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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Brunas in 2 Jedi and 2 Torrent Strategy / Streams   
    oh here have my cheatsheet for when someone asks me how to play:

    if people bite on mace at any time obvious just like right boost and 5 straight out, even over rocks or whatever
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to theBitterFig in Current PANIC thread   
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to prauxim in Current PANIC thread   
    If Autoblaster is reasonably costed (2-3) generic sycks (5x + Drea) are going to see a lot of play even at current cost

    Also, if Advanced Sensors get even minor Ini scaling (probably wont, but maybe) then some very interesting options open up.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to ClassicalMoser in RR 1.04 is out   
    Yes, it does. Keep in mind that's an 8-point upgrade for a one-time use though. Resistance doesn't get chopper
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    AngryAlbatross got a reaction from ClassicalMoser in RR 1.04 is out   
    so with replacement effects changing, does that mean Black One and Static Discharge Vanes can work together now?
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to PaulRuddSays in Angled Deflectors - Probability PSA for community   
    This is a great summary, thanks!
    I’ll add that Luke doesn’t have access to the evade, but can have reinforce / force basically every turn and negate part of his defensive weakness. Add R2 back in, plus Biggs/Selfless, and he’s a notably improved jouster. This is something that I will definitely test, personally. 
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to PaulRuddSays in Angled Deflectors - Probability PSA for community   
    If you haven't seen it already, the spoiler for Angled Deflectors is out now, and we can put reinforce on a lot of ships that never had it before. I had to recalibrate my thinking for what this actually means, given that it's not been possible previously to put it on something with more than 1 agility. As such, I went through and checked a few key probabilities to figure out whether this is even something I care about playing with. Bottom line up front, it's potentially super strong on force users - in combination with force, angled deflectors can reduce variance swings against your end-game piece substantially and increase the likelihood of your win condition making it to the end-game. On the other hand, you're giving up a shield off the bat, so you're paying for the reduced variance by effectively taking a hit to begin with. 
    Please note that this is exemplary... you should still think about what it means for you and your list. If you'd like to play with different scenarios (e.g., Reinforce + focus), give it a shot at: http://xwing.gateofstorms.net/2/multi/
    All calculations assume 3 incoming hits and calculate the average damage and probability for each number of hits. Lines with "+ Force" indicate exactly 1 force point.  
    In the sample lines below, this denotes that 3 green dice with a focus token will take an average of 1.13 damage from the 3 incoming hits. You'll take at least 1 hit 75% of the time, at least 2 hits 31% of the time, and 3 hits 5% of the time.  
                            Average    1 hit    2 hit   3 hit
    3G + Focus:    1.13            0.75    0.31    0.05
                                                                   Average            1 hit              2 hit               3 hit
    4G + Focus:                                          0.65                    0.48              0.15                0.02
    4G + Evade:                                          0.67                    0.51             0.15                0.00
    4G + Reinforce:                                   1.00                    0.84              0.15                0.00
    4G + Reinforce + Force:                     0.65                    0.63              0.02                0.00
    4G + Evade + Force:                           0.25                    0.23              0.02                0.00    
    4G + Nothing:                                      1.52                   0.84              0.51                0.15
                                                                   Average            1 hit              2 hit                3 hit
    3G + Focus:                                          1.13                    0.75               0.31                0.05
    3G + Evade:                                          0.93                    0.68               0.24               0.00
    3G + Reinforce:                                    1.19                    0.95              0.24                0.00
    3G + Reinforce + Force:                      0.89                    0.84              0.05                0.00
    3G + Evade + Force:                            0.46                    0.40               0.05                0.00
    3G + Nothing:                                       1.88                    0.95              0.68                0.24
                                                                    Average           1 hit               2 hit                3 hit
    2G + Focus:                                           1.75                   1.00               0.60                0.14
    2G + Evade:                                           1.39                  1.00               0.39                 0.00
    2G + Reinforce:                                    1.39                   1.00               0.39                 0.00
    2G + Reinforce + Force:                      1.14                   1.00               0.14                 0.00
    2G + Evade + Force:                            1.14                    1.00              0.14                 0.00
    2G + Nothing:                                      2.25                   1.00               0.86                 0.39
                                                                   Average            1 hit               2 hit                3 hit
    1G + Focus:                                          2.38                    1.00               1.00                 0.38
    1G + Evade:                                         2.00                     1.00               1.00                 0.00
    1G + Reinforce:                                  1.625                   1.00                0.63                0.00
    1G + Reinforce + Force:                    1.38                     1.00                0.38                0.00
    1G + Evade + Force:                           2.00                     1.00               1.00                0.00
    1G + Nothing:                                     2.63                     1.00               1.00                 0.63
    Of course, when you reinforce, you don't have a green token to mod your attack shot. This math should be a lot more familiar to people, but it's worth looking at how much it hurts your attack efficiency? Fundamentally the same format as above - average is the amount of hits you expect on average, with percentile amounts for how often you can expect at least that many results. 
    If you’re throwing…
                                                                  Average               1 hit                2 hit               3 hit               4 hit
    4R + Focus:                                          3.00                       0.99                0.94               0.73                0.31
    4R + Force:                                          2.60                       0.99                0.90                0.59               0.18
    4R + Nothing:                                     2.00                       0.93                0.68                0.31               0.06
    3R + Focus:                                          2.25                      0.98                 0.84                0.42
    3R + Force:                                          2.08                       0.98                 0.78                0.31
    3R + Nothing:                                     1.50                      0.88                  0.50               0.13
    2R + Focus:                                          1.50                     0.93                   0.56
    2R + Force:                                          1.44                     0.93                   0.50
    2R + Nothing:                                     1.00                     0.75                   0.25

