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  1. I hope its mid June, still got two trials in Texas and I don't want to think about a new meta right now lolol
  2. Right now I am seeing high low mixes do the best. People who have lists that can block but also dodge in the endgame are doing very well. Great examples of this are the 5 resistance A's, Rebel beef, the Kylo Double ups build. If you can outfly the opponent you win. Thats how it should be!
  3. AngryAlbatross

    Snap Shot

    Just dodge the arc bro
  4. AngryAlbatross

    Snap Shot

    Hopefully theres not a restriction on modifications on it this time. Funny sidenote, Rhymer can now snap shot range 1-3
  5. If the card says 'Rotate your ^ indicator' then yes, the geno could probably take a tractor while stressed to rotate. However, if it says 'Perform a arc rotate action' then no. Usually you can't perform anything that is an 'action' while stressed. But you can do other things like 'acquiring a lock' while stressed.
  6. Is there a points/quick build formula somewhere someone can figure out? If yes then I would be on board for creating some balanced quickbuild cards to use for fun.
  7. I hope FFG is listening, because this would be a fantastic idea to make quickbuild events interesting. "Lets release pilots in quickbuild cards that ARE NOT already pilots of the ship they are in!" Wedge in an A-Wing! Corran in an X-Wing! Soontir in a Tie Fighter! The possibilities for fun are endless!
  8. Y-ions can't shoot you as effectively if you block them. Also against Droids and Ties swarms I like the blocker.
  9. You did the right thing. Take the high road and do not let others soil your attitude with their actions! For myself I generally reward fly casual with fly casual and heavy handed ness with heavy handedness. For example, at a round 4 game of a hyperspace trial I just went too, I accidentally sent two of my A-Wings banking the wrong direction. My opponent was gracious enough to let me change the dial because it was obvious I intended to go the other way (it was the 2nd turn of the game). Later he made a mistake of the same kind and I graciously let him change the dial to the opposite maneuver. Neither change won either of us the game, but the attitude of how we approached each other in that moment was one of mercy. We both asked the other player permission for the change and humbly accepted their judgement. On the flip side of that I have played plenty of people who have been very angry when they realized they made a mistake or had dice not go their way. One player even threw his dice across the room! Its OK to call the judge over to settle disputes, there is no shame in it! Especially on players who are not marking tokens correctly. I don't care about missing cards but not remembering sfoils is something that cannot be allowed. Ultimately in all of these situations it is best to consider the event you are in, the level of that event and the ability of your competitor. If your opponent is some kid and its round 2 in a FLGS store champ, have mercy on the guy. If its the Top 8 cut at a Trial/System Open and some guy forgets to flip his Foils, graciously remind him that he missed his opportunity and if he wants to compete at this level he needs to remember such things.
  10. I call it Rebel Family Picture Slap Leia in a Partisan and season with whatever else you want!
  11. Does 'Acquiring a lock' count for the r3 astromechs ability? If I have Jag with R3 and someone shoots Sinker right next to him, does Jag get 1 lock or 2 locks? Furthermore, if I use Sync Concole to spend one of those locks and let another ship Acquire a lock, if that ship has r3, does it trigger?
  12. So technically you could drop up to 4 bombs in a round with TVG and Paige?
  13. I think that T85 would look much better if it had a bubble cockpit like a P51-Mustang
  14. Hey Vic, How do you upgrade? I was trying to find some material on this on the facebook page but couldn't find anything. (maybe I am just looking in the wrong place)
  15. Tie figthers are overcosted (across the board) B-Wings should have reinforce (for the lore)
  16. I played one game of Daredevil Corran way back when 2.0 first came out (before his points drop). It was Corran with DD,FCS,R4 and Garven/Porkins with Predator vs Vader with 4 ties. Corran ate them for lunch. Even having a stress was no big deal because you had SO many blues. If I killed the ship I had locked I just fly out fast and boost+lock someone else, then dive in the next turn for another run. Such a fantastic knife fighter with Daredevil, now with the points drop I am looking at him again and thinking about pairing him with Cassian or AP-5 to give him a slight buff.
  17. fly 4 HLC t70's All those Ion Arcs are going to throw aces for a loop. I doubt that pure ace lists are going to have a good chance against them. I would suggest you drop one t70 ace and get a blocker of some sort. Maybe a YT with 3p0 to coordinate? Those Ion's wont hit anything if they are blocked and have no mods.
  18. Or just not buy Synch Console and use Battle Meditation to coordinate TL's at I5......
  19. If you can spend a force for an evade AND still take your main action then its baller. Fingers crossed thats what it is!
  20. ah good catch, so the Poe interaction I am thinking of doesn't work.
  21. I wouldn't see any reason why you couldn't Slam? Its just an action. Can't you use Black One title to SLAM? If I remember correctly you can BB-8, Poe a red linked action, Black one Slam a green, take Ion to remove Disarm and still get your 'Preform Action" step.
  22. Could just say (preform a 'slam' action). I would love this on Heff Tobber!
  23. Do we know how many vulture droids can be on a table at one time? I hope I can fly 8 of them
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