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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Hiemfire in Miniature Market: Just changed my wave 4 order status   
    Mid June if they keep with their current pattern.
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    AngryAlbatross got a reaction from Archangelspiv in How long will FFG maintain the low initiative swarm spam?   
    Right now I am seeing high low mixes do the best.  People who have lists that can block but also dodge in the endgame are doing very well.
    Great examples of this are the 5 resistance A's, Rebel beef, the Kylo Double ups build.
    If you can outfly the opponent you win.  Thats how it should be!
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    AngryAlbatross got a reaction from Skitch_ in How long will FFG maintain the low initiative swarm spam?   
    Right now I am seeing high low mixes do the best.  People who have lists that can block but also dodge in the endgame are doing very well.
    Great examples of this are the 5 resistance A's, Rebel beef, the Kylo Double ups build.
    If you can outfly the opponent you win.  Thats how it should be!
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Captain Lackwit in [Wave IV] HD spreads for N1, Resistance Transport & Hyena   
    Fascinating stuff to be honest. They really want me to buy into The Republic. They reeeeaaally do.

    'Cause **** near ain't nothin' coming out for The Resistance... What, we've got five ships once the transport comes out? But by wave 5 The Republic will effectively have... Six? Don't tell me the Delta-7 and the Delta-7B are the same ship. Those stat changes change everything about how you fly it and how much it costs to a... kind of insane degree actually. I mean, 11 points for a better dial, the ability to boost and keep 3 firepower, have a force token, one of the shortest Sloops in the game, and turn tighter than a Red Squadron Veteran at I3? Just 11 extra points for almost twice the performance.

    Compare that to a naked Jedi Knight. It's a different ship.