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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Magnus Grendel in RR 1.04 is out   
    ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ  Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn? ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ

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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Ikka in RR 1.04 is out   
    Plasma Torps suddenly have my attention- removing a shield after the Neutralize Results step but before Deal Damage is pretty potent. Stripping off a single shield before your damage goes in is nasty, especially against single shield ships that rely on that shield to give them a slight buffer before taking hull damage.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Enigami in RR 1.04 is out   
    SDV and Yushyn are both replacement effects including the words "would" and "instead", replacement effects count as paying the cost, can't see any reason why it wouldn't work according to the rulebook. Personally, I'd rule SDV and FA fully work together now.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Captain Lackwit in New Resistance Cards are Combowing's return (Also new leak!)   
    Yeah but Rey's expensive as ****. Moreso than Han and at a lower initiative. Resistance Sympathizer will probably make up the difference, but lacks a talent. IDK. I just want a use for generic YTs, literally anywhere, ever, at any point. Someday.

    Wow that is frakking bonkers. Are you seriously telling me I can reinforce an A-Wing? Not that I would, but I could? Good lord... and only for the cost of minus one shield?

    Technically, you COULD put this on a TIE Interceptor... Which is... Kind of insane. Doubly so, I could throw it on a Kihraxz, put a shield upgrade back on... Oh god.

    **** this is a game changer. Straight up. Holy crap. And correct me if I'm wrong, but shields do not need to be active to be able to use reinforce? You can just... use it? Good grief.

    Imagine these with TIE/FOs and Hux on a boat. Oh my GOODness...
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Kieransi in New Resistance Cards are Combowing's return (Also new leak!)   
    Didn't see it here yet. Here's the last card of import. 

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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Captain Lackwit in New Resistance Cards are Combowing's return (Also new leak!)   
    You had me at "Leia gives Poe white K-Turns".

    You doubly had me at, "I6 Han can have The Falcon with 3 force points and can coordinate Poe and give him a white K turn if they **** well please".
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Kaptin Krunch in New Resistance Cards are Combowing's return (Also new leak!)   
    Also, **** angled deflectors. 
    Was rebel Words combo (Wedge, Cassian, Braylen, Leia, Filler) annoying already? Get ready, now the B-wings can reinforce in front of you for even less consquences for bad dial choices. 
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  18. Haha
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Maui. in Hilariously Illegal Ship Builds   
    Heroic Luke is all I need.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to ficklegreendice in If you could change 1 thing...   
    Green dice out; Armada dice and tokens in
    Also, objectives 
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to Kehl_Aecea in If you could change 1 thing...   
    If you could rewrite an aspect of X-Wing, what would it be? Pilot card ability? Upgrade? Core mechanic? Ship dial or stats?

    I'm torn between two:

    1) remove the ship limit. Can you field more than 8? GO FOR IT

    2) Limit the number of large based ships OR add a point to multiple large base ships. So, if you're making a list, the first large based ship cost remains the same, but any additional large based ship will have a point increase.  Basically, this is to encourage small and medium ship combat and keeping large base ships sparse and special.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to PaulRuddSays in Happy Friday - Which faction has the best tie fighter....   
    How was Seevor not already stated?
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to svelok in Hyperspace Cups?   
    FFG OP posted them to Facebook:
    Top four get invites.
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to SpiderMana in Passive Sensor + Composure   
    Yeaaah I think I’d rather it be a little abusable and cost appropriately, personally, but. Oh well. Composure Hera is fun, if a looot if points to sink into one trick.
    Edit: at least it’s more viable than Hatin’ Kanan... 😞
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    AngryAlbatross reacted to SpiderMana in Passive Sensor + Composure   
    Composure Corran + Seismic New Meta???
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