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  1. AngryAlbatross

    Paige Tico / "Deathfire" contradiction

    So technically you could drop up to 4 bombs in a round with TVG and Paige?
  2. AngryAlbatross


  3. AngryAlbatross

    What's coming next?

    I think that T85 would look much better if it had a bubble cockpit like a P51-Mustang
  4. AngryAlbatross

    X-Wing Co-Op Campaign is Here!

    Hey Vic, How do you upgrade? I was trying to find some material on this on the facebook page but couldn't find anything. (maybe I am just looking in the wrong place)
  5. AngryAlbatross

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Tie figthers are overcosted (across the board) B-Wings should have reinforce (for the lore)
  6. AngryAlbatross

    Advanced Daredevil Corran is super fun to play

    I played one game of Daredevil Corran way back when 2.0 first came out (before his points drop). It was Corran with DD,FCS,R4 and Garven/Porkins with Predator vs Vader with 4 ties. Corran ate them for lunch. Even having a stress was no big deal because you had SO many blues. If I killed the ship I had locked I just fly out fast and boost+lock someone else, then dive in the next turn for another run. Such a fantastic knife fighter with Daredevil, now with the points drop I am looking at him again and thinking about pairing him with Cassian or AP-5 to give him a slight buff.
  7. AngryAlbatross

    How to handle the Yion lists with aces?

    fly 4 HLC t70's All those Ion Arcs are going to throw aces for a loop. I doubt that pure ace lists are going to have a good chance against them. I would suggest you drop one t70 ace and get a blocker of some sort. Maybe a YT with 3p0 to coordinate? Those Ion's wont hit anything if they are blocked and have no mods.
  8. AngryAlbatross

    Republic Upgrades Article

    Or just not buy Synch Console and use Battle Meditation to coordinate TL's at I5......
  9. AngryAlbatross

    Purple evades are dank

    If you can spend a force for an evade AND still take your main action then its baller. Fingers crossed thats what it is!
  10. AngryAlbatross

    Create a new upgrade card competition (Winners announced!)

    ah good catch, so the Poe interaction I am thinking of doesn't work.
  11. AngryAlbatross

    Create a new upgrade card competition (Winners announced!)

    I wouldn't see any reason why you couldn't Slam? Its just an action. Can't you use Black One title to SLAM? If I remember correctly you can BB-8, Poe a red linked action, Black one Slam a green, take Ion to remove Disarm and still get your 'Preform Action" step.
  12. AngryAlbatross

    Create a new upgrade card competition (Winners announced!)

    Could just say (preform a 'slam' action). I would love this on Heff Tobber!
  13. AngryAlbatross

    Seperatists: What Will I need to Build a Squad?

    Do we know how many vulture droids can be on a table at one time? I hope I can fly 8 of them
  14. AngryAlbatross

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    Theres a few good ones. Aslam Vynder with Proton Torps and FCS is pretty good. Even the generics are good with Aslam and FCS. Its just hard not to pour a bunch of points into them. Keeping them light seems to be the way to go.
  15. AngryAlbatross

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    Yea maybe APT/ Ion is the best fit. Prockets seems too hard to set up still without BR or Boost.