    Transport's gonna' be interesting though. Way I'm looking at it, may not end up running the full thing. No firepower's lost, but the cannon slot definitely will be. But maybe, just maybe, my X-Wings want that Cannon slot instead. Maybe that'll make them viable for me to use.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to TheCeilican in How long will FFG maintain the low initiative swarm spam?   
    It ended a month ago
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to viedit in Snap Shot   
    Yeah, basically soontir and Fenn are never going to want to front an opponent.  They often come up a bit short to the range 2 zone to prevent the block if don't know how fast their opponent is going to come in.  Then in Fels case will use double reposition to hop out of arc possibly or shoot in to a R1 kill shot with a boost.  Same with Fenn.  He wants to come in just short of R1 and then choose to boost in to pull all of his r1 shenanigans.  Again, he risks getting half pointed at range 2 before he even activates if dice variance goes sideways.
    With the inclusion of passive sensors, you really put ships into bad places.  Stay range 3 and the passive sensor ship can TL and chuck a missile or torp at you without any R3 mods.  Land into r2 and you take a snap shot, plus eat a missile or torp if you don't boost into R1.  Or you can try and shoot the R2 band and hope your opponent doesn't come in too fast and force a block.  Uhg.  With VTG already adding double attacks, this just feels like an unnecessary addition into the game.  I understand that yes there is the option of just never fronting your opponent, but then you've just forced them into one style of play.  I don't like it.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Matanui3 in Snap Shot   
    Does this potentially replace Juke on Seevor?  Seems like a good way to get early jams without needing Swarm Tactics...
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Magnus Grendel in Snap Shot   
    This. Adding a range 2 'banana of death' in front of a ship essentially increases the area that a blocker can threaten - anything within range 1 of its final position there's a credible chance of hitting the blocker, but flying slow to avoid this risks running into snap shot(s). Being range 2 rather than range 1 means massed snap shots will be very hard completely.
    Not that Wedge is a bad pilot to add it to regardless - there are relatively few ways to make an unmodifiable attack more effective, and his pilot ability is one of them. Using his 'snap shot' arc as a 'keep clear' zone means that people will be hesitant to park somewhere that you can block a speed 1 move - and if they do, you have a chance to do something about it before you activate.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to pickirk01 in Snap Shot   
    But the lower init ship moving before the Snap shot ship KNOWS where the Range 2 arc is and can avoid it.  An I6 snap will rarely trigger.
    Meanwhile, if the snap ship is lower initiative, it can anticipate where the higher Init ship might go.  You can then decide if you want to move to block, move where you think they are going to go to avoid the snap to outflank them, or simply move to set up the snap, but whichever it is, the higher Init ship has to Guess to avoid the snap and so the lower init ship is ALWAYS at an advantage in the snap shot game.
    I played a 1.0 match where I had 2 Snap/Push the limit Green Squadron A's vs Dengar in the Punishing One (we each had other ships but we sort of broke off into two groups and it was my 2 A's vs Dengar.)  I killed Dengar in 2 turns of shooting.  One A-Wing blocked him and one positioned where I thought the block would be to set up the Snap.  Both times he moved into the block, one of those being blocked onto an asteroid.  The trailing A-Wing rolled 8 hits with his 10 red dice over the 4 attacks, Dengar took a hit on the rock and blanked on all but one of his unmodified greens with the final hit being a Direct Hit crit to give the Greed Squadron Pilot a solo kill on Dengar.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to pickirk01 in Snap Shot   
    If I have Wedge with Snap, all my enemy's ships that move before me are going to avoid ending at range 2 in my arc if they can.  If I have a Phoenix AWing I can move anywhere I want and try to catch an enemy moving after me in my Snap zone.
    Because Init has a huge impact on this upgrade's effectiveness, do we think this could be a variable priced upgrade that costs more on lower Init pilots?  Possibly ranging from say, 7 pt for Init 0 down to 1 pt for init 6?
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to player3010587 in Snap Shot   
    This. My Soontir would never do the 2 bank approach to even a crackless snap and the boost + br away. Even if it was the best move. Because my paranoia told me it was a guaranteed hit + crit (direct!) or crit (major + direct) and thus death!
    And that fear is not irrational, even though acting upon it in many cases can be. In round 3 at the Indy regional on Saturday, my Midnight nattied a hit crit into a tokenless Soontir at R3, killing him. Tokenless Maarek retaliated with a hit crit natty r3 back, which ate the shield and revealed a direct!
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Phelan Boots in Snap Shot   
    The A-Wing’s big draw to Snap Shot is adding a bonus attack to an otherwise undergunned ship.  Snap could cost up to 6 points and fit in my fantasy list, which I think is pretty likely.
    Im envisioning a scenario where Intimidation & Predator Arvel blocks an enemy at R2 of my four Snap Shot Greens, and I think that could be pretty powerful.  The fact that Trick Shot works with both Snap Shot and primary attacks is just gravy.
    Also, I think you’re underestimating my love of flying A-awing!!!  😉
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Herowannabe in Snap Shot   
    In my experience, snapshot’s biggest advantage is not the chance to do an extra damage here or there, but rather it encourages your opponent to make bad decisions
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to svelok in Snap Shot   
    they're both bonus attacks, so no dice
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    AngryAlbatross got a reaction from Kanawolf in Snap Shot   
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Gilarius in Call for suggestions: What are you having fun with that we should try??   
    I've tried this out, but I prefer 5 Sabre Squadron Aces instead. The Initiative advantage is marked, allowing them to act as mini aces in a lot of games and blockers against real aces.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Phelan Boots in Snap Shot   
    I suspect it’s going to get stapled to every A-Wing I own!  What I pair it with is the real question, which depends on the cost.  My goal is to run 5x RZ-1s, Arvel and 4x GSPs.
    To pair it with Juke in that list, Snap Shot has to come in at 3 points or less.  I think this is unlikely at best.
    Maybe Trick Shot, adding a dice to the roll isn’t modifying, right?
    *EDIT* - Also, Turr is awesome fun with snap shot, I tried that once in 1e. Wedge finally has a solid Talent option, too.  Anything else that triggers on attacks?
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to player3010587 in Snap Shot   
    lol, no
    Also, I'm not convinced of spamming snap. Game effects or mods are typically better than spam, hence why Inferno Squad tears up a lot of lists, whereas 5Yion, albeit good, is RNG dependent and will always lose to Inferno squad. I think that--especially if snap turns out to be in the ballpark of a dandy upgrade, say 5pt--one should consider it exclusively for game effects. Hence, Cody getting a bonus strain if he doesn't get the preferable extra damage. Airen can have another friend do a red action. Turr can dodge earlier, and might be able to squirrel around Soontir or Poe.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to SpiderMana in Dear Separatists: I <3 U   
    It says "You may take 1 tractor token to perform a [rotate] action." Obviously it can't rotate action while stressed. I'm just wondering if it'll be able to tractor itself if it so desires.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to svelok in Snap Shot   
    Fenn Rau lands at R2 and is ready to boost into range 1... and has a 30% chance to lose a quarter of his HP then and there. Ow.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to player3010587 in Snap Shot   
    What it does is get stapled to something that can carry Commander Cody. Airen Cracken will also have fun with it. And although a tad awkward to wield, perchance Turr will enjoy it.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to J1mBob in Snap Shot   
    Snap Shot text:
    Attack 2, forward arc, range 2, ordnance icon
     After an enemy ship performs a maneuver, you may perform this attack against it as a bonus attack. 
     Your dice cannot be modified. 
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Kieransi in Snap Shot   
    I really liked this card in 1.0
    has someone with sharper eyes determined what it does?
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to IgotTargetlocked in Darth Vader in a TIE Defender   
    OHHHH Comander Malarus in a T-70 just like in the poe comic! That would bee soo cool! A First order T-70 
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Bucknife in Darth Vader in a TIE Defender   
    The 177 point ace we've been waiting for. 
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