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  1. Fantastic! Elder Sign is my favorite FFG game, so glad to see it getting some much needed additional content! Love the setting and theme choice! Bravo.
  2. That answered my question perfectly. Thank you!
  3. Hello! New player to Eldrich Horror and relatively new to tabletop games with basic questions regarding monsters. 1) When a monster enters play, do they enter "facedown" so that their stats aren't visible? Or can I flip them over to see what I'm dealing with before I engage them? 2) When I play a card that allows me to deal damage to any monster, does it have to be a monster I'm currently battling, or can it be a monster that's face down that I've not engaged with? My group received the option to deal 4 damage to any monster, which I would have placed on an epic monster to try to complete a mystery, but seeing that I hadn't flipped the epic monster over to view it's stats, I didn't know how much toughness he had, or, if that was even legal to begin with. Thanks in advance!
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