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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Kehl_Aecea in If you could change 1 thing...   
    If you could rewrite an aspect of X-Wing, what would it be? Pilot card ability? Upgrade? Core mechanic? Ship dial or stats?

    I'm torn between two:

    1) remove the ship limit. Can you field more than 8? GO FOR IT

    2) Limit the number of large based ships OR add a point to multiple large base ships. So, if you're making a list, the first large based ship cost remains the same, but any additional large based ship will have a point increase.  Basically, this is to encourage small and medium ship combat and keeping large base ships sparse and special.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to PaulRuddSays in Happy Friday - Which faction has the best tie fighter....   
    How was Seevor not already stated?
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to svelok in Hyperspace Cups?   
    FFG OP posted them to Facebook:
    Top four get invites.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to SpiderMana in Passive Sensor + Composure   
    Yeaaah I think I’d rather it be a little abusable and cost appropriately, personally, but. Oh well. Composure Hera is fun, if a looot if points to sink into one trick.
    Edit: at least it’s more viable than Hatin’ Kanan... 😞
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to SpiderMana in Passive Sensor + Composure   
    Composure Corran + Seismic New Meta???
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to SabineKey in Passive Sensor + Composure   
    I don’t think an E-Wing can fail a lock. Unless it is range one of all enemies and obstacles, there is always something for it to get lock on. 
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Captain Lackwit in Padme's *what* initiative?!   
    Because Padme is married to the actual best starfighter pilot in the galaxy.

    EDIT: I realize reading between lines is hard. I'm inferring that Anakin's taught her stuff.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to MegaSilver in Padme's *what* initiative?!   
    For all we know this is younger Ahsoka we first see (hence "Snips"), and not as experienced?
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Blail Blerg in The Seinar Specialist I2 Tie Aggressor is morbidly overcosted   
    It literally has the same hull shields, similar dial to the Torrent, similarly ok actions, with the only exception being that it HAS a turret slot. As we know, most of the time, slots are worth 0-2 points. 
    Thus the Seinar is easily 3-5 points overcosted. 
    The Gunboat currently also lacks a niche 
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to ClassicalMoser in N-1 Naboo Starfighter Preview!   
    I love how the art is the TIE/sf. They'll love this for a Lock -> Rotate during engagement. Missiles will be great on them.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to ficklegreendice in Hyena Article - Living Starfighters   
    ". Already an ideal candidate to help control its fellow droids, DBS-32C is made even stronger by the fact that it can carry a Tactical Relay like TA-175 into battle."
    assuming the article isn't wrong...as ffg articles love to occasionally be...we have our winner!
    (Looks like he might not be able to ordnance though, as the hyena is split into seperate loadout types ala the article
    we got our ordnance, our launch bomber, and this dude)
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to RStan in Hyena Article - Living Starfighters   
    Also.....Red Jam on this guys action bar instead of Red Reload?!?!?!?!?!
    Different actions available on different uniques????
    That's pretty dang cool. 
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Innese in Hyena Article - Living Starfighters   
    Oh hey look a release date of June 6th
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Brunas in Grand Championship Nationals   
    this is not a reference I was expecting today...
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Elkerlyc in Happy Other Friday .....   
    My wife does not play (tactical) games. (Pandemic legacy, eldritch horror etc she does though)
    But she gives me advice on paintschemes for my many wargames.
    (which is useful given the fact that I am pretty poor at that)
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to ClassicalMoser in Happy Other Friday .....   
    I actually got this game when I saw it at B&N because I thought it would help me bond with my Father-in-Law, who is a very big Star Wars fan. I like games, he likes Star Wars, perfect compromise, right?
    Little did I know it would end up pulling me deep, deep into the world of Star Wars lore, and now He, his brother-in-law and I all have over 50 ships each.
    Still can’t get my wife or any of my own family to play much, except for getting my younger brother a little 2e Resistance and FO for Christmas.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to ficklegreendice in Let's Talk Blockers   
    I mean, you gotta be lower I to block by definition, unless you've set up a large base in a poor bwing's face
    The "best" blockers are just low I dudes with good speed and repositioning, making something like the I 1 A-wings the best (in theory). Another BIG mention is the I 1 scum falcon of large base boosting hilarity.
    But I can't ever seem to justify taking a ship for the sole purpose of blocking, because then you're banking a lot on something that does not occur so often. After all, range 1-3 is MARKEDLY larger than Range 0! Mainly, I just take a PEWPEW ship that CAN block because it's lower I than the opponent
    Still, I'll bring up i2 Arcs (because of course I would). Medium base makes them easier to overlap and gives them good displacement despite their dial. RED rolls let them get into irritating positions. They've got a good forward facing primary for cost AND can shoot out the rear in case the enemy flies right by!
    Also Starvipers, with their flexible speed 1 manuever, boost, and weirdo roll get them into spots your opponent can't anticipate. Pair with coordinate and just let hilarity unfold 
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Ximatique in Hyena Bomber Cost Speculation   
    The batktoid prototype can ignore focus or lock requirements to fire ordnance
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Transmogrifier in Hyena Bomber Cost Speculation   
    I'm hoping for something in the 26-28 point range for the I1. The biggest concern for making them too inexpensive is if they end up being a good Barrage Rocket platform, and it's currently unclear what sort of hoops they have to jump through to make those work. Otherwise, they are relying a lot on supporting abilities to enable them to use ordnance effectively against higher initiative ships.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Darth Meanie in Rebel Pilots - Help me brainstorm!   
    If you don't have Lt. Wenton Chan, your list isn't even worth talking about:

    On a more serious note, Tiree, Pops, Blue Squadron, and Wraith Squadron all need representation.

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    AngryAlbatross reacted to AceDogbert in Unwritten Rules of Tournament X-Wing   
    If your game wraps up quickly/one game looks like it'll run to time, don't wander over and start providing commentary to other games.
    It is a distraction for the people still playing, and is very rude.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Dax12387 in Unwritten Rules of Tournament X-Wing   
    If playing with Obi-Wan Kenobi, use between 4 and two dozen pegs.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Captain Lackwit in Unwritten Rules of Tournament X-Wing   
    No matter how badly you lost, no matter what your rolls were, even if you show your discontent with your luck...

    Shake their hand and say good game.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to ScummyRebel in Unwritten Rules of Tournament X-Wing   
    Always drink water. Have a water bottle that you can refill.
    Always shake the hand of your opponent before the game starts. Always wish them luck on their future matches after it ends.
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