get much better representation and support.  Finally, the death of "who plays Epic?" snark.
    Con:  I liked that Epic had no meta.
    I also hope that things like the Shuttle Tydirium get to been created as the Narrative part of Epic.  It looks like Armada is already onto its second campaign!!  I cant wait for this to be an element of XWM.
    Did anyone corner the FFG panel about the poor quality of the App at Adepticon??
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to gamblertuba in FFG Panel at Adepticon   
    Epic 2.0?
    It's coming and it's awesome.  We just finished developing.  Do not have to buy new ships!
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in Is that the First Order TIE Interceptor?   
    I love Lando’s throwback gear.   REAL Heros do wear capes.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Rapture in Is that the First Order TIE Interceptor?   
    On the lower right side? With the triangle wings? Bleh. I hope not.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Rettere in Paige Tico / "Deathfire" contradiction   
    Lol in the meantime I am going to enjoy dropping four bombs in one turn with Paige on a VTG bomber!
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to MasterShake2 in X-Wing Moments (Expressed in the form of GIF's)   
    When Zari Bangel bumps, then boosts past you and rotates arc anyways

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    AngryAlbatross reacted to DR4CO in X-Wing Moments (Expressed in the form of GIF's)   
    When your friend steals your list and wins the event with it:

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    AngryAlbatross reacted to millertime059 in Impervium Plating Vs Hull upgrade   
    All hail the incoming Maarek Stele meta!
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to XPav in X-Wing Moments (Expressed in the form of GIF's)   
    Playing X-Wing at home with friends.

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    AngryAlbatross reacted to DR4CO in X-Wing Moments (Expressed in the form of GIF's)   
    What it's like to fight against five RZ-2s:

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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Maui. in X-Wing Moments (Expressed in the form of GIF's)   
    Anytime someone mentions a Legends character I've never heard of

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    AngryAlbatross reacted to TasteTheRainbow in X-Wing Moments (Expressed in the form of GIF's)   
    When you notice a passerby looking repeatedly from the board state to your opponents bomb(that they clearly forgot they have equipped).

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    AngryAlbatross reacted to BDrafty in X-Wing Moments (Expressed in the form of GIF's)   
    1. Using your Quadjumper to tractor an ace ship for a seriously clutch play

    2. Getting Fenn Rau into range 1 AND remembering that you equiped him with fearless

    3. Just flying 4-LOM and Palob in general...

    4. The thrill of using a list that has several copies of barrage rockets in it

    5. When you have to explain to an opponent that he is using an illegal combo or upgrade

    6. Taking your homebrew list to a tournament

    7. Waiting (without grace) for FFG to points adjust a much loved and often played list of yours to death

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    AngryAlbatross reacted to feltipern1 in Resistance Bomber Questions   
    Official Rulings update for Paige Tico bomb drop:
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Juunon in Vulture Drods firing Proton Rockets   
    I've been calling them "bulbasaurs".
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    AngryAlbatross got a reaction from Odanan in WEBSITE IS LIVE, POINTS ARE UP   
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