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  1. I tried handling one of my underlings during combat. She cut my hand off with a chainsword.
  2. Might be - it does have two top fins, but the fin shape and rest of the side profile is smack-on for the Aurora and the size would match, so am happy enough using it as one.
  3. Play your Smurf like Titus in the Space Marine video game, and there's no issues. Play him like Leandros from same game, and... well, just don't. In the absence of the proposed Space Marine sequels (Titus goes rogue for a bit then founds his own chapter after clearing his name and rooting out a conspiracy) I'd like to think the Inquisitor at the end of the game just turned to Titus as the dropship doors closed and offered him a tour in the Deathwatch. The guy slaughtered the bulk of an Ork WAAAGH and solos groups of Bloodletters, for Emp's Sake.
  4. Yeah, I took the plunge and they aren't too bad in terms of being in scale with each other and some of the BFG models. The larger Eldar ship is an Aurora and the stated length in the RT sourcebooks puts it about the same size as an Ork Kroozer, which it is, and both are in scale with the smaller vessels and the Chaos Iconoclast-class. Can't speak for the marine battlebarges but the only thing that seems out of scale is the bigger Chaos ship - the only thing that matches in the RT ship guides is the Repulsive-class Grand Cruiser, but that would mean the model should be about 40% larger. Unless there's a Chaos ship with a similar profile but only ~4-5km long? They don't fit my big 3D prints, but are in scale with some of the smaller buys from Shapeways, particularly if you say the 3D printed Firestorms are actually Dauntless-class.
  5. Hi, Has anyone bought the game and, if so, could you let me know how well the ship miniatures are scaled compared to the original Battlefleet Gothic ships? I already have a small collection of 3D-printed vessels at BFG-accurate scale but these were costly (~£30 for a light cruiser!) so the game seems a steal if the ship miniatures are of decent size... Ta, Matt
  6. Soz for the necro, I was generally googling light cruiser threads and forgot to check the last posting date.
  7. I typically reduce LC ship costs by 3-5 SP as I agree they seem overpriced. However, if you give them the 90deg turn rate they do have a significant advantage with a captain who knows how to predict enemy movements. Last battle a Dauntless mopped the floor with a Kill Kroozer, staying out of range of the 'eavy gunz with ease and eventually getting astern of da orky gitz.
  8. If you were to interpret Strength literally, you are capped at 3 hits. Storm quality inflicts an extra hit per success. Not "an extra damage roll", an extra hit. So, read literally, you can still only score three hits at Str 3. It appears people are ruling Storm in this case deals an extra damage roll per hit (though you may argue the semantics, but it's those that were confusing me). This answers my question, but it does show the issue of trying to adapt ground weapon qualities for space weapons which have limits like Str that ground weapons don't. That said, I do prefer EKs rule.
  9. ...(since a single DoS would enable 3 hits)... Four hits. And I follow ErrantKnight in making broadsides Str 3 but firing twice. Yeeesssss... That's what I was trying to clarify. Does "hit" actually mean hit or applicable DoS. If the former, the second hit from your first DoS is ignored because you've already scored as many hits as Str (3) allows (hence why I said three hits for 1 DoS). Under the Storm descriptor, each success counts as two "hits", but if you are capped at three then the only point I could see to the rule is ensuring that you are more likely to score the maximum your Str allows. In the latter case, you could score a bit plus two DoS for a total of six "hits" (damage rolls). Assuming I've understood correctly, you and ErrantKnight propose a different system (allowing two separate attack rolls each at Str 3)? This seems a bit better as it doesn't ensure automatic extra damage on a hit, but does give a ship with broadsides an extra chance to hit.
  10. Ok so the purpose is to increase the likelihood of the broadside hitting it's strength value (since a single DoS would enable 3 hits) relative to a battery (which would need two DoS to get 3 hits)?
  11. Just getting started with these mods, but I wanted to clarify on the subject of broadsides... Using Storm and reducing strength to 3... Does this mean only three hits or three hits which count as six (each hit counts as two)? I.e. If the PCs get one degree of success, they get four hits (two for the hit, two more for the DoS), but is that capped at just three?
  12. There's a real "Borderlands" feel to that Explorator!
  13. Well, true about there being lots of races, but specifically I want a "mystery" species that the players can unravel. This species was responsible for the dereliction of the RTs vessel prior to him finding and recovering it. There's no record of such a species in Imperial databanks, but they most likely came from the Expanse. Are they a threat, or was the initial attack self-defence against a Puritan "Xenos Must Die!" naval captain, in which case they might be exploitable?
  14. Just bought The Koronus Beastiary and was a bit disappointed it didn't include some guidelines for creating advanced Xenos races, just primitive cultures. Maybe the writers felt there were simply too many possibilities to come up with a proper selection of ideas? Or is there actually a generator somewhere else in the splatbooks (maybe an Ordo Xenos guide for Deathwatch?) I'm missing? One possibility might be to create the primitive cultures as per the Beastiary and then "advance" them from there... I'm also kind of leaning towards imagining what the original species that "devolved" into the bat-like Species X.101MK2 (or somesuch, don't have the book to hand) on Orn was like, since they had a ship "as big as a War-Sphere". Or has anyone come up with a guide?
  15. Hmm, maybe I'm missing something, but .. where is the contradiction? Possibly -- I guess there's several different ways these treatments can be interpreted. It's even possible that there exist different ways of rejuvenation, which all work by different means and have different degrees of efficiency. Some might make you age slower, others effectively stop your biological clock for a century or so, and yet others may even revert your age several decades. Some of them could be a drug you have to take daily. Others are session you have to undergo once a year. Yet others involve invasive surgery. And which one of these a person has access to would depend as much on their station in Imperial hierarchy as well as what's advertised by the local Magos Biologis faction. Of course, that's just one idea, and it could just as well all be the same thing. But the above theory allows me to consider that perhaps Space Marines use the exact same rejuvenation techniques as Imperial nobles. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ... Well, the contradiction seems to me to lie in a suggested "physical wearing-out" around the same age we expect modern humans to start slowing down, with Rejuve treatments not only delaying but actually reversing some of the symptoms of age, including appearance. However, if humans expect to have to start taking the treatments as early as 50-60 years of age to stay sharp, then I think we can say that the base "active" lifespan is not that great. The flavour text for the Admiral made it seem like it was nothing out of the ordinary and indeed he is still fairly "young" for someone of his stature, whereas the text for the other guys implies that extensive use of rejuve would be needed to make it to that age and still be physically active. Sadly, Hostile Acquisitions has another character who is listed as extremely elderly and frail with "only a few years of life left to him", but doesn't give his age - that would help.
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