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  1. Hello!


    New player to Eldrich Horror and relatively new to tabletop games with basic questions regarding monsters.


    1) When a monster enters play, do they enter "facedown" so that their stats aren't visible?  Or can I flip them over to see what I'm dealing with before I engage them?


    2) When I play a card that allows me to deal damage to any monster, does it have to be a monster I'm currently battling, or can it be a monster that's face down that I've not engaged with?


    My group received the option to deal 4 damage to any monster, which I would have placed on an epic monster to try to complete a mystery, but seeing that I hadn't flipped the epic monster over to view it's stats, I didn't know how much toughness he had, or, if that was even legal to begin with.


    Thanks in advance!

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