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  1. I found a video on youtube once on how to make your own shaders, unfortunally you need fluids that i do not know how to get hold of, so i stick to buying ready made shaders, cant you order buy it over the internet.
  2. I use Citadell paints and they have shaders that is like ink in water, you paint it on the figure and it will go into the deeper parts of the figures details and just by adding that the figures looks amazing (it really is like magic), after that i use citadells layers (its a brighter color of the base color) use that for the highlights. There is shaders in diffrence colors but if you do not want to buy a whole set of shaders i can rekomend a brownish shader (Citadells Agrax Earthshade) works for almost anything, when you get moore good at it you can add moore diffrent shaders to your collection. When i paint a minifigure with just base colors it looks ok and a bit boring, then when painting it over with a shader something happens it just looks awsome, then painting some highlights on the figure does that extra professional look, it is not really that hard to paint and make them look awsome, you just got to know how. There is a lot of videos on youtube from really professional painters that gives you a lot of tip how to do it. Alos one moore thing about shaders they really makes the details on the figure show, its like after adding shader you start to see what the diffrent details on the figure is and makes it easier to paint, you could begin adding shaders just to make it easier to se what your painting. The shaders also hide a lot of mistakes you do when you paint.
  3. Thanks for thé tip on eyepainting. I use several readingglasses in different strength, They work as a magnifier.
  4. Here is Serena Leiutenant/agent and Augur grisom from Trollfens, Roganna the Shade is on the first picture i posted in this post. the green girl with the net and knife shes also from Trollfens. I know iam really bad painting eyes, so i mostly dont do it, but sometimes i do and the result is always very bad. (Serena is not completely done yet i have to do something about the eyes and im not done with the lighter parts on the sword).
  5. I have painted all the figures from the Descent 2ed core game, The Trollfens exp, Manor Of Ravens exp, Visions of Dawn and Leiutenant pack Serena. If anyone wishes to see a particular painted figure from any of thoose, just let me know and i add it to this post.
  6. There is an android/surfpad simulator called Andy for the PC.
  7. Thanks for the tips, the light on the minis side is from the sun from a window, lightsource from booth sides sounds like a good thing.
  8. I personaly do not think that they should add things in the app to make you not have to use things from the boardgame, then it would be moore of a computer game. I love the fact that you play it as the boardgame but gets the adventure and overlord from the app so it can be played as singleplayer. I think this is one of a kind experience and please do not make it as a computer game, but this is my opinion. If they add datasheets or anything else to make it easier to not have to use things from the boardgame i hope they make this an option so you dont have to depend on that. (sorry for my bad English).
  9. Think its very difficult to get good pictures ot the minis, someone have good tips on how to take good photos of the figures (excuse my bad English, its not my native language).
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