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  1. AngryAlbatross

    Create a new upgrade card competition (Winners announced!)

    ah good catch, so the Poe interaction I am thinking of doesn't work.
  2. AngryAlbatross

    Create a new upgrade card competition (Winners announced!)

    I wouldn't see any reason why you couldn't Slam? Its just an action. Can't you use Black One title to SLAM? If I remember correctly you can BB-8, Poe a red linked action, Black one Slam a green, take Ion to remove Disarm and still get your 'Preform Action" step.
  3. AngryAlbatross

    Create a new upgrade card competition (Winners announced!)

    Could just say (preform a 'slam' action). I would love this on Heff Tobber!
  4. AngryAlbatross

    Seperatists: What Will I need to Build a Squad?

    Do we know how many vulture droids can be on a table at one time? I hope I can fly 8 of them
  5. AngryAlbatross

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    Theres a few good ones. Aslam Vynder with Proton Torps and FCS is pretty good. Even the generics are good with Aslam and FCS. Its just hard not to pour a bunch of points into them. Keeping them light seems to be the way to go.
  6. AngryAlbatross

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    Yea maybe APT/ Ion is the best fit. Prockets seems too hard to set up still without BR or Boost.
  7. AngryAlbatross

    Bombs = deadman's switch?

    This exact thing happens in TLJ right? I mean the bomber formation is flying too close together and one takes out like 2 others with it.
  8. AngryAlbatross

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    I have seen Vynder do a ton of work with Proton Torps, ASlam and FCS. Seems like a pretty good combo for any level boat. My problem is finding stuff to distract people while the gunboats flank. I suppose they could be good jousters with the torp's but with slam shenanigans they seem more like flankers (which the empire has an abundance of). I am sad that they don't have 2 cannon slots anymore, I feel like Ion HLC would be a good combo!
  9. AngryAlbatross

    Galactic Republic Wishlist

    Good old Y-Wings man. Bring those beautiful old BTL's in and blast em with proton bombs. You just wait, old republic Y's will come with TLT 2.0, so everyone has to buy them....
  10. AngryAlbatross

    Inferno Squad Experience?

    From what I can tell they are over costed for what they do. Some of the quickbuild's are good but in 2.0, Extended and Hyperspace formats they are still too expensive. If you could bring Howlrunner, Iden and 6 Crack Blacks I am still not sure it would be competitive....
  11. AngryAlbatross

    2.0 Battle of Endor Format??

    Sounds good. I don't think Z95's or Mining Guild Ties will be out by the time we do this event anyway so I might include those two just to give scum more options.
  12. AngryAlbatross

    2.0 Battle of Endor Format??

    Right I am trying to keep the options limited but balanced. I suppose I could let the scum have IG 88. I was trying to include scum because our FLGS has at least 2 scum only players..... THE DARK SIDE WILL NOT AVAIL YOU! DESTROYER OF ALDERAAN!
  13. AngryAlbatross

    Buying oldies on the cheap :)

    For casual pay at my local store I bring a printed out list almost always. Saves me a lot of time compared to pulling out the actual cards. With the sets you have enough to play a good amount of lists. There are also plenty of ships on Ebay on the cheap.
  14. AngryAlbatross

    Heroic Talent?

    Is it actually resistance only? I am sad about that.
  15. AngryAlbatross

    2.0 Battle of Endor Format??

    OP related question. What ships would y'all consider viable for a Battle of Endor formatted tournament using the Rebels, Empire and Scum? I am trying to have our thematic event be a little more fun and spicy than the quickbuild event, so expanding the card pool to Endor seems good. But I am not exactly sure what all ships would be available for that battle, especially for Scum? Rebels I can see; AXBY + YT1300, Empire probably; Fighter, Interceptor, Bomber, Advanced + Lambda Scum?; Fang, Y, Z, Mining Guild and Firespray? I am trying to keep the ship pool evenly limited without bringing in crazy stuff from prequel movies or rebels